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"It's raining outside?"
Today's journalist, rather than getting his butt out of his chair, would rather reach out to an agency and find an answer there, or invite two people to the studio, one of whom claims that the sun is shining outside and the other that it's raining. Which, by the way, is no longer the case today, because ONLY one (read – the right) party is invited today.

It used to be a joke, but today it is the stark reality of the total decline of journalism. Today's journalist is just CTRL+C and CTRL+V - a manual monkey who, if he has a sudden burst of "creativity", will invent (or have artificial intelligence do it for him) - a headline that will attract as many clicks as possible.

And if one of the "journalists" thought to open the celebratory PR book, God forbid read it... But why would they do that? How are they being paid for their opinion? Why does anyone require it from them? That's how they are taught in today's schools - just not any thinking - but let's call it "creativity", just not any own opinion - but we call it "freedom".
In short, the boss and the owner listen to each other and shit always falls down...
Done and on to the next article.


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5 months ago

The media is controlled by the "cabal" as well as all the demonstrations that are called, everything is managed according to the Zionist protocols, it's all a war between "Z" and "Z". where we let it all go.

...of international power Jewry, which controls world finance and banking houses headed by the Jewish Rothschild dynasty. The European Union is their project to enslave and destroy European nations (by bastardizing them). In the plans of the Jewish globalists, the EU is a precursor to the creation of a world (global) state and a universal world government.

"The complete subservience and permissiveness of most leading European (Jewish and non-Jewish) politicians of all parties to the political and economic 'wishes' of Zion and its invisible financial monopoly, observable since the middle of the last century at the latest, stems not least from their membership in Masonic lodges."

And I will add from the current events, what do the strikes in Germany have in common, the protests of the Bavarian farmers... Those farmers' demonstrations in Germany, it strongly reminded me of Sri Lanka, when I wrote earlier about the fact that a large part of Western Europe in 2023 (I will now add the year 2024, for the year 2023 it "did not come true") will look like today's Sri Lanka! I will remind you, food riots in Sri Lanka 2022, when protesters beat the police, burn houses, an order was issued to suppress the riots and the possibility to shoot at civilians. Footage from Sri Lanka where people riot against politicians and the police. The police are allowed to shoot... It's a fact that I haven't updated this topic for a long time since the 2023 holiday, but I'll remind myself:

Other countries, such as Peru, Ecuador, have already experienced mass violence and rebellion.


We are looking at replacing much of the beef and dairy cattle, pork and chicken that the population relies on for protein with insect larvae, mealworms, crickets, etc., etc. Global food supplies continue to dwindle and global hunger has increased to an extreme alarming level... And the media for moronic offices (a cesspool like CT, Seznam, CNN...) is silent about this... And if there is information, then only marginally.
And the sheep, they are always the problem!

= The stark truth emerges more clearly than ever: We are all like Sri Lankan farmers now!!

And on top of that, ISIS is preparing for a bloody comeback in the midst of the Gaza conflict, North Korea fired 200 artillery shells at South Korea's Yeonpyeong Island.. There are wars going on and America is behind them all!!

And you know what? There is no more effective method of depopulation than war, famine and epidemic. Isn't it interesting that all three of these proven methods of killing are in play right now?!

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5 months ago

"There is no more effective method of depopulation than war, famine and epidemic."

= And it's already sizzling .. WHO warns of the mysterious disease "X", which is supposed to be "worse", including death, than co*covid. Together with the WEF, which made z "disease X" the main priority of its annual meeting in Davos 2024. It is to be discussed about "polycrisis" – overlapping crises including “pandemic threats” – war, famine and disease..:
“Prepare for fear, Disease X… is a virus we don't know yet, but… has the potential to transfer from animal populations to humans, mutate or adapt, and then start spreading and killing humans faster than we can contain it. Don't waste time thinking, "It's nothing to worry about." We should worry and act quickly.'

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Reply  CZkotas
5 months ago

WEF organizes emergency exercise in Davos for "disease X" which "is expected to kill 20 times more than covid

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