No time for the big question?

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I keep reading the same narrative: "Putin won't stop at Ukraine - he threatens all of Europe."

Well, let's face it - I, as well as probably no one except Putin and his entourage, do not know, but I think I need to answer the basic question first:

So it is true, with Russia economically collapses, has weak army, has no soldiers, inexperienced conscripts have to buy equipment yourself, they don't have rocket chips and they are missing from the fridges and The Ukrainians are already driving the Russians out of their territory, or it is true that they have the second strongest army of the world and they threaten the whole of Europe and that army, if it wanted to, would probably occupy Ukraine in a matter of hours?

And that is precisely the basic question, according to which I think all further decision-making and especially peace negotiations should be based. But no one asks this basic question, and yet I think the answer to it is absolutely crucial for any further decision-making.

But which of these truths is true?

I'm afraid this is typical Orwellian doublethink – simply cannot be both, but still people believe both for some reason.

I also don't know how it is, but I know for sure that most governments and mainstream media have been lying about covid for AT LEAST the last two years, and the same media and governments are simultaneously pushing these truths on people for some purpose and creating a completely blinded pro-war spirit in them, and that to me it will come off as terribly dangerous anyway.

EDIT – 2024 – same thing again, more government lies and double-think


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1 year ago

Kyiv, Ukraine, the day ends and the night begins (without electricity):

Meanwhile, the West continues to fund the war in Ukraine, which will be much more painful for Ukrainians. No more parties in Kyiv when the power and water are off. Ukrainian women in the Czech Republic should knit sweaters and Fiala will then go to Ukraine with them...

And as time goes on:
August - Ukrainian Energy Minister German Galushchenko tells Politico that Ukraine could immediately increase electricity exports to the West from 100 megawatts at the time to 1,690 MW, which could "save Europe" in the winter.

October – Ukraine imports electricity from Slovakia on a trial basis.

Mainstream a few weeks ago - the Ukrainians beat the Russians on all fronts and are quickly taking back the lost territories. The totally incompetent Russians will be finished soon, it's a matter of weeks.

Mainstream Today (News List): Russia foils Ukraine offensive with own attack elsewhere. Attacks on the infrastructure cause massive outages, energy consumption will have to be reduced and some consumers will have to be switched off at peak times. Parts of the country are without water and power, in Kyiv on Monday 40% consumers were without water and 270 thousand households without electricity. The lack of electricity also complicates the operation of the railway, and therefore the transport of supplies to the front, and the work of enterprises that provide support to the army (repair plants, but also, for example, ammunition production, which still operates on a certain scale in Ukraine).

I also wanted to add a few recent statements by Prime Minister Fialenko about a victorious Ukraine, Ukraine's entry into the EU and NATO, and the excellent business opportunities that will surely open up for our companies soon as part of the post-war reconstruction, when Ukraine gloriously wins, but to copy here these nonsense completely detached from reality is perhaps not even needed..

1 year ago

Michal Svatoš commented on the Ministry of the Czech Republic/building from 28.10. see photo:comment image

"Ropušan did a good job... The Russians first got angry, but then they started laughing... because for every nation, ministry buildings are national showcases... but the Czech Ministry of the Interior is a crumbling building.
Don't look at Putin ... but look at the details of the building ... at the rusted window frames, how the whole building is falling apart.
And Ropusan is so stupid that he didn't even know that he showed the whole world that the Czech Republic is already falling apart!
Many people are asking what happened to the Czech infrastructure that stood up for Husák... and it is starting to live.
Nuclear power plants ... the Dukovany nuclear power plant will be shut down shortly, because it has reached the end of its life. Sewers, water pipes, it's all been liquidated, it's being squeezed by capital... capital squeezed it, took away the profits, didn't carry out amortization, didn't repair the damage, let it live... and now we're left with a broken Czech Republic...
!PÚTIDEMOLICE really deserved that nickname!"

Miloslav Jeřábek
Miloslav Jeřábek
1 year ago

That's much easier. It doesn't really matter if Russia has a strong or weak army, if it wins or retreats. The "fundamental question on which all further decision-making should be based" cannot be other than: did Russia invade Ukraine or did Ukraine invade Russia? But that would be boring, wouldn't it?

