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Yes, unfortunately I often eat unhealthy… (photo is from summer in Austria, not after fasting...)

When I first posted on Facebook about my decision to embark on a five-day fast (only water and tea), I had no idea the interest it would eventually spark. So I will try to summarize everything in this blog once more and add a lot of other knowledge.

I'll probably start by saying that I'm NOT a nutritionist - on the contrary, as my wife would say: I'm a pig who pays for everything, but I have a duck's stomach, so I can handle it and it doesn't matter.
I eat everything, sometimes I have a beer, and I definitely don't and never have tried any diets. I try to do strength training twice a week, we go on a lot of trips (1,800-2,000 km a year) and about 2,500 km by bike. So it's not extreme, but I'm not a peddler either - I mainly compensate for the fact that I write from home, so I don't go to a traditional job.

The funny thing was that people on Facebook asked me how I prepared for the fast. To tell you the truth, I didn't quite understand the question - the lady even wrote that she was just studying books so far...
I don't know, I just said to myself one time last summer that I would try not eating for three days and I didn't eat and now I said to myself that I would try for five - so I just didn't eat for five days...

1 day

The last time I had dinner was on Sunday (I don't even remember what, but it was definitely nothing diety - I even think I finished my dinner after New Year's Eve... 😉
And I told myself enough that I really ate a bit over Christmas (gained 6 kg for a total of 86 kg) and the body needs a little cleansing, so I just jumped on it.

I remembered that it is good to practice fasting twice a year - our ancient ancestors already did it, and they had one of them just like this in January after Mardi Gras.

So on Monday I was (still... ) full of energy and went to practice with the boys kettlebells and then cycled 22 km.


Animated image with bounce effect

Training with Dan Landa, Pavle Mack, Libor Vondráček and Dan Dárek

2. Day

Work at home in the morning and another 20 km bike ride in the afternoon. I still only drink water and teas (green, mint, herbal - like sage, black without...)

I would like to go back to why I got into it. I'm not naive to think that it's possible to lose such drastic weight (although a little of course it is...) - but it was really mainly about cleansing my body after the Christmas binge.

These multi-day fasts should mainly start the so-called autophagy, when the body eliminates old and diseased cells - many thanks to a friend and our exercise guru for this advice Pavlo Mack. More information and advice about autophagy is probably best on his website.

3. Day

Work at home again in the morning and a 22 km bike ride in the afternoon, but already on the way home (we live on a hill) I started to feel tired and then when I got up faster I got a little dizzy - probably because my blood pressure dropped. There are 3 kg weights at the bottom.

I was so sleepy in the evening that I fell asleep at a six o'clock movie - which has NEVER happened to me, but it's probably because I didn't drink the coffee my body is used to.

4th day

I slept for almost eight hours (I normally sleep six and a half hours EVERY day) and woke up completely rested and energized. There are 4 kg weights at the bottom. I don't go to any big events - just a short walk to the shop about 3 km.
I added two coffees a day (without milk and sugar) and falling asleep in the evening disappeared.

5th day

I feel full of energy again - I'm even thinking of going to work out, but I don't want to try. For now, I'm testing my body. Maybe when I try it again in the summer, I'll know what and how and include full exercise and all the activities.
Work at home again and only a short walk to the shop - I was craving some good fruit juice and sweet muesli with milk when I started eating again.
And in the evening, after the entire fast, I also had a bun with lean ham. But it is probably better to start, as recommended by the "fasters", for example vegetable soup or steamed vegetables.
You literally enjoy the first meal little by little and it really is like a holiday. And they will realize a lot of things - for example, what a perfect factory the body is and how little energy it really needs to receive. Just be DO NOT OVEREAT!

Conclusion and advice…

Yes, I know that a lot of people wrote to me that one should start eating slowly and work towards a normal diet for as long as the fast lasts, but as I wrote - I'm a pig and I still don't like any hard dogmas. Because I think they are ABSOLUTELY useless. One claims that he is not above oatmeal and how they benefit the body, and the other considers it to be the greatest bane of soul and body... In short, too much of everything is harmful - even to the rules - and the body will reliably tell itself.
Just everything in moderation and nothing must be overdone and I think that's how it is with everything in life.

It was also important that I was at home - so if you are going to a more demanding job, I would probably leave the fasting for holidays, vacations and the like, but I don't know - it's about habit. People have written to me who practice a 30-40 day fast only on water and go to work and think it's good for them...

