Paradoxically, I see hope in stupidity

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Rationality, arguments and common sense have been vulgar insults for more than two years, and propaganda and sectarian religion have taken over the brains of the vast majority of the population (not only) of our country.

First it was blind faith in senseless measures, then in a dangerous and untested vaccine, and now, paradoxically, even in "the worst post-revolutionary government", Green Europe and unconditional love for a foreign country, which has long been one of most corrupt countries in Europe and we still deliver weapons there with a clear conscience, which we don't even know where they end up.
We have barely broken free from the obligatory love for one Slavic nation, there is already a different and perhaps even stronger love, and once again two flags are mandatorily flown on state buildings on anniversaries.

"WHY?" questions "HOW?" "REALLY?" they have been banned for a long time, and instead of finding answers to these questions, only insults and defamation come back again and again.

Journalists - if there are any left - are silent and don't ask questions, they haven't gone after the politicians for a long time, but they servilely serve them worse than even the Red Right ever allowed themselves to and spread only one permitted propaganda.

"We cannot let the reactionary elements destroy our country!"

The system on which our civilization is built is very robust and can actually function perfectly for a long time without any government or other management, but even it has some limits. And if these limits are tried for a long time and stretched to the maximum, then one day the system simply won't last.
It's like a complex machine that no one even knows how it works anymore - and you pull dozens and hundreds of little wheels out of it and the system still works. But one wheel will be the last and then our whole system will stop…

And hope?

Paradoxically, I see hope precisely in the stupidity, incompetence and incompetence that is pouring in from everywhere. Instead of economic troubles, when our country is literally collapsing under the onslaught of absurdly set prices for energy, food and raw materials, we financially support other countries and journalists, part of society and above all the government are solving how to ban a certain letter of the alphabet, the unauthorized order of colors on the cap and introducing toilets for third gender.

What used to happen for decades - when one communist government was replaced by another, which was in turn a bit more incompetent and incompetent than the previous one - is happening today like in a fast-paced movie. Literally from day to day - from hour to hour, and only the government can do it.
Incompetent and yet all-capable people who are still willing to serve the twisted system are appointed to all positions, but even those are decreasing.
You always think that the stupidity has reached the bottom, but the next day an even bigger sky appears and you stop believing that it's even possible.

And I think that speed is also hope. It's a race - if the sleeping half of the population can wake up in time under the onslaught of this incredible stupidity and say "ENOUGH!" or the system crashes and they wake up later - but that won't be "ENOUGH!" unfortunately maybe someone to tell…

“In the end, you will be ruled by the most incompetent of you. This is a punishment for not wanting to participate in politics.” – Plato 400 BC


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no one yet
1 year ago

The vast majority of deaths from so-called covid (which is the toxicity associated with the spike protein) are now occurring in the fully vaccinated… after everyone falsely claimed that covid vaccines stop transmission. It's all lies. I'm slowly becoming clueless, it's getting to the point where it's not life anymore. All the evidence is clear, I stopped believing the words of politicians and television, all administrations. The only truth is on disinformation sites, unfortunately, it's the truth! They are lying to us! They, the government and the media, lie to us, approve genocide behind our backs and want war at any cost.

1 year ago

"V-Safe Part 1: After 464 Days, CDC Finally Releases Safety Data on Covid-19 Vaccine, Says 7.7 % People Needed Medical Care
The first part of an incredible story that shows how dysfunctional our public "healthcare" apparatus is: very, very dysfunctional."

Reply  Boyka
1 year ago

V-Safe - Part 2: What is V-Safe? What data does it contain? Does it ask about known serious potential harms? And why you should care!
The second part of an incredible story that shows how dysfunctional our public "health" apparatus is: very, very dysfunctional.

1 year ago

I have to add this here - if you haven't seen it yet, check it out, it's worth it! "Documentary on geoengineering and weather manipulation" -FRANKENSKIES- see:

I was just watching, I'll add the name: DAVID KEITH = This is where the wind started blowing the most in recent years... And I definitely recommend it at least from 40 minutes to the end, it will open the eyes of even the biggest hypocrites who pretend not to see it. And he tilts his head so they don't see it..

And (not only) Lidl is now limiting the number of eggs customers can buy!

And now, the VACCINATION Purge is underway: The US is targeting the poor, offering $20 worth of food credits to those willing to undergo depopulation injections, see:

“Biden's bribe: Americans who get vaccinated this winter will get $20 off grocery purchases... People who get vaccinated with a specific vaccine at a store, Safeway, Winn-Dixie or Rite Aid, will get up to $20 off their purchases this winter . It comes amid a soaring inflationary crisis that has driven up prices of household staples. The CDC recommends that people age five and older receive the bivalent vaccine.”