Miloslav Jeřábek
Miloslav Jeřábek
Reply  Jan Tománek
1 year ago

Do you mean the question of whether it is true that "Russia is collapsing economically and has a weak or strong military"? Why is this question so important, when the main question must always be who is the attacked and who is the aggressor? Besides, no one knows the possible answer to this "everything" question of yours, not even in Russia. And all-round "experts" not at all. Even at the beginning of February, their estimate of how long Ukraine could defend itself against Russia ranged mainly between one and three months... So their prediction success rate is about the same as that of the covid "experts".

Reply  Miloslav Jeřábek
1 year ago

You are a well-placed cemeperator who keeps spinning and protecting the promoted and only "true" narrative. Were you there when it happened on the sidelines? NO.

There are over 13,000 civilian victims, of which over 140 are children - they have a central "Angels' Alley" tomb in Donetsk, if you ever wanted to take a look. In total, it is roughly like 13x Lidice.

And are we still to believe that the Russians shot each other in the head back then with howitzers and Grad 122mm rocket launchers? From large-caliber 120mm grenade launchers? Did they shoot young girls in blocks of flats who jumped onto the balcony to smoke or water flowers or hang laundry - because those were the "goals" of the heroes from NATO, with large-bore rifles with thermal sights, caliber .338 Lapua Magnum or .5 BMG?

There is no rational argument for that. But it is, basically - they were murders. Safari on Russians and Rusands, completely fascist and openly Nazi. And this has proven to happen for 8 years!

Such a fashionable regime, committing crimes like on a treadmill.. Which shut down (NOT recently and will do it again soon) all opposition media, murdered dozens of journalists, banned opposition parties, murdered hundreds of people in Odessa - they burned them, prettier girls were raped and strangled before including at least one pregnant woman before giving birth - and then for 8 years they bombard cities and villages with howitzers and rocket launchers.

Find out everything yourself, from Odessa to other atrocities, learn to be me. understood the reason for the "invasion of Russia and the invasion of the outskirts", or go back to the TV, turn on CT, read the list and feed yourself only msm.. because what happened (and is happening) about theaters with co*covid, he repeats, the same media, the same governments, the same puppets, EVERYTHING IS JUST THEATRE, ALL STATES ARE THEATRE.

And if you're going to be freezing, hungry in a few weeks, don't forget to put on ten sweaters and five respirators and remember, your government loves you and it's all Putin's fault.

Miloslav Jeřábek
Miloslav Jeřábek
Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

If there's anyone here "still taunting and protecting the promoted and only true narrative, it's you. The passion with which you do it is touching...

Reply  Miloslav Jeřábek
1 year ago

If you are interested in news outside the msm, then..:
and here:

Start from the bottom with the latest "news and information", it's sorted from oldest to newest of course. I don't have time to follow everything, it's up to you whether you will believe only the media and the government, which has confused us (and still confuses us) about ko*kovid hysteria and mass psychosis, or you will continue to read alternative information and put together the resulting picture yourself.

I am not a supporter of Russia or the fringes, and certainly not what the government shows when it makes decisions about us and, as always, without us! To be clear. I just want you to understand a little the reason for the terrible "invasion" of the Russians on the outskirts. And you can still find a lot of documentaries on YouTube, try, for example, "the massacre in Odessa" comes to mind, etc., and I'm not advocating that what's happening is necessarily good. I don't support slavia or sparta. WE ARE ALL VICTIMS!

Reply  Miloslav Jeřábek
1 year ago

Why is this question important? Because if you start asking questions like that, you will realize how much the main stream media informs about many events in a distorted way. Did you even bother to report what was going on in the eastern UA before the invasion if you defend the UA so much? Let's say within 2 years retroactively? What are you defending that with? And do you know that some commentators already wrote a year or two before the invasion that the situation in the east of the UA was getting out of hand and threatened with civil war? And have you ever wondered why the Americans left Afghanistan practically overnight after twenty years?
Do you know how many Russians live in the east of the UA and how many Ukrainians fled to Russia before the war? Because if you know all this, it will be difficult for you to defend someone. Whether the UA or the Russians…

