They wouldn't allow that...

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Put dangerous and untested vaccines on the market? No one would allow that. We have control mechanisms, we have the responsibility of doctors - that could never happen.

I remember seeing "our scientist" in the fall repeating on TV with an expression of utter determination and almost fanaticism "But they approved them, that means they are safe - they wouldn't have approved them otherwise..." (video)
That was a big warning - a scientist who should be trying to ask, research and seek the truth completely blindly and stupidly trusts some "authority". It is especially funny in the light of the following document.

And this 27-minute documentary is another rather fundamental insight (don't be put off by the slightly populist name...), as the WHO tested the new tetanus vaccines they had in Africa INTENTIONALLY cause sterility and start solving the "overpopulation problem".

A lot of data can be found on the Internet about the scandal that took place in Africa a few years ago, I checked the existence of the doctors who speak in the document and found studies that really talk about the substance that causes sterility contained in vaccines (for example here: studies). And that the whole world would know about it and people would sound the alarm? But somewhere - it was "just" Africa after all...

There is one more threatening thing about the documentary, and that is the government's attempt to investigate the scandal first, but after the WHO's pressure, a 180-degree turn, the authorities lying (the same as today - everything is safe, don't worry...), the persecution of doctors who talk about it and they are looking for the truth, mysterious deaths, money and corruption scandals of those involved…

Perhaps it was a test and deflation of the balloon by the WHO and the pharmaceutical companies, what people are capable of believing and what is possible - and we know that there is really an unimaginable lot...


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1 year ago

A terrible, fatal brain disease linked to "vaccines". Of the many adverse effects of "vaccines", this brain disease is the most terrifying..Article by Dr. Joel S. Hirschhorn:
There is data to suggest that these vaccines can cause one of the deadliest diseases known to medicine. The disease is always fatal. Governments are not very involved in tracking Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CID). It is known as a prion disease. Other proven facts on this topic:

+ 86 % Covid-19 deaths in Canada per vaccinated population, yet government continues to push for vaccinations:
= Now the decision to force vaccinations on so many Canadians is coming back to haunt him as statistics show that vaccinated Canadians accounted for approximately 9 out of 10 Covid deaths in Canada in the past month, with 80 % of those deaths occurring in people who had been vaccinated three times..

+ Hong Kong medical experts found evidence suggesting that COVID-19 vaccines cause heart disease:
= Medical experts in Hong Kong have found evidence that clearly indicates that "vaccines" cause heart disease. Even after these renowned doctors came out with their findings, the mainstream media, governments and medical journals still claim that "vaccines" are safe.

+ Doctor verified VAERS data showing “vaccines” increase danger to women's reproductive health:
= A board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist has verified recent data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) showing the increased danger posed by co*covid "vaccines" to women's reproductive health.

1 year ago

..just like this: Europe says: WE WILL KILL YOU, Russia! But please sell us your gas while we kill you. = Future famine in the EU: No fertilisers, fuel or food.. Those who still don't believe, sit down and watch it... When in 2018, then-President Donald Trump warned Germany about its dependence on Russian energy during his speech at the UN General Assembly, the German delegation (understand a bunch of idiots) she just laughed it off.

Now, in their arrogance and bellicosity, the nations of Western Europe face total economic and social collapse during the coming winter as Russia cuts off energy supplies. Western European countries are years behind in restarting coal and gas plants, which means they will suffer catastrophically in the coming years even if they try to switch back to coal and gas now. Much of Western Europe will look like Sri Lanka today in 2023.