Sudden Death - Documentary

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A very powerful documentary about blood clots (beware, it contains naturalistic footage directly from autopsies) and other incredibly serious facts, vaccine approval fraud and vaccination side effects.
Many doctors, pathologists and embalmers are talking about what they are encountering in the human body after the covid vaccination was introduced.
You can think what you want about the film's conclusions - i.e. the intention to exterminate humanity - but unfortunately the facts in the documentary are indisputable...
And by the way - what better than war, it can distract attention from such "stupidity"... 😉

I also recommend a great Czech documentary about side effects after vaccination - Dotted stories.

(The first 6 minutes of the documentary are a bit boring and can be skipped.)


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1 year ago

And in the meantime..: Pfizer employee on hidden camera: "Pfizer wants to mutate COVID itself and develop a new vaccine for it" - Project Veritas, see: mutate-covid-and-evolve-into-the-newest-vaccine-project-veritas/#comment-12263

"covid is going to be a cash cow for us"

And that's not all, YouTube (jewtube) suppressed this latest effort by Project Veritas (see video above) so that Pfizer could continue to profit from "vaccines." So, instead of leaving this shocking revelation on their social media platform and allowing people to see it, YT (jewtube) took it down for allegedly violating the social media platform's community guidelines 😀 .. And further, Pfizer went berserk when confronted by Project Veritas .

Insights from the video:
1) Pfizer mutates covid on purpose, but "we don't tell the public," admits Walker. = so, this experimental "solution" that they let people "inject" into themselves actually confirms what we already know, i.e. that there is so-called "shedding" (excretion of vaccines into the environment) and that it happens (cannonally) on purpose. We have known this for over two years, the question is whether the other BROKEN/AWARE people around us will ever find out.

2) “There is a revolving door with all government officials,” Walker further stated. "To be honest, it's pretty good for the industry." This confirms one of my favorite rules: ALL POLITICS ARE THEATRE, ALL STATES ARE THEATRE. "Just like in the military, all government officials from the military and defense eventually go to work for defense companies."

3) Walker explained that with such interventions in covid, Pfizer can, so to speak, predict which new variants and subvariants will appear next, and thus have a constant stream of new vaccines ready for rapid distribution.
This confirms other facts that have been known for over two years, that the alleged co*covid here is only released artificially, and life-saving vaccines, including other releases from caves around us, create new and other "variants"

+ In the video, James O'Keefe approaches Jordon Walker with a video of the initial interview. Jordon Walker frantically looks around and darts around the restaurant like a squirrel. Walker makes a desperate appeal to the restaurant staff, saying they don't feel safe, while also calling for the Project Veritas team to be arrested. He told the restaurant staff to lock the doors and call the police on the Project Veritas team while he tried to deflect questions and hide from the cameras. But the more he talked, the more he squirmed, the more guilty he looked.

+ Watch Walker then go berserk and attack James O'Keefe and the Project Veritas staff:

1 year ago

E.g. but covid-19 vaccinations are still in their infancy. Give them some more time to work. The death toll will slowly increase until even the news media can't hide the facts 🙂
The spreaders of covid were all too happy to list all manner of death from accidents or diseases as being caused by covid. Vaccine suppliers are already downplaying vaccine deaths as normal everyday life.
Weird how it works isn't it?

1 year ago

1) For how long is the newly