Two completely flagrant lies of Minister Rakušana

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Great interview with Minister Rakušanem, what is and is NOT disinformation. Using an example here, he shows what disinformation IS and what he would therefore prosecute.

It's a shame that TWO of his TWO examples are completely obvious and demonstrable lies - that is, as he himself likes to say - misinformation.

The first lie:

It's misinformation, isn't it? "Ukrainians are eating up our health system

Data from August: Over 101,000 Ukrainians found work in the Czech Republic and 409,363 received visas for protection.

"The moment such a visa is granted, the person becomes a participant in the public health insurance system with access to health care to the full extent, with the Czech state paying the insurance premiums for him."

That is, if the 101,000 Ukrainians do not pay outrageously high health insurance, then all of us pay for the remaining approx. 300,000.

In addition, the state will take a loan EUR 200 million, precisely, among other things, on health insurance for Ukrainians...

And the second lie:

It's misinformation, isn't it? "They will bring infectious diseases to us

"Health insurance companies report a jump in spending on care for the treatment of tuberculosis and HIV. Refugees from Ukraine stand behind him. There are no fluctuations in other areas of care. But that may change when Ukrainians become better acquainted with the Czech health system."

In the Czech Republic, there is no dramatic increase in HIV positives as a result of migration from Ukraine

I don't think I need another comment, but still, the boundless audacity / stupidity still surprises one time and again.
Yes – the grass is red today and the lie is the truth…


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1 year ago

Country after country. Same results. Again and again. Fortunately, the consumption of injections has decreased significantly worldwide. Unfortunately, even thanks to this, the full effects of this genocide remain unknown. Will the number of deaths continue to rise or fall next year? No one knows for sure. Although I'd bet the evil elite forces that sent this down on us have a pretty good idea.

Just like now in Japan: Japan death toll rises by 400% after launch of latest covid 'booster' shots

"The excess number of deaths was approximately four times higher than in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2021." And where is 2020 in this mix? It turns out that 2020, before the release of the so-called vaccines, saw the fewest excess deaths compared to all nine previous years!! 2020, which was the year of the hoax epidemic—and also the only year of the hoax epidemic without vaccination—saw the lowest number of excess deaths in Japan's recent history. The excess death rate there only began to rise sharply after it rolled out vaccinations at the end of 2020 going into 2021.

1 year ago

Mr. Tománek, I will add something else, I just don't know whether to laugh or cry. I'll start with this:

A certain (certainly aware “vaccinate” as she puts it) Mara Altman, who writes for The New York Times, claims that another way to deal with the imaginary bogeyman known to all as “climate change” is to “mating with smaller people” 😀

And here is an example of her degeneration:
"Reducing the minimum height for potential partners on your dating profile is a step toward a greener planet," Altman wrote. According to Altmanová, it is not enough to just eliminate all tall people from the gene pool. It may also be necessary to eliminate all the tall people that currently exist in order to save the planet from "global warming". She is even a supporter of denying children certain components of nutrition, which she believes contribute to the human body growing tall, strong and healthy. Altmanová prefers that the next generation of children be deprived of nutrition, that they be small and therefore "friendly to the environment".

So, for some unknown reason, Altman believes shorter people are "naturally born conservationists," which she says is "more essential than ever in this world of eight billion people."
And given how the Times and indeed all MSM around the world routinely advocate mass genocide and depopulation, it's a wonder that Altman promotes any mating at all..
= Oddly enough, Maybe there will be something to it. I have the same opinion about big noses 😛

These doctors advocated masking, lockdown around covid on Twitter. Well, it turns out they don't exist:

Last month, Dr. Robert Honeyman reported that his sister died of covid. They wrote about it on Twitter and received dozens of condolences, over 4,000 retweets and 43,000 likes.. Exactly one month later, on December 12, the Honeymans wrote that another tragedy had struck their family.
“I am saddened to announce that my husband has fallen into a coma after being in the hospital with covid. The doctor is not sure if he will recover," they wrote on Twitter. “This year was the hardest of my life when I lost my sister to this virus. It's the first time in my life that I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Well, once again, condolences and well wishes poured in. There was one problem though: Honeyman wasn't real!!

Transgender "Doctor of Sociology and Feminist Studies" with "great interest in poetry" who used they/them pronouns was actually a stock photo described on DepositPhotos, a royalty-free stock image site, as "Smiling Happy Handsome Hispanic Man Outdoors - Head Portrait ”.
Their supposedly comatose husband, Dr. Patrick C. Honeyman, was also fake. His Twitter photo was stolen from an insurance professional in Wayne, Indiana.

So, two fake doctors whose accounts urged extreme caution in the context of covid were part of a network of at least four fake accounts that flaunted their ties to the LGBTQ+ community, loudly advocated mask-wearing and social distancing, and endured criticism of those who according to them, they didn't take the pandemic seriously..

