All my books touch on freedom and actually in a way the time we live in, even though I wrote them long before this period…

A Guide down the Rabbit hole (2023) are thirty-three easy-to-understand chapters of essential contexts about the times in which we live. What you didn't want to know about the world…

War with trees (2022) is a bitterly funny novella of the two years of senseless measures we have lived through. And mandatory helmets are just the beginning…

Ark of books (2021) is a parable about our society and the desire of some to control others and about one great secret... A book that was written long before covid, although it paradoxically tells about this time...

Chandelier for the Pope (2019) is a book based on the true life story of an innocently convicted young boy from the 1970s, and if you think that the brutal communist criminals ended in the 1950s, then you are very mistaken...

Butterfly scream  (2018) is the story of the organizations and groups that really rule the world. Even though it is a thriller, I have collected the background and data for the book for over a year and almost everything in the book is traceable truth. What was previously unimaginable has unfortunately caught up with us today...

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I hope you continue to like the books and I am very happy for the beautiful reactions you send me.
Jan Tománek 


A Guide down the Rabbit hole 

Everything you didn't want to know about the world…

Thirty-three easy-to-understand chapters of essential contexts about the times in which we live. While each chapter is unsettling on its own, it's the combination of all of them that makes it all the more ominous. It is almost certain that the book will soon be labeled as conspiracy…
Consider that if you follow Alice's imaginary white rabbit down the hole and once you enter that forbidden room beyond the door and see that elephant standing in the middle, there is no going back.
It's like the biblical apple of knowledge - then the world, the news, the individual "personalities" and events you read about will never be seen the same again, and you will find that what you believed to be a safe haven - especially the whole 20th century - is one big lie.

"The book is global psychosomatics. Well written, short, clear, understandable. This is exactly how psychosomatic communication with a patient should look like. I will promote until the last ban.”
MD Jan Hnízdil


War with trees

A bitterly funny book that will give you chills

The aging Novak couple enjoy their peaceful small-town life until fate decides to turn it upside down for them - just like eight billion other people - because the trees start to fall.
A banal and essentially funny event, which, however, manages to spin a whirlwind of completely absurd events that the family has to face. 
And safety helmets are just the beginning…

A bitterly parodic parable about the contemporary world, which is getting more and more out of joint.

Ingenious. If I had read the book more than three years ago, I would have laughed heartily at the story. Today, unfortunately, the smile is bitter on my lips...

A book for one evening that has depth.
There are people who will not agree and condemn the book, and there are people who will laugh and finally hold back a tear because of what the author wanted to say.
It's sad how people let themselves be manipulated. Unfortunately, it was, is and will be.
Great book for me.

Exactly - first a funny, then a chilling book.
How much do we allow ourselves to be controlled? By the media, by society, by the government, by a dictator? I guess we will let everyone to a certain limit and panic arises where there is fear. And fearful people control themselves well.
Do we never learn from history?


Ark of books

The real truth lies between the lines

A book that was written long before covid, although it paradoxically tells about this time...

A monotonous and peaceful life in a small community seems quite idyllic. They all live in harmony with nature and God, who protects them from what lurks beyond the village gates. But still, everything is not as it seems at first glance, and someone starts asking uncomfortable questions...

A person will never be satisfied and will always want more and more, and this can only be obtained at the expense of others. People are not and never have been the same, they have never been equal and they have never had the same goals. And it doesn't matter if it's eight billion people or a small community. All it takes is one or two people without conscience, without empathy, and they can perfectly tear down and disintegrate an entire society. The rest of the mass not only does not stop the psychopaths, but then blindly follows them and mindlessly follows them and supports and adopts their truths as their own.

And the rest are silent.

Because people are always silent - only books tell the truth...

Do what gets under your skin. People do not want to know the truth and that is the downfall of humanity. But still no hope that anyone will understand.

The Book Ark is my book discovery of the year. It is a book that is difficult to classify in terms of genre and is surprising. In addition, brutally up-to-date. The story is interesting and novel, the plot is exciting, the main character goes a long way in the book (and I don't mean the journey that Jan takes physically)...

This is an excellent idea. The plot at first looks like a description of life in some closed sect, but here it is much more.
The ark of books is rich in genre and ideas – it resembles science fiction and post-apocalypse, it contains conspiracy ideas, the topic of ecology is very important, it is about human nature and how people want more and more. I see its greatest contribution in the thoughts and warnings at the end of the book.


Chandelier for the Pope

A true story from the hell of the normalization camps

We can never move on unless we come to terms with our past

The raw, harsh account of an innocently convicted young tramp who was only guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. His journey through the brutal labor camps in that wonderful era of normalization when everyone was silent and enjoyed pop music and happy movies. A true story from the long-forgotten Minkovic hell, the prisoners nicknamed Minkau - after the Nazi extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, with which the Czech one had nothing to do...

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Butterfly scream

Thriller from of contemporary Prague - a book you won't put down until you will not find out what the real truth is about the way the world works.

…so light and flutteringly elusive, yet deadly and chilling.

Who really decides the entire civilization, ecology and our lives?

An accident in the middle of a night city, or a sophisticated murder? Televish reporter Pavel Černý gets caught up in the whirlwind of events leading up to the highest levels of world politics and secret power groups. The thriller from contemporary Prague leads to the Bilderberg conference, where the future of the world is discussed behind closed doors. Seemingly crazy conspiracies that are closer to reality than you think - than you even dare to admit. The real truth is shocking and it's up to you to accept it. No one is hiding it from you - just watch...

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Blogs and essays


Chronicle of the covid era

A book of essays and blogs

The book presents a collection of chronologically arranged blogs and interviews of six people from six completely different industries who felt that they could not remain silent and had to speak out about the situation - people who did not know each other personally, but whose paths, like small streams, gradually merged into one big one rivers of understanding and knowledge: doctor Jan Hnízdil, political scientist Michal Klíma, lawyer Tomáš Nielsen, specialist in health prevention Margit Slimáková, economist Markéta Šichtařová and director and writer Jan Tománek – for the purposes of this book, an honorary chronicler.