Jan Tománek (1978) in 1996 he graduated from the high school of art and industry Václav Hollar. From 1999 to 2005 he studied at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague at the professor's Michael Bielicky and Veronika Bromová field of New Media.
In 1994–1996, he contributed to gaming magazines as a student Excalibur, Score and founded a magazine Level, where he worked as editor-in-chief in 1995.
He has been an active non-paying member since 2001 Mensa.

While studying at Academy of Fine Arts he created short films, both live and animated and combined. He participated in the creation of the project for Prague Lantern magic and collaborated with his parents on a number of children's films and animated films evening snacks for Czech television

He is known as a director, artist, screenwriter and producer of popular animated films Goat story, for which he won a number of international film awards, was nominated for the Czech Lion and won the Febiofest Kristián award and the best animated film.

In 2021 He founded a citizens' initiative Hello forum and he still tries to point out the iniquities around him in his texts. In addition to directing and creative work in Art And Animation studio, is mainly engaged in writing books.

In 2018, he published his first novel Butterfly scream – a conspiracy thriller from the Czech environment. He followed Chandelier for the Pope  a raw and harsh story from the hell of the normalization camps, which was published in the fall of 2019 and a dystopian novel at the end of 2021 Ark of books
He issued an amendment in 2022 War with trees – a bitterly funny parable of the two years of senseless measures we lived through and in 2023 his last book so far A Guide down the Rabbit hole

He lives with his wife on the outskirts of Prague and is the father of two children.

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Animated movies

In the years 2005 – 2012, Jan Tománek devoted himself to the creation of animated films. In his Art And Animation studio the first Czech 3D animated film The Goat Story was created, which in 2008 became the most successful Czech animated film in terms of audiences. Over 500,000 viewers saw both films in Czech cinemas alone, and they were translated into many world languages and were seen by millions of viewers in dozens of countries.

In 2009, Jan Tománek won the prestigious Febiofest critics' prize - Kristián for The Goat Story and was also nominated for the Czech Lion for the best creative solution.

In addition to production and direction, he also created the overall artistic concept and wrote the scripts for the films.

Goat story - The Old Prague Legends


The cheerful story tells about Kuba and his constantly chattering Goat, who bring eggs to the construction of the Charles Bridge. Love for the city girl Máca leads Kuba to work at the legendary Old Town Astronomical Clock. The whole story is interwoven with the mysterious fate of the poor student Matěj from Faust's house and other rumors and ghosts of medieval Prague. In addition to the great acting performances of Jiří Lábus and Matěj Hádek, "The Goat Story" - the first Czech 3D animated film - gained a reputation as a film with a special and distinctive visual concept, which won the favor of foreign viewers as well. 

Goat story with cheese


The story of the goat with cheese loosely follows on from the previous part. The plot of the film has been transferred from medieval Prague to the fairy-tale cheese kingdom, and in addition to the old familiar characters, the audience can look forward to a number of fairy-tale creatures and new protagonists - the children of Kuba and Máci - Honzík and Zuzanka, who go through the entire story together with the Goat. The overall tuning of the film is more family and fairy tale than in the previous part.