1 year ago

Thank you, excellently written. I'll just add what I "discovered" when ALL the media are silent..:
=Change in rights and freedoms, or at the G20 they agreed on new regulations=

In its final communique, the G20 issued a formal decree supporting vaccination passports in preparation for a possible !future pandemic response!
Here are a few parts of the final communiqué (which is reprinted and available on the White House website and which deals with vaccines and the COVID-19 pandemic):
1) We recognize that widespread vaccination against COVID-19 is a global public good, and we will work to ensure timely, equitable and universal access to safe, affordable, quality and effective vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics.
2) "We remain committed to embedding a multi-sectoral 'One Health' approach and strengthening global surveillance, including genomic surveillance, to detect pathogens and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) that may threaten human health."
3) We recognize the importance of common technical standards and verification methods under the IHR (2005) to facilitate seamless international travel, interoperability and recognition of digital and non-digital solutions, including proof of vaccination.
4) Interestingly, the next paragraph of the formal declaration, Article 24, goes on to describe the need for global institutions to combat "disinformation". Article 24 of the G20 final statement begins with the words: "The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the transformation of the digital ecosystem and the digital economy."
And it further leads to the following statement in the next section: "We recognize the importance of countering disinformation campaigns, cyber threats, internet abuse and ensuring the security of connectivity infrastructure."
+ The proposed standardized vaccination passport will be accompanied by efforts for greater standardization and police protection against "disinformation"

Well, like this.. From co*covid fraud and manipulation, which with the saving "vaccines" was only the beginning, what they could (and still can) afford, everything continues, until co*covid, a theater of conflict took place (never even for some "savior Russia" are not against globalism. They just transform it and reset it into a multipolar scheme), everything continues through the vassal position of European governments, when nothing can be decided in the EU without the American (and British) masters = we have all seen this with our own eyes in the years 2020 to 2021 during the "ko*kovid crisis", when politicians and governments went to the aid of pharmaceutical corporations in such a way that, for example, the Slovak Minister of Health was not ashamed to say directly on television that the next round of vaccinations will take place when what a pharma corporation eg Pfizer will say and recommend. Of course, for the sake of people's health and never otherwise!

At that G20 meeting they also announced a new form of multipolar globalization, which will be run by puppet and corrupt civilian cabinets of the biggest scum this planet has ever produced, and multinational and mammoth corporations with banks will control them, task them, manage them and, as we saw a few years ago days in the case of the FTX stock market crash scandal, BUT mainly to finance!!
And that's why in 2020 and 2021 the same brutal vaccination processes took place in Russia, when Russians couldn't even leave their house and apartment without a QR code and a vaccine! And that's because the manufacturer of Sputnik is the mammoth Russian farm company Gamaleya, connected directly to the same multi-polarization processes of the Great Reset from the workshop of Klaus Schwab, who also attended the G20 and spoke about interested capitalism.
And also forget about the conflict in Ukraine and the Mamluks in Poland, because they said it absolutely clearly at the g20 in Bali, the important thing is that everything they have ever labeled as disinformation is always proven to be true after a certain period of time. THAT IS A PROVABLE FACT, probably the only thing left to do is to draw all information OUTSIDE the mainstream..

Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

The c-19 vaccines are a SLOW GENOCIDE, where the excess mortality after the administration of these vaccines has increased by 40 % worldwide and the founder of FTX and super donor to the Democrats Bankman borrowed 1 billion dollars through his hedge fund. The crypto currency scam is the SCAM of the century, just like the c-19 scam. FTX has also been heavily involved in funding vaccine research, biotechnological engineering, and other depopulation programs through the "scientific-research" community.

In addition, meat prices in Germany jumped by another 40 %

Yes, and from the US, when the FDA declared that laboratory-grown chicken is "safe to eat", but scientists and food safety advocates have questions, and many questions.

Unvaccinated blood banks? Try to find and read about the growing clean transfusion movement.

Reply  Boyka
1 year ago

And as it seems, governments and institutions want to continue the genocide. After reading the article, even the recipients of the 4th dose, after the two years since the beginning of the plandemic, could understand that all that said from the mouths of current politicians and regularly repeating experts in the mass media and regarding vaccines, are just lies and it is a pure intention and they they probably won't budge without bloodshed and will continue to do so in a violent way.