= And who do you think mostly posts on social media? networks, list, etc., promotes narrative, etc. Mainly AI bots and robots!

And moving on, France's interior minister scoffed when he said "only" 690 cars burned on New Year's Eve.. French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, who said in a statement this week that New Year's Eve celebrations took place across the country "without major incidents ”, although dozens or hundreds of “incidents” were published on social networks. In addition, French authorities anticipated trouble and mobilized tens of thousands of police and heavy-duty troops to handle what everyone apparently knew was coming, writes Remix News:

= Riots broke out in several French cities, nearly 700 cars were set on fire, and nearly 500 people were arrested in France on New Year's Eve ... French authorities were on high alert at the end of the year, and according to Darmanin's statement, 90,000 police and gendarmes were mobilized across the country on New Year's Eve . The French politician also pointed out that New Year's Eve 2023 showed a historic improvement in the number of vehicles set on fire, with "only" 690 cars burnt across the country. Last year, there were 874, an improvement of 21%, according to the data provided in the communication

E.g. on New Year's Eve, around ten o'clock in the evening, the first car caught fire in the Halvêque district, three vehicles caught fire opposite the Sillon de Bretagne at 11 p.m. It's the first time police and firefighters have been greeted by fireworks

I have a feeling that they were experiencing something similar/the same in Germany now, or am I wrong? 🙂
..I guess in the last few days there is a competition for the biggest "World prize for idiots"

1 year ago

We should finally add one to those political sh*ts, a good punch in the arse!
I can't blame it on myself, I have a wife and children, I'm still waiting for more tension and WAITING for it to burst. This tension is torturing me..

And food security in 2023 and beyond, and it starts with the already obvious fact that food inflation will worsen almost everywhere. This easily observable fact is so self-evident today that no one needs to be convinced of the reality of rising food prices. However, few have given an honest thought to where this will lead in terms of global famine, civil unrest, revolutions and more.

In 2023 and beyond, we will see some worrying signs of food shortages and panic among the population and food vendors:
– Armed guards at food vendors to defend against a surge in organized retail theft of meat products.
– Access restrictions (and biometric ID requirements) for people who can enter grocery stores and buy food.
– Food rationing limits, enforced by digital currency controls that carefully monitor food purchases and cut you off when you reach a government-set limit.
– Food riots in many cities and countries as fear and famine take hold.
– Further destruction of food due to sabotage of food facilities and transport infrastructure.
– Increased geoengineering efforts to destroy crops through artificially induced droughts, floods and storms.

In the Czech Republic, food will be more expensive and rarer, but the shelves will not be empty yet. In 2023, food prices will rise significantly and there will be occasional shortages, but the shelves will not be emptied on a large scale. After a while, I think consumers should expect many empty shelves, limited selection, reduced depth of inventory at retailers, and frequent reductions in purchases by retailers.

In addition, I expect food theft at the wholesale level in the future, with organized wholesale theft groups targeting meat plants, food distributors, and food manufacturers. Think of it as "pallet theft" involving forklifts and heavy trucks.

1 year ago

The NWO and the Harari Schwabs are eating bombs. Evil doesn't stop until it gets fucked. So, some of us will soon hear from our neighbor, ``Good old man, we from Ukraine,''.

1 year ago

CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen, is now speaking out against covid "vaccines", which she previously fully defended since the start of the "vaccination". Now Wen also opposes the obligation to wear masks. According to her, covering the face destroys children's childhood and development, etc.. 😀

Wen previously stated, for example, that unvaccinated people should not be allowed to go outside their homes. The medical analyst also called those who refuse to wear face masks "mass murderers". 😀

To me, the sudden U-turn from "Ms. Wen" appears to be a desperate attempt to save herself from what is in store for those who pushed the co*covid hoax, as Shanghai-born Wen, one of the most aggressive advocates of co*covid medical fascism , changed sides. Wen now insists that her previous positions were based on the "science" of the time, but now new information and evidence is coming in.

no one yet
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Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

Excellent management for the night!
Alright, here we go. And a frightened Leana Wen type hybrid is only to be pitied.
They need it! If they had at least some kind of conscience, they would have eaten him by now.

on the article - all those involved were offered a golden ticket to the survival of themselves, their families and their grandchildren when they participate in things that are controlled from the top of the pyramid of power.

no one yet
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Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

In Lithuania, everyone was shocked when their most famous model - Agne Jagelaviciute - the implementer of the vaccination campaign, because - she wanted (in her opinion) - good for people - on - 28.12.2022 - unexpectedly - died at the age of 42. On 24.12.22 - on Christmas Eve, she was still cheerful in the night club.

no one yet
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Reply  Jan Tománek
1 year ago

yes, yes, I will also give a tip about the interesting series "Pujčovna masa" - it takes place in the future;
in the third part it sounds, I think it was said by the overgrown cockroach, "god is dead, now we are gods" - how "nice" they serve us, what they plan for their slaves

Reply  Jan Tománek
1 year ago

Add to that NFL player, 24-year-old Damar Hamlin, who "suddenly" (as in) collapsed as a result of being forced to "vaccinate" against covid..

