The king is terribly naked

Read: 2012

Sometimes I look at the profiles of old acquaintances and friends, how they still have Ukrainian flags on their profile photos, "I vote for the General" and "we're going to do it TOGETHER"...

They all live in a huge and interconnected bubble, and their will alone supports and holds the bubble together. I believe that each of them already has a number of doubts - they must have, they are mostly intelligent people who hoped for freedom and know very well that a lot of what they believed and even voted for is no longer valid. Some even already suspect that they have been lied to and betrayed - that there are already so many lies that it is impossible to close our eyes to them indefinitely. Ubiquitous censorship of the media, the complete creeping of corruption and interest groups through the entire state administration and top politics - the global frauds of the puppets are already so obvious that today they have completely removed their masks and are not hiding anything. Why, when today, thanks to the silence of the majority, they can literally do anything...

Now it's just a matter of who is the first to call, like the little girl in the fairy tale, "the king is naked!"

However, they are afraid of condemnation and ostracization - they are in a trap, in which they closed themselves by labeling their surroundings. They know very well that the truth does not forgive the very first, of course - they remember well how we turned out. As recently happened to Vojta Dyk, Jakub Vágner, or Jiří Strach and others - how we were all ostracized from the "decent" company of "decent people".
The truth must not be told either early, but also not too late... so that it is not too embarrassing. And as a nation, we are very good at changing coats.


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A poem by Jiří Žáček, mistakenly attributed to Karel Havlíček Borovské, describes it perfectly.

There is a different rate for the truth – 
sometimes a monument, sometimes a bond. 
Who will say it sooner than time, 
the truth will break his neck.

Dear friends, it doesn't matter if you make this attitude change loudly now or quietly and secretly later, but it is waiting for you! Just like with covid, where you secretly withdrew the slogans "I've got it in my arm" and "Face masks for everyone" and now you throw the "problematic" period off the table with the phrase "the whole world did it, so what do you want!"

In short, reality will eventually catch up with you again, and the later the exclamation "The king is terribly naked!" you do, the worse the regret will be for yourself and, by extension, for the whole earth - but reality is relentless, hard and unforgiving, and eventually it will naturally catch up with you too...

EDIT to the topic - 4.2. 2024

From ordinary lying in the Government and the media, we have reached the category of complete science fiction and the existence of an economic perpetual motion machine. Imagine, 122,000 Ukrainians working for us not only fully support the other 350,000 who are here, they also paid ALL the expenses that our state has with Ukraine and everything it sends to Ukraine... (source)
And so we could go on and on…

And again we have the perfect double-think. So is it true that the national debt is NOT growing due to support for Ukraine, as this article claims, or is it true that we have a high budget deficit precisely because of Ukraine, as they claim directly on your ODS website?

And by the way, this is the editorial office of the Verification Office on iRozhlas... It's quite interesting that "at least" the old journalistic bards don't want to mess with it and let stupid kids do it...

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3 months ago

When the paradigm shift occurs, the bulbliners will change orientation synchronously, so none of them will feel that they have changed anything. And if you show them their statements yesterday, you will be a disinformer.

"Prague artists" are typical of this - they celebrate the Emperor, then wave tricolors and celebrate Masaryk, then shout joyfully, then welcome the Red Army, build communism and condemn Slánský, then find the human face of socialism, sign the entry of troops, then the anti-charter, then make speeches on Soros money and glorifying Havel, who most have never seen live... etc etc... if Islam wins here they will beat their heads on the carpet and wail and still, at every moment, be convinced that they are the elite of the nation and that they represent some kind of good, which he has the right to dictate.

Of course, not all of them, but the sensible ones are few and far between. The most common conflict is when comrades exclude someone from the pack and he doesn't understand why... by the way, it reminds me of the 50s, when comrades didn't know why either.

4 months ago

+ Something to lighten up 😀 noo, we're not going to cry because of those clowns... :-DD

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Last edited 4 months ago by CZkotas
4 months ago

Those at the top and their servants are afraid of information that they can't control, that means there will be no information field in your list today, just nowhere, for example, around the farmer's protest, when it will start in Germany and France, even in Belgium and Brussels, they will force barricades and piss people off! The whole West awareness is actually just crawling and crawling and crawling.
The EU is run by vomiting psychopaths and they are after our freedom, health and children!