Let's not accept vaccination recommendations without proper professional discussion

Reply  Martin
1 year ago

Thanks for the response, that's just fine. We have to share information, I will add more right away.
a) We inject pregnant women with mRNA that passes directly into the baby's brain: Damage to brain vessels caused by nanoparticles penetrating the brain barrier is catastrophic. It happens to babies in the womb. So we allow a drug that can pass into the fetal brain to become part of the prescriptive, prescriptive health care scheme = Dr. Chris Shoemaker
b) A Brazilian reporter suddenly collapsed during a live television broadcast. There are too many people collapsing every week, not only on TV, but they always have one thing in common – toxic mRNA poisons!
c) She died suddenly at the age of 30. He died suddenly... - And we already read this every day, new normal and depopulation!
d) Airline pilots feel sick including increasing health problems during the flight. Former pilot Alan Dana mentioned in an interview he gave for the World Health Council about the health problems of pilots who suddenly felt nauseous during a flight.
e) A vaccinated and strengthened "foodblogger" celebrated the death of the unvaccinated, she died of a sudden cardiac arrest. Influential food blogger Julie Powell, who celebrated the death of "anti-vaxxers", died suddenly of cardiac arrest. The 49-year-old blogger died on Wednesday, October 26, 2022, at her home in Olivebridge, upstate New York. – We see countless cases like this every day, all coincidences of course..
f) She was on her 4th covid and flu vaccination. She got sick, got better on Friday and then collapsed. The ambulance took her to the hospital where she died… – and on and on..g/h/ch/i/j……….there is no point in continuing this. The information has been with us for two and a half years!

+ The absurd Covid logic of single judge Martin Havlík in the case of separating the mother from the newborn due to the mother's alleged "positivity" for the presence of the non-existent SARS-CoV-2 virus! In this trial, for the first time in the entity of the Czech Republic, expert opinions about the non-existence of the Covid virus were heard! Below the video is the Contents and there you can simply click between the individual passages.. SEE:
(Audio overlaps at the beginning, so skip to 4:30)

+ Boiled Raichl. Who else? Mobsters from the greedy dog together with the Sparrow! The Ukrainian mafia is buying us off and soon we will be the same here as they were there. The government is driving Ukrainians here like a donkey after a carrot. Of course, they will lose those benefits just like those vaccinated with their covid certificate from day to day, without notice..

Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

+ those passages for the video 😛

Two passages can be clearly recommended:
17:25 David Šubík's closing speech (there is a perfect summary of the absurdity of covidism in all its beauty, supported by factual arguments and facts and quotes the conclusions of a court expert who confirmed in the court file that the existence of SARS-CoV-2 has never been confirmed and that exists only as a computer model!)
01:32:27 Judgment of single judge Martin Havlík with embedded comments of his flagrant errors and omissions.
And here is also the biggest pearl of the independent judge Havlík, who, in just a few weeks, became an expert in the field of forensic medical diagnostics, specifically in the field of evaluating the results of PCR tests and assessing the steepness of the curves, when he questioned the judgment of the forensic expert and even tried to ridicule him (so now we give it back to him and we don't have to add anything poignant about it, because he can do it on his own - it reminds me of the movie The Seventh Company under a full moon and the scene of the shot in the air when the commandant was covered by a silo).
Until then, you're just bubbling, but then you probably won't be able to stop laughing. Or, more likely, you'll get depressed about the state of our judiciary..

Audio overlaps at the beginning, so go straight to 4:30

Content (you can click below the video):
00:04:30 Start without sound overlap
00:10:31 Closing speech by attorney Tomáš Nielsen (plaintiff's side)
00:17:25 David Šubík's closing speech (plaintiff's side)
00:57:43 Closing speech of attorney Jan Lego (side of defendant hospital Pilsen)
01:03:46 Final speech by attorney Marek Fiala (defendant side – representative of Kooperativa pojišťovna)
01:10:31 Live debate Kamala Taris and David Šubík
01:32:27 Single judge Martin Havlík with embedded comments of his flagrant errors and omissions
02:24:19 Commentary on the judgment of attorney Tomáš Nielsen
02:26:43 Live discussion Kamala and David

This record, in itself, totally discredits judge Havlík. And it is very dangerous for the system. Therefore, the entire record was blocked by Facebook. But we're not idiots (and certainly not useful) and we were faster.

no one yet
no one yet
Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

Exactly as you write. When an experienced pilot requests an investigation after a colleague crashes:

I have read other things about lung transplant recipients having breathing problems and organ rejection after the second dose of the metalloid vaccine, there is more, the truth is emerging almost daily!