“I communicated with one of the most experienced trainers in the world and we agreed that it was a cardiac arrest in the environment of a big adrenaline rush. But, if Damar Hamlin did take one of the COVID-19 vaccines, which he was forced to do by the NFL, then subclinical vaccine-induced myocarditis should be considered in the differential diagnosis.”

Fox 19's Joe Danneman tweeted that he was told Hamlin "has a pulse" but "isn't breathing on his own," adding that Hamlin "required an AED and CPR on the field," an extremely rare occurrence for an NFL player .”

"I watched the game live as a fan and as a cardiologist and saw blunt force trauma to the neck and chest, a short recovery from surgery and then a classic cardiac arrest," wrote Dr. McCullough in correspondence about the incident.

Other people across Twitter were even more blunt, with one posting the following video showing many other examples of athletes suddenly and inexplicably falling to the ground or field during a game or match:

"I'm praying I'm wrong, I've got to pray for the guy the NFL forced to get the vaccine." Renz added.
"I'm furious," Renz wrote in another tweet. "Watching Hamlin go down like this after the NFL forced these experimental vaccines on these kids for money makes me sick."

1 year ago

Nice, an article that accurately describes the political shit! Yes it's right! And to the discussion and link to idnes, I will add:
Deadly "covid protocol" - EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD = collecting fat rewards, profits, science built on lies...

I will deliver a recent PEARL from Poland, I'm still laughing about it 😀
The Ukrainian parliament honored the memory of Bandera. Strong words came from the Polish Prime Minister: "We are very critical, very, very opposed to any celebration or even commemoration of Bandera," Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki emphasized on Monday. A quote from his books was also published. Among other things, Bandera claimed that "the complete and final victory of Ukrainian nationalism will occur when the Russian Empire ceases to exist." As the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine emphasized, "Stepan Bandera's instructions are well known to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces."

= Morawiecki (+Poles), does he only now know who they have been supporting all along? They support Ukrainian fashionistas wherever they can (just like political scumbags in the Czech Republic):,114884,29319814,ukrainski-parlament-upamietnil-stepana-bandere-morawiecki.html

A little digression to co*covid:
I think blood thinners are the reason why more senior citizens aren't falling yet..
And more than 25 % Americans believe they personally know someone who died from "vaccines":

“It's kind of OFFICIALLY out there: most people living in the United States today agree that co*covid “vaccines” are responsible for the higher-than-usual rate of unexplained and sudden deaths. And 28%, more than one in four, say they know someone who died suddenly, probably as a result of these injections
We know this from the latest national survey by Rasmussen Reports, which found that 49% of American adults believe that the side effects of covid injections are responsible for a significant number of unexplained deaths across the country. The survey also found that more than one in four had been personally affected in some way by vaccine damage..etc.”

And most people have no idea anyway that side effects from prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death worldwide, after heart disease and cancer. The reason people don't know this is because whistleblowers, even doctors and scientists, have been silenced and censored by the mass media, where most of these "patients for life" get their news and medical "information" (disinformation).

Died "unexpectedly", believed in "vaccination": designer and influencer at 42:

In addition, a smaller overview of others who have recently succumbed to their own propaganda:
- Vaccine hero, ex-NFL player: Uche Nwaneri, 38, dies 'suddenly' of heart attack
– Hero of the vaccination campaign in Slovakia, Krčméry
– Provax radio presenter in the UK
- A top Australian doctor who aggressively promoted "vaccines" has broken her silence and admitted that she and her partner were injured after being vaccinated.
– Health Canada's director of parliamentary affairs has died unexpectedly at the age of 35
– An Australian doctor who administered “salvation” shots of “vaccines” to children died after injecting himself with the injections he was forcing (Probably another idiot of the Krčméry type who really believed it)
– …and thousands more and more.. Sudden (intentional) deaths will increase, everywhere, YOU CAN BE SURE OF THAT.

Well, 2022 was the year conspiracy theories became facts. The people who need to hear this information will not hear it unless it appears on their pocket brain screen in the form of an emjoi!!

Well, the only ones who are bullshitting and misinforming here for the third year in a row are political shitheads. All. Without exceptions!

1 year ago

And it seems that we can already talk about how hospitals were overpaid for covid…