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About everything that happens around us and what my book discusses A Guide down the Rabbit hole – 3 parts, without censorship with Martina Kociánová.

"Censorship is no longer just in quotation marks, and governments that no longer completely respect electoral programs have learned to say nicely that there is no left and right anymore, so that they don't have to fulfill any electoral programs. And they're totally betraying their countries, and it's fine for them to give up the right of veto, for example."
"The basis of the Green Deal is the same fraud as with covid. A problem is artificially created, and a solution is sought for it. But it suits someone very well, or someone does it on purpose in order to be able to manipulate and make agendas that they have come up with.”
"What happened here during covid was not the fault of Babiš and Hamáček, or whoever was at the top. But here were hundreds and thousands of doctors who knew that what they were doing was completely against what they were taught in school. Hundreds of journalists who knew they were writing lies. Hundreds of lawyers translating contracts for the ministry that confirmed this. Everyone has a part in this cogwheel, and he could say – couldn't he?'


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13 days ago

+ I will add that the Russian warships and nuclear submarine that are now in Cuba could destroy all of America before the Ussack "means in the area" could even stop them.. (Russia-DPRK Military Pact – Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un signed a mutual defense pact yesterday if either country is attacked by a third party).
And that they would finally have a "war at their door" for the mess they made? Everything is possible.

+ By the way, the United States and the following 12 countries have signed an agreement that will effectively destroy agriculture worldwide and bring about global famine and starvation:

Burkina Faso
!Czech Republic!

“A shared commitment by the international community to mitigate methane emissions from agriculture as a means to achieve the goals” “Food systems are responsible for 60 percent of methane emissions”

see: https://www.globalresearch.ca/13-nations-sign-agreement-engineer-global-famine/5860390

= From this wording, it can be inferred that the processes under consideration include replacing a large part of the stocks of beef and dairy cattle, pork and chicken, on which the population relies for obtaining protein, with insect larvae, mealworms, crickets, etc. So, “UN, World Economic forum and other NGOs have been promoting a meatless diet and insect protein consumption for years, and billionaires are investing in huge insect factories being built in Illinois, Canada and the Netherlands, where mealworms, crickets and other bugs are processed into food ingredients , often without clear labeling to inform people exactly what they are eating.” !!

Reply  CZkotas
11 days ago

.. "In Germany we have a minister of agriculture who tells us that we should only eat 10 grams of meat a day..."


– “When politicians start telling you what you can and cannot eat, we have crossed the line. You can't tell me how to set the thermostat, you can't tell me what I can drive and when, and most of all don't tell me what I can eat, to hell with you.” …

Reply  CZkotas
9 days ago

+ Something happened last week that will destroy the still-struggling European agriculture in the near future: on Monday, the EU authorities approved the Nature Restoration Act, see:


This law threatens agriculture, with many farmers losing land and access to water resources. The main provision of the law provides for the restoration of at least 20% of "degraded" water bodies and land surfaces in Europe. How this will be done is not yet clear (EU countries have until 2026 to submit ecosystem restoration plans).

As has been shown over the past six months, the methods used by protesters have proven ineffective.

While farmers blocked highways with tractors, officials in Brussels could negotiate environmental laws to the sound of manure spilling through the streets of European cities. The current slowdown is most likely a sign that agricultural associations and citizens in solidarity with them are looking for new ways to express their disapproval of current EU policies.