Why did your loved ones have to die?

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The documentary shows from the American point of view exactly what we have been experiencing in our country for more than two years.
A perfect summary of the entire covid situation and especially WHY and WHO it served perfectly.

Denigration of functional drugs and procedures that could have saved lives, senseless and ineffective procedures that, on the contrary, have been proven to kill patients, data fraud, PCR tests, media censorship and bribery, leakage and artificial modification of the virus, non-functional and dangerous vaccines, and above all, money and power...

Everything we see happened EXACTLY the SAME in our country and what we have been pointing out for two years, is perfectly summarized in the document.

I don't have any tendency to convince anyone anymore - the evidence and the truth are simply right there in front of you and it's up to you if you want to pick it up.
I know it's not easy and the truth and knowledge really hurts and can really shake your whole life that you've believed in until now. But it's really up to you - you have to take that first step of WANTING yourself…
But believe me, the liberation is worth it! ✌️

Sequel - Part II.


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1 year ago

And meanwhile, week after week, People in the Chinese city of Guangzhou are tearing down the barricades.. Because China ordered another - 13 million people living in Canton - a strict ban on residence and movement.

Here are videos of the Chinese rebelling against the covid restrictions, breaking down the barricades!!

Corona coup
1 year ago

The media reported on a scientific study, according to which nose picking damages internal tissues and can lead to Alzheimer's disease or dementia (https://www.sciencealert.com/mouse-study-suggests-a-surprising-link-between-nose-picking-and-alzheimers). None of the journalists apparently consider this news to be anything but stunning, just something of a curiosity for weekend reading.


For three whole years, massive PCR testing and antigen tests were carried out in our country, during which the entire population poked deep in their noses with cotton swabs from Chinese factories. If anyone wanted to participate in public life, they had to go through "professional" nose picking several times in the last three years. Perhaps they only let you into the shopping center without it, but here it was redeemed by the constant surveillance of the security guard and buzzing whether your mouth is properly covered with a cloth. The whole nation and the whole world passed the spying PCR tests.

What about today? In short, the message that frequent nose picking is high-risk and can lead to dementia and the development of Alzheimer's disease just flies through the media. Well, what's up? After all, this only applies to small children who occasionally pick their noses. Sticking sticks deep into the nasal cavity every day has nothing to do with it, does it?

Reply  Corona coup
1 year ago

Alzheimer's is actually caused by heavy metal poisoning, but few people know that. Heavy metal poisoning manifests itself very slowly and may take several years to fully develop.
That is why it is extremely important to carry out a detox regularly and daily, min. using herbal teas (for me TOP wormwood), vitamins, raw fruit+vegetables = enzymes.. It takes years to build immunity!

1 year ago

And now mind you, they've been going like this since April... In China: Shanghai Disney Theme Park has been closed, visitors are not allowed to leave until they test negative for COVID:

..a day before the SDR was closed - 10 cases of locally transmitted COVID-19 infection were reported in Shanghai. According to city authorities, all 10 cases were asymptomatic.
VIDEO: brighteon.com/aa1cba13-b186-4bb9-a157-9ec131704ed0

1 year ago

“SynBio” means synthetic biology. If a corporation develops gene-altering technology that it injects into your body and permanently alters your chromosomes so that you are not fully human, it turns you into a semi-synthetic organism. Under existing US law and court precedent, that corporation may have a claim to the intellectual property of your physical body, which would make you a slave to that corporation.

A legal battle is currently underway over whether injections of mRNA that alter human chromosomes give the corporation that invented the injection intellectual property rights to the organism. Attorney Todd Callender is currently engaged in this legal battle to secure the status of self-ownership of one's own body, a principle underlying the entire philosophy of freedom.

Still no one has apologized to us for ruining our lives with exclusions and vaccines!
=Mass uprisings are now taking place all over Europe: France, Belgium, Hungary, Germany=

1 year ago

According to a report on the Expose website, there were almost 30,000 more deaths in Europe in 2022 than there were in 2020 at the height of the alleged pandemic. The covid-19 vaccination is clearly to blame.

1 year ago

A lot of evidence about the hidden danger of side effects in vaccines against so-called viral infections was here a long time ago, but unfortunately it was "silenced" and people rarely looked for the causes of their health problems and related it to the vaccine.

In doing so, it is enough to recall the CT report more than 10 years ago with the influential pharmaceutical employee J. Virapen, where he stated in a live interview that vaccination is a fraud on people and to bypass all the chains of control authorities and state institutions and doctors, it is enough to hand over an envelope with money to influential people. Well, thanks to human stupidity, it's done!

I think that the readers of the website rozalia.cz, etc., aimed at, as well as people with their own bad experiences left by vaccines in the past, narrowly avoided the mRNA toxins, administered to people in hastily set up "vaccination centers and mobile vaccination vehicles", which they traveled around some municipalities in the Czech Republic.
Otherwise, you are right that it is not easy!
And what about admitting that people have unfortunately been "silent" participants in organized crime for several generations. See perfect analyzes of vaccines and an interview with a Czech doctor at http://www.ockovani.net

Pharmaceutical manufacturers and their products (vaccines) that are injected into children already after birth are actually the "only" product that a person "must" receive and "buy" in his life, even if he does not want it and is not interested in them. And that you don't want it voluntarily? That's how you get it in a violent way, thanks to control and threats of fines from hygiene and even sanctified by the government.

