Is it intentional or just incompetence?

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It's been roughly two years since we stopped having objective media in our country - be careful, I'm not under any illusions that it was rosy before, but with exceptions, the main media (sometimes even the public media) at least "tried" a little.

But today? 

Apart from the usual tabloid news, a dead or cute animal and fatal accidents, there are only news about the progress of the heroic troops in Ukraine or the progress of the heroic covid.

Do you remember how long and how horribly biased the coverage of the demonstrations in Canada began to be?

And today? In Holland, thousands and thousands of farmers are demonstrating, they are blocking highways and supermarkets that are without supplies, the police are shooting at farmers and two unarmed farmers are said to have even been killed...
The protests were decently written for the first time yesterday Echo24 and otherwise only some Slovak media - nothing else.

Or that the German Koch Institute, previously quoted so much by our government and the media, published an absolutely overwhelming document about the senselessness of ALL anti-covid measures?
She just wrote about it Angelika Bazalová for Reflex

But the highlight was when I read from a bankrupt junkie, who is constantly given space by a failed medium, that the Antivaxers have recently moved again and are now wearing Fiala shoes...
God, where are we? 

After all, it is the media's job to join the government! And when the media fails so horribly, others have to do it - and god bless them!

In short, there are things that must not be written about in the media - and there are many - from the side effects of vaccines, the ineffectiveness of masks, through the senseless push of the Green Deal, the protection of Biden's senility and Fiala's incompetence.

Actually, I don't know if it's a collective intention, an effort to please someone or even a naive effort to "help" and be a bundle. And what could be worse...

But when I see articles like “Covid is growing, but Válek wants cuts to hygiene”, I think that perhaps it is not the intention to always be pro-government - that it is simply a mixture of human fear seasoned by the incompetence and stupidity of people who have occupied not only leadership positions, but unfortunately also positions in the media.

But what's worst for me is that most people don't see it, don't want to see it, or don't care at all.

We're looking forward to it - we're still going downhill and this is just the beginning.

EDIT - Why, why - suddenly today, a few hours after my text, the media started writing...? (Echo24, News…) Should I be paranoid? 😉


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1 year ago

By the way, proof that trying to continue to wake up the people around you is unsafe and a waste of energy, a sample of what they were looking for answers to me and notice the media manipulation, what it makes of the people around, see e.g.:

"The question is where the facts come from. I don't believe why they would do that. What and how did you protect yourself? My husband and I were protected by vaccines, we easily overcame covid, although we have enough illnesses. Without vaccines, we would turn out very differently. And I'm sober and awake.. Will a spaceship come and take the chosen one somewhere? Or is the earth flat?”

So, I'm going to write it out loud: The dog already fucked them.. Still better THEY for us than WE. Let him suffer. But they won't believe some kind of problems and that they didn't mean it so well with us anyway, if they experience it themselves... I've stopped wasting time with them and there are a lot of them in our family too. The most important thing is to protect yourself and your family! Nothing more. Everything else is a waste of time and energy. Let them sleep already…their choice. Once again: STILL BETTER WHEN THEY FREEZE/DIE THAN US/YOU DO IT FOR/FOR US.

And if the guts and monkeys think they're going to try it on us again, they're wrong 🙂 They don't stand a chance. They already wasted theirs :)) And something bad might happen in their reality, but not in mine! Send clear signals to the universe, it's time to connect better :)))

1 year ago

!I discovered something interesting:

If I understand correctly, the EU Parliament has announced a decision that causes the climate change story to self-destruct. "EU Parliament backs labeling gas and nuclear investments green," reads a Reuters headline from yesterday (link above). "The European Parliament on Wednesday backed EU rules that label investments in gas and nuclear power plants as climate-friendly," Reuters continues, explaining that the EU is embroiled in an energy crisis that is dividing EU states and forcing a reassessment of which energy sources are considered for "renewable".

When the rule is fully adopted, it will make Putin's Russia one of the world's largest exporters of green energy. This also means that NATO and Ukraine are waging a war against the green energy leader while Western sanctions have blocked Russian green energy exports?!

European countries are suddenly trying to restore their energy infrastructure in a panic. However, since they have officially blocked most funding for non-green energy projects, the only way to get funding to rebuild fossil fuel infrastructure is to declare fossil fuels "green".

And that is exactly what the EU Parliament has just done with natural gas, dealing a devastating blow to the climate change narrative that has always been based on so much quackery and nonsense…

1 year ago

We are all ruled by deranged psychopaths. If you destroy people's beliefs, they become weak, fearful, susceptible, vulnerable and ready to do as they are told. People who are insecure and afraid become compliant, give up their self-respect and live a false life and become hypocrites.

All this is happening now - in the Czech Republic and elsewhere, wherever you live...

And the media, which should be reliably vigorous and independent, sold out to the World Economic Forum, the UN, the Bilderbergs... The goal is the Great Reset. Nothing happens by chance. Everything happens on purpose. You're just idiots from the media. they have not yet realized that by doing so they are destroying themselves and their family and everyone around them.

And politicians have to do what they're told if they want to rise within the system. It also means that the politicians who rise to the top in all countries are rubbish; a pathetic mix of psychopaths, megalomaniacs and lunatics. And all states are a theater, all politics is only a theater.

And with our Prime Ministers apparently getting worse after another, who are we going to get next?

And about the "green deal and climate change" I'll add: all the climate change freaks have been spreading misinformation and fear for years, refusing to debate with people who have brains. They know there is no science behind their nonsense! Their lies are out of hand and have about as much science behind them as there is behind an absurd toxic potion (vaccine).

All these scary things just prove that the whole global warming and climate change thing is a hoax, an international global hoax, just like the covid-19 hoax. Despite the evidence, they will no doubt continue with their predictions. And of course, predicting the end of the world is a great way to get publicity and get more followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

And a book called: Greta's Homework, by Zina Cohen - is available in both paperback and electronic form. This is the book you should read if you want to know the facts and science about global warming (Greta's Homework: 101 Truths About Climate Change that Everyone Should Read (Especially Hysterical, Hypocritical Mythmakers) Paperback - Feb 24, 2020):