A huge number of people also wrote to me that I was good, that they admired me and that they wouldn't give it, but it didn't seem like anything worth talking about. I haven't had so many reactions even after I've been doing The Goat Story for five years, or I've been writing a book for a year... 😉

And advice for those who want to lose weight?

Just DO NOT EAT and move normally - don't make excuses about metabolism, heredity - simply behave normally. It's pure physics (with a bit of chemistry) and the pounds are still out of the air NO ONE did not gain weight - eat sparingly.
People are often surprised that they gain weight, but they say that they "don't eat that much" - but then it turns out that every night they put a bag of chips or nuts in front of the TV and drink an entire Coke.
Just for a rough comparison, a person needs about 2150 kcal per day – and a bag of chips has 550 kcal, 200g of cashew nuts (just a little bit, right) has 1200 kcal, and cola or sweet drinks are WORST – 1 liter of Coke has 500 kcal. So, if you "only" drink two liters of Coke, that's it HALF of what you should eat in a day...
It's that easy.

But back to fasting - it's really just in the head - switching to "I'm not eating now". In short, if you want anything, stop thinking about it, solve it and jump headfirst into it - and so it is with everything. It won't happen by itself.

Anyway, the woman is making lasagna today, so I'm really looking forward to it.

EDIT: After five days, the body partially filled with water, the intestines began to work, and of the six kilos lost, three came back, which is normal - as I wrote, it was primarily a cleansing and not a diet - although a partial diet effect is also there.

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1 year ago

Russian mystic and yogi Porfirius Ivanov offers advice on how to improve your own energy

Older but still excellent..

"This man lived a normal, ordinary life until he was 35 years old. But then he realized that this is not the way to live, and he went out into the world, to be more precise - into nature. Gradually he started to toughen up, at first he only washed himself in cold water, twice a day, but when he got used to it, he started regularly pouring cold water over his body from buckets and bathing in natural water sources. Based on regular hardening, he started walking in the winter without warm clothes, only in shorts....”

"He also decided to test his will and patience - at least one day a week he went completely hungry. Over time, he also expanded fasting and practiced it for three to four days a week. He performed all procedures completely consciously. …”

1 year ago

OFF TOPIC: The data shows 57% Czechs in our country... How many Czechs are there really here in the Czech Republic? And how many of us will there be in twenty years?

The figure indicates 57% Czechs in our country. The situation is such that out of those 57% Czech people, almost 20 % live abroad (that's some 1,140,000 people who do feel they are Czechs, but they probably won't be interested in returning to their ruined homeland). At the same time, the majority of Moravians state their nationality as Czech in the population census, only a minimum claim to be Moravian, and the people of Silesia usually do not state their nationality either and are classified as Czech. Wallachians, who most people don't even think are Czechs, have lived here for a long time, but their ethnic origin is not Czech. I don't know if they are considered a minority, but under the commies they were crammed up and down there just to keep it quiet, because this community has and always had a tendency to make trouble and the commies didn't want trouble. A significant number of Gypsies also state their nationality as Czech.
So how many Czechs are there in reality:
Some time ago I read a statement that more than 30 national minorities are recognized in our country.
By this I would say that we are already a minority in our country.

National composition (those numbers do not match the influx of migrants from the fringes, but I will use these data):
Data (as of 2021):
Czechs (57.3 %)
Moravians (3.4 %)
Slovaks (0.9 %)
Ukrainians (0.7 %)
two nationalities (4.0 %)
others (2.1 %)
not specified (31.6 %)
I summed it up here: 42.7 of the total population are of other nationalities and in 2021

Definition of nationality:
Nationality is the belonging of a person to a certain nation, whereby the nation is understood as a community, the formation of which is most influenced by common history, common culture and common territory, and whose members also have an awareness of belonging to this community.

Personally, I do not think that any part of the people of the more than 50% who make up the minorities in our territory would have any affinity with Bohemia and Czech culture.
Most of the others I have met are recognizable by their different and often unacceptable behavior for us, closedness towards the Czech community, hygiene habits, noise and the like.

I probably don't even have to say that if a Ukrainian woman squats down on the bus and puts her mobile phone to her mouth and chatters and chatters the entire journey, loudly to the whole bus, then if I'm sitting next to her, I'd prefer to throw her mobile out the window and eat after her . This is just a small example. Foreigners mostly think they can shout everywhere with us, just because we don't understand them. However, tourists do it too.

