Controlled population exchange in Europe

Read: 1945

Very important and above all harshly true video.
we can guess WHY it's happening, but the fact that it's actually already happening is in itself unmissable, yet most people don't want to believe it for some reason...

Dutch lawyer Eva Vlaardingerbroek spoke at CPAC in Budapest this April, and spoke aloud the forbidden truth: “Great population exchange is no longer a “conspiracy theory” – but a crime and a reality that governments know about. White Europeans are being replaced in their own countries at an ever-accelerating rate and this will spell the end of our European civilization as we know it unless we change things quickly.”

And how do you think that in such cities and later entire countries, where there are more migrants than 50%, each vote will turn out and what will be the next direction of such countries? And if it doesn't happen in this generation, then in the next one, when their children are born, be sure of it...
(Thank you for the great translation of the video - Open your mind - David Formánek)


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18 days before

+ The head of BlackRock stated at WEF that countries with declining populations will find it easier to replace people with machines:
A declining population will lead to a decrease in the resistance of the human population to the encroachment of machines, as there will be fewer and fewer people. The depopulation will only concern the white race in the first phase and is a direct threat to the concept of World Government of the House of Zion, because the white civilization has achieved the greatest development of civilization thanks to its superiority.

The depopulation of the collective West is taking place on all these vectors, so the birth rate is falling in these countries, and with it the rocketing spread of artificial intelligence, robotic systems, autonomous systems, contactless communication with authorities, banks and shops, bank identity, shops completely without saleswomen accessible via banking identity, the process simply begins that the fewer people there are, the more machines and autonomous systems there are. If the population is declining, parents don't have to worry about where their child will work when they grow up. Suddenly this worry is gone. And those jobs that exist today will gradually begin to be replaced by automated, digital, eventually autonomous and robotic systems.

At the same time, it is interesting to observe that the depopulation applies practically only to the white race. Why is depopulation not applied to the Arabs, i.e. the Muslim population, but not to the Jews, i.e. Zionists and Israelis? Why isn't it applied to blacks and Asians as well?

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