4 months ago

Thank you for this article and it is exactly like that.. I have already broken up with such "friends/acquaintances" before, because, not only IN AN EMERGENCY YOU KNOW A FRIEND. I would be quite interested if they would put something like this on their profiles, when they are already creating propaganda, when right now there is a disturbing video circulating on social networks (at least abroad) aimed at children, which encourages them to decide on assisted suicide , because "it's okay to leave today".. Last year saw the highest number of suicides in history. The government demolition liberals want to beat their own record.

In the alleged "satirical" video (at least that's what the creators claimed much later), cartoon characters resembling the Muppets appear and sing songs to children about the fact that euthanasia is okay and that children who choose euthanasia will be placed in a cold urn after cremation . "It's always hard to say goodbye, but Urny's uncle says, 'It's okay to go!'" says one part of the haunting video.

The video is intended for children and appears to appear on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Bitchute and other platforms. Some social media users also claim that the video appears in the commercial break of other videos!

= I think that's the goal - when the content is anything but a joke. Susceptible youth who come across it might be tempted to kill themselves, thinking that the funny cartoon characters they encourage will play with them in the afterlife. Above you have a link to the mentioned video + info. It is another facet of a multi-pronged attack against us humans, with our children being used as one of the attack vectors! The speed with which the video in question went viral suggests that whoever was behind it intended for it to spread quickly and widely and ensure that it was seen by as many children as possible.

Assisted suicide is now fodder for jokes.. And another step to be like the Canadian Liberals who currently want to open up assisted suicide to 12 year olds. Chance?

And the "Government" (the current one, the one before, the last one..) could have solved the crisis "today, yesterday, three years ago" - but they chose not to and continued with the plans of the "NWO" for some money and "advantage" for them , which will one day be completely useless to them. Dullness reigns.. Just as masks did not provide any protection during the "pandemic", the British government now admits.

But the revelation of this fraud must finally begin with the fact that no virus exists and never existed! Everyone must now admit that there is no "covid" virus, it is a fabrication, a computer model of some sequences and no real scientifically based isolation that has been done to date! The PCR test, the masks, the social distancing are a total scam and just part of the whole plan to make it believable, even if only to the naive, gullible and ignorant! That's why they took the toxic injection concoction that hurt and killed so many people and continues to do so! Now they are releasing another scam, Disease X! Anyone who believes a single word or even listens to the news is part of the problem, the official news only spreads lies and propaganda, fear and psychological terror!


Reply  CZkotas
4 months ago

Canada is seriously considering and will offer euthanasia - to children aged 12 and up.

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At the beginning, I will remind you of my comment:

..Well, last week the Special Joint Committee of the Canadian Parliament on MAiD, according to the organization Citizen Frank, already recommended offering this program "without parental consent" as early as mid-February 2023. It considered two paths - one for those whose death is "reasonably foreseeable", and the second for those for whom "a mental disorder is the only underlying medical condition". In order to avoid the need to ask for parental consent before killing children, the term "mature minor" was adopted. One study defined it as “a legal construct applicable to persons under the age of 18” who are mature enough to “understand information relevant to treatment decisions” and “realize the reasonably foreseeable consequences of the decision or lack thereof”. So Canada is expanding "mercy" euthanasia killing to trap the most vulnerable members of society, including children….

Report of the Special Joint Committee
on medical assistance in dying:

= In the old days, when parents saw that their child was noticeably defective, they either secretly destroyed the child or put him in an institution. They were average people back then. It was logical because carrying a rotting burden is something only people of very low intellect would approve of..
Then the globalists intervened, banning and criminalizing the killing of children. Because they wanted to see the chaos on the streets and with more rights than a normal functioning person. Did you recognize the pattern? In the regions where the chaos took its toll, the liquidation of children is slowly being introduced again. Watch carefully how it becomes normal again in people's eyes and gradually everyone will do it.