And that the vaccine damaged your health? Well, no one cares about that after a few months after the injection of the vaccine, but don't worry, the doctors will tell you. We have a solution, although you will have to take medicine for the rest of your life and go for regular check-ups.
Unfortunately, this is only a small part of my life story after the 3rd dose vaccination in 2008 against tick-borne encephalitis.

The "quickest awakening" from this disgusting criminal system is your own experience and knowledge of the adverse effects of the vaccine on your body.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people who are ignorant and these people, such mentioned videos and articles will be ignored and taken as conspiracies or forgeries and the truth and knowledge will still take some time for them, until they themselves know the consequences of the worldwide vaccination game on their bodies, or close people.

And in the end, perhaps only the small handful that regularly greased their pockets will be left. In the Czech Republic, for example, the company MESES.
No, they don't do it for money, how could they, no they don't lie, why would they do it, they promote vaccines because they want to help people after all…. Yes, to help pharmaceutical corporations create sick people again and the "virus and vaccination carousel" with the contribution of corporate media and public broadcaster CT and radio will "keep spinning as long as people themselves help spin it".

Jarmila Merclova
Jarmila Merclova
1 year ago

It was quite clear to me from the beginning that it was something strange... and of course I refused to be vaccinated with the rapid vaccine,,,, I persevered until the end... even without a single test... and because of my opinions I lost at least half of my family- we broke up forever and we don't hang out….it doesn't matter….I'm glad that I was able to do it and no one will ever force me to do it….

Reply  Jarmila Merclova
1 year ago

Jarmilo, I feel the same way. My daughter even stopped talking to me completely, so I don't even have contact with my granddaughter. It started with vaccines and continued with war. I moved to a cottage, I have an autoimmune disease, so I don't interact with people much and she doesn't even ask if I need anything (in the village, without a car). As for the war, I sent her a video at the very beginning, which clearly explains everything and not much is known about it. So I'm putting it here so that at least someone can benefit from it. The time is set and the subtitles are on. I think most people, even if they think so, would welcome clear evidence.
Have fun and hang in there. The neighbors around me are dropping like flies, no one will convince me that it is not related...

Reply  Ellen
1 year ago

The main thing is that more than 10 years ago, the "magic box" showed them several documents and video reports about the harmfulness of vaccines. They probably "forgot or weren't looking." Corruption does not exist for them. Why would they spend us, why would they do that, are the most common sentences in their answers. It is difficult to deal with skeptics, for them the chemistry injected into the body is everything and it is not worth arguing with them. You're just wasting your time. They have to figure it out for themselves.
Below, for example, an interview with an influential former pharmaceutical employee broadcast on CT.

1 year ago

Great! They are just talking about something that doesn't exist, I have to REMINDER a little of the essential fact:
So far, the pure form of this "disease" has not been isolated, all these isolates that they label as such are not based on scientific evidence but on lies, where everything was full of other impurities, like human cells, etc., in fact the whole narrative is one big lie!!
On fake PCR tests (MUDr. Jan Hnízdil = PCR test does not tell at all whether a person is infected, contagious or sick. Without further tests and a careful examination by an experienced doctor, its informative value is zero. The vast majority (over 95%) of those tested positive have no , or just mild difficulties.) and the vaccines are therefore the whole world's fraud under the name of COVID-19!!

These injections destroy the immune system's ability to make white blood cells, they are fatal...it's all a matter of time because every body has its limits. Everything is to blame for the destruction of the natural immunity of the "vaccinated", that's why some drop out immediately, some after the second, others after the fifth, eighth... it has already been scientifically proven, not once, but after dozens, that the Spike Protein produced in the human body is strongly toxic and settles all over the body, during autopsies it was found all over the body and where no one would expect it according to pathologists. Here, all science is denied from the beginning and everyone who does not go with the main and only world narrative is suppressed!!

And now we have to wait to see what happens to the millions of fools who got poisoned by covid injections.
And in the next few months we will see an epidemic of serious diseases caused by covid-19 "vaccination".
And the government, media and media doctors will blame covid-19 and flu for illness and death.
And they refuse to admit that covid-19 "vaccination" is now the leading cause of death.
And they refuse to admit that millions of people around the world are dying because their immune systems have been fatally damaged.

+ one inspiring, excellent 2-minute video, still free for us, i.e. UNVACCINATED:

+ be careful, this time it's not covid, but flu = "after the new year, a flu epidemic will break out"
= So we're in for a ko*kovid comedy all over again, under a different name?

And finally, there is no evidence to show that mass, multiple "vaccination" programs are safe or effective. However, there is plenty of evidence that such programs can be ineffective and dangerous. Those who have received one or more vaccines are now at risk of various diseases and, paradoxically, are even more likely to die of covid (rebranded flu) than those who saw through the lies and refused the call to vaccinate. The fully vaccinated account for the majority of deaths worldwide.

And the very scary thing is that various elements of the establishment still refuse to accept the evidence; they reject their own statistics which show that covid injections have already proven to be not only a failure but a medical disaster!!

And predictably, the mRNA injection was found in the heart, lungs, liver, testes—and brain. Only time will tell how many brain cells will die. In November 2021, an article was published in the medical journal Circulation that concluded that mRNA injections dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and infiltration of the heart muscle by T cells. This linked these jackets to thrombosis, cardiomyopathy and other vascular events.
However, the unethical pricking continued. And it still goes on..

And I'm going to write it out loud: YOUR GOVERNMENT IS YOUR ENEMY