Reply  Miloslav Jeřábek
1 year ago

This is all I found in three minutes of my time…Ignoring the truth and supporting Nazism today and every day..:
! HERE = Dead children at the hands of Ukrainian Nazis!!
And here, Nazism in Ukraine briefly and clearly in 2 minutes, link:
And the education of children in Ukraine to Banderism under the supervision of the Nazi Right Sector:
And Banderov holiday camp for Ukrainian children:
And Zelenský is planning a massacre in Buč with the commanders of the Azov regiment:
Ukraine recruits children:

Ukrainian army killed a little girl:

Ukrainian children teach children in Poland the Nazi slogan Glory to Ukraine:

Ukrainian army shelling Stachanov rocket launchers 13 dead and dozens of civilians seriously injured:

Ukrainian armed forces are attacking civilians again..

The children of Donbas do not want to hear the word Ukraine.. Savely from Donetsk has never lived a peaceful life. He was born in 2014 and grew up under shelling. The boy learned to determine the type of bullet by sound. Now he is the only defender in the house, because his father is defending the homeland from militias in Donbass. The boy wants to forget the word "Ukraine", which is associated with the horrors of war, terror and murder, see the video:

And should I find another three minutes of time? WE ARE IN AN INFORMATION WAR, EVERYTHING IS WAGED AGAINST US ALL, THE PEOPLE..

1 year ago

Everything started sometime in November three years ago, when the first information and fragments from China about co*covid already started, everything is going according to plan.

All politicians are crooks and minions, whether it's Putin, Fiala, or the greatest comedian of the century: Zelensky..
And everyone is just playing a game, and ordinary people are s*l*l by a dog. We are just a part of this performance in the never-ending theater since co*covid... Unfortunately. We are all just victims, whether someone in this artificial conflict supports Slavia or Sparta, or rides the pro-government Cemper wave.

And the sleazy website "" of the liar Cemper, an agent of someone... Or the previous president of Ukraine, Poroshenko, who, in a speech to schoolchildren at the beginning of the school year, rejoiced that "Russian" children (actually Ukrainian, speaking Russian like 90% other Ukrainian, but they were born in the Donbass) instead of going to school, they languish in basements and shelters because the Ukrainians are bombing them - the "President of Ukraine" even boasted about this publicly, everything can be traced! The media, even the sophisticated and manipulated ones, are the best archive!!
And Politicians, media stars here publicly talk about "Russian cockroaches to be exterminated", a good joke is hamburgers made of minced Russian children (a great theater skit), cakes in the shape of "Russian babies"...

And all this completely publicly on television, radio, and the press!!
Exactly as you stated in the interview in the previous thread:
And they want to send "critics" of Ukraine to the gallows, at least to the criminal. Such a fashion regime, committing crimes like on a treadmill. They did the same with ko*kovid, but people probably forgot..

When I started this "conflict", I will add that if there were no Russians in 1945, many of us would not have been born. Just because something is Russian doesn't mean it's stupid. Does anyone think, for example, the Russian Mendeleev table of elements moronic? Or the Russian Tsiolkovsky equation? Or Tchaikovsky's music? Or nuclear reactors in Czech nuclear reactors and their fuel? Or Russian itself?”
No one is really shocked by the fascist anti-Russian rant? It wasn't even worse under Hitler against the "dirty Jews".

The daily lies and manipulations seep almost everywhere, for example I will mention the Czech Wikipedia, which has unfortunately become a hotbed of paid activists of certain NGOs, modifying passwords according to the interpretations of the clients.
Following the example of Winston Smith, they are very actively embroidering on the poor Wiki every day, and anything with political, historical, national, economic or social connotations is continuously transformed into the currently required and only allowed holy truth. As a result, the Czech Wiki has become a really disgusting project, which a judicious contributor will avoid by far. And there are countless such things. And everywhere.

(Perhaps around 2013, when the so-called "church restitution" took place - the "history of the church" in the Czech Republic changed several times every day, the Hussites became murderous robbers, Žižek a "trap". Joseph's reforms from the 18th century suddenly did not nationalize property stolen in The Masaryk land reform of 1922 did not confiscate all land larger than 250 ha - everything was stolen by the communists according to the "new concept" - even from churches that never existed before 1990...)

But everything that IS HAPPENING NOW is part of the plans of HIGHER GOALS, depopulation continues, it's all theater.