= So once again, how many Czechs are there really here in the Czech Republic? And how many of us will there be in twenty years? =

1 year ago

And I'm an idiot, by the way, but I won't answer myself anymore.. ELIMINATE REFINED SUGARS, i.e. chocolates, etc., when the body is just addicted to it, and eliminate vegetable oils for consumption and certainly not for frying, I EAT AT HOME WHEN MAKING STEAK and goulash, etc. ONLY ON PORK FAT! And you know what? Every three months, I have a blood test for a reduced level of hemycstein, for example, even the harmful cholesterol - EVERYTHING IS NORMAL, or rather better than 99% people and below average. I think sugar on a daily basis plays a big part in this, one of the biggest.
I learned this and more in the fraudulent and fake pLandemia, so even though three years were a fart, I healed and lost x kilos all by myself. I am proud of myself, I used to consume "medicines" ie DRUGS for twenty years! And he went for check-ups, from cardiology to neurology, etc.

And if I think of something, I will add and sorry for three posts in the discussion to the topic 😛

Reply  Jan Tománek
1 year ago

Small fasts have helped me tremendously in terms of health. state, eliminating sweets and switching from the beginning of 2022 to animal fats. The interesting thing is that when eating liver (homemade), frying/cooking it for a year, I have low "dangerous" cholesterol and generally blood during blood tests. the tests are completely fine. In my opinion, frying in vegetable oil and eating sweet refined sugars, such as chocolates, are to blame for everything. At home, we replaced the sugar with unrefined cane sugar, and as for the salt, it has been pure for a year without added artificial sajrjat, fluorine and iodine, etc.
And 16-18 hours for intracellular detoxification helps a lot.
I remembered a book (one of many) on bacterial fermentation by Hiromi Shinya - which I was actually inspired by, and his Shinya Biozyme gave me enough at the time. If I ignore some of the initial "advertising" platitudes (e.g. on the myths surrounding vaccinations in general, how they eradicated diseases, etc.), when actually since the 1950s there has been, for example, a big change for the better in FOOD, ACCOMMODATION, BUT MAINLY !! HYGIENE CONDITIONS !! and vaccinations ..but this doesn't belong here), that book explains absolutely everything about enzymes. I know there were more, but I can't remember the names, but it was about bacterial nutrition in general. He was/is, I think, a doctor through the intestines and his health, so he could compare because he "saw" it in patients, etc.

Look, as far as the fat is concerned, "DOING EVERYTHING THE OPPOSITE" really starts to apply, it's like a cardiologist and bullshit, how fats harm and clog blood vessels, how you shouldn't add salt/salt (at the same time, healthy, e.g. "PURE" sea salt, demonstrably does the opposite and drinking a spoonful in a glass daily also helps..), because that's how it is and it's done. It's like vaccinations in general. That's right, no one thinks about it and it's done. Why do parents inject their children with an average of 25 doses of vaccines by the time they turn five? Because it's a given and it's done. And I could go on. It's like the covid hype - just doing everything the other way around and we did, but we're still here and we're even improving our health 😀 And we're exchanging information. If only those fools from the WEF could do this. they knew, they would probably be knocked out.

Otherwise, five days - I'm kidding, I lasted only two days and a year ago. For now, I'm trying to manage the (almost) daily small fasts and the weight has stabilized and I like the fact that everything from blood to health is ok and most importantly, I CAN EAT WHAT I LIKE, just in moderation and not overindulging. For dinner after three 18h days, when I had an apple in the morning only one day out of the three (otherwise enzymes through pure fruit juice and tea in the morning until lunch), I had some crackers for dinner. But then again, pastries and raw vegetables. It's just a matter of learning to do it well. Then it goes on its own. And tomorrow is Sunday. And today I baked a yogurt cake for the family. With unrefined pure cane sugar. And tomorrow morning around 8:30 a.m. I'll eat it too, no matter what happens 😀 But on average 5 days a week I seriously don't eat until lunch and I always eat it at 5-7 p.m. And I know it. I've never felt better…

Reply  Jan Tománek
1 year ago

Yes, vegetable oils are rubbish, it doesn't matter if they are rapeseed, sunflower or, worst of all, a mix of oils together, it's useless for cancer, clogged arteries, and the diseases of civilization develop from it, and the body becomes clogged with it. At home, we cook and cook mostly with butter and possibly our own lard from the butcher

Reply  Boyka
1 year ago

E.g. rapeseed + sunflower oil: it is toxic to humans, animals and agriculture and is often used as a pesticide! The best thing is how people let themselves be controlled by writing sunflower oil on the packaging of chips and adding a heart..
That's right, there is no such thing as a "healthy" vegetable oil - but the truth is that during my earlier research on "oils" I focused on the two most used, namely rapeseed and sunflower, when even rapeseed turned out to be even worse... All the most the vegetable oil used - i.e. canola and sunflower and whether organic, conventional or pressed on excellers - coagulates in the body and causes weight gain, memory loss and eventually dementia.

Additionally, 90 % or more of all canola oil sold to humans is genetically modified to contain pesticides and toxic herbicides, including glyphosate, which has been linked to… wait for it… sex hormone disruption, fertility problems, miscarriages, thyroid problems and neurological problems , cancer and, paradoxically, heart disease (which leads to a heart attack) !!

Most canola contains dangerous chemicals that remain in the final product as residues, including hexane (used to deodorize the canola), which is derived from oil and oil products (completely inedible).
And you know what? Hexane is a neurotoxin!

As for the rest of the vegetable ones, e.g. olive oil (probably according to "quality" I have no idea, I haven't "studied" this), I really have no idea. But I definitely think that the most dangerous is the "MIX" of oils bought together, including palm and others...
They are actually plant poisons.

Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

!I came across this video that reveals (another) truth about the toxicity of vegetable oils:

Eating a meal fried in vegetable oil poses the same risk of developing cancer as smoking 20 cigarettes in a row..: -cigarettes_5046601.html

Oils are obtained from cereals, seeds and legumes. Common ones include canola oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, grapeseed oil, peanut oil, rice bran oil, safflower oil, soybean oil, and sunflower oil.
Vegetable oils – which are compared to traditional animal fats – have become ubiquitous in the modern diet. They contain highly inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids. These unsaturated fats in vegetable oils tend to oxidize when exposed to heat.

We should give up lower quality vegetable oils and replace them with better alternatives such as butter, ghee, olive and coconut oil. Animal fats can also be used, such as lard, which can easily be made at home.
= quality olive oil is therefore ALLOWED 🙂

Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

this video link:

1 year ago

Great. For myself, I can recommend performing "small fasts", the so-called autophagy is performed daily, when it is important to induce intracellular detoxification processes in the body!
And this body can only in this "starvation" mode, when it switches to "cleansing mode" and only in this mode is it able to repair and remove old cells, DNA, etc.
Last time I did three days in a row (Wed-Fri) like this =bigger minor fast :)=
Otherwise, I recommend min. every day. 12 hours without food (on average 14 hours, I found that 12 hours is the necessary minimum and every hour of the day counts).
I will return to these last three days, i.e. 18 hours without food - but be careful not to completely starve during this time (I agree to drink water, tea, herbs - I do this at home daily), but to supply the necessary enzymes for the body during the "starvation" period , let everything necessary be replenished, just don't eat. I'll try to explain below.

1) I'll start with dinner. The last dinner must take place preferably around 5 p.m., no later than 6 p.m.
2) After dinner, don't eat anything, tea, water, etc., as you like, just don't eat anything.
3) Then sleep and wake up will happen..
4) Breakfast. It is best to drink water at room temperature first when we get out of bed, at least one glass is enough
And what to eat in the morning? Fruit (or vegetables). E.g. an apple can also be a banana, grapefruit, vegetables just not a roll with salami 😀 NO solid food and nothing warm at all! Except for tea, of course..
5) Stay like this until lunch, at most have another apple (I only need one in the morning and I drink a lot, always black and green tea in the morning)
6) And then lunch, let's say around 11:30...
What to eat as main meals? Mostly normal, of course healthy, from side dishes potatoes/brown rice/pasta.. the point is to ALWAYS eat half full, not "overeat" 🙂
7) Then we have an afternoon snack, preferably fruit/some nuts, preferably an hour +- before dinner.
Then dinner (point #1)……

To sum it up, this small fast, which has many advantages over a full fast with no food for several days, and which you can easily do every day throughout the year, so = from dinner - let's say you wake up at half past six in the evening - until lunch, the first "solid" warm meal ( through an apple and e.g. fruit juices, tea) - until lunch, when you start eating warm "solid" classic food at half past twelve, you have achieved 18 HOURS OF INTRACELLULAR DETOXIFICATION!! 18 hours 🙂 and it didn't even hurt. You can get used to everything. I'll try to elaborate/complete it a bit more later. And it takes years to build immunity!

The reasons for doing this are undisputed and only positive, full starvation/fasting is great and there is also a saying that it kills cancer and activates the body into full cleansing top mode and gout repair etc, unlike small fasts - you can do them daily and detox yourself all year round.

For me, first of all, since I started practicing these "small fasts" I have lost 15 kg (I started sometime around the spring of 2022), but most importantly, I stopped taking all "medicines" (drugs!) and completely cured myself of high blood pressure (allegedly I also suffer from arrhythmia and other congenital defects, but now for x months I feel great, fresh and my blood pressure is normally 125/75 and since then I perform sports or other physical activities much higher than when I ate "meat and drank eg proteins” etc.etc..). Also, my cholesterol level and everything decreased to a lower level, also through homocysteine, etc. Everything is normal. no drugs - DRUGS! I fixed everything myself and I have never felt better!
Everything is related, from drinking water (with enzymes, e.g. lemon, etc.), herbs...
The body is not starving when it gets enzymes and detoxification/cleansing of old cells etc. will take place in your body. The point is not to consume any warm and reheated food in the morning, learn to enjoy the feeling of hunger. After a few days you will get used to it, you can eat lunch and dinner as you are used to, only from eating dinner - after lunch you don't eat anything except fruit, i.e. apples, bananas, grapefruits, oranges and feel free to take vitamins C+D+Zinc etc. , BUT it is primarily enzymes, i.e. that e.g. dinner no later than 6 p.m., then lunch the next day around 12 p.m. = 18 hours of ongoing intracellular detox in your body.

When you can do 10 hours to begin with, gradually increase, then 12 hours, etc.
I also started around 12 o'clock in the beginning and I was happy :) Daily, even if you find breakfast in the morning, when you want/need it, keep the min. those 12 hours and you'll see for yourself, but try at least 14 hours - that's "just" two extra hours... And all year round. And "eat" as you want/are used to, just don't overeat and don't eat salads and steaks and crackers etc. 😀 = I'm sure you understand 😛

...when you are starving - but correctly - see enzymes from raw fruits and vegetables before lunch, the body is not actually starving and it is not a diet, but a process of cellular detoxification and garbage cleaning is taking place with the help of "newzyme", which can be imagined as cleaning units in your body, eliminating old cells that are filled with new ones, total detox and everything around it, you start to build your own natural immunity and protection.
!!!You have to understand the whole process in the body!!!
And eat until half full etc. HOW DO YOU GET USED TO THIS, NOT ONLY IS IT FIXED DAILY ETC., BUT SOMETIMES IT CAN BE INTEGRATED WITH ALL DAY FASTS - see above and you won't need any fake vaccines, any drugs (powders/medications)….

Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

I forgot to add an important thing, eat raw fruits and vegetables daily! I also cook raw garlic and onions almost every day. For example. now dinner: wheat-rye bread smeared with a thin layer of homemade salt and raw onion and garlic on it 🙂 And also on a plate half a red raw pepper, radishes, tomatoes... An hour before dinner, a raw chopped apple, walnuts and a tocha of raisins (daily consumption of raisins is also very beneficial and you can sleep well after them!! Well, before the holiday, we went out with the children after lunch, and today I had pork/dumpling/cabbage in my nose for lunch. And an apple for breakfast. And of course such a lunch at work. during the week is out of the question, I only have it on weekends and often on holidays and even treat myself to a bun/muffin for breakfast. JUST THROUGHOUT THE WEEK AFTER THEN, I always follow this, but there are days when I open the bars about 2 hours after dinner and gobble them up - BUT, WITH A BIG BUT, I already count on the fact that I won't eat anything until lunch and not even the apple and more I will make black and green teas 😀 So there you go. The good thing about daily small fasts is that you can't gain weight, you almost detoxify, and there aren't many restrictions. When a person eats (semi-full), almost nothing changes, only from the first breakfast - I give an apple and sometimes a banana, nothing.

And I would like to point out that since I used to do competitive bench press and did a lot of strengthening 3-4 times a week, the muscles have a memory and now, when I exercise 2 times a week at home and for myself, including push-ups and lifting dumbbells, etc., THE MUSCLES HAVE A MEMORY. And they don't stress even in this food regime, it's important to BE ABLE TO MANAGE IT to give energy to the body and muscles. The fact that they eat two apples in the morning and drink tea with water and easily supply themselves with additional enzymes with the help of juices - the muscles and the body are not "stressed", etc. ALL THE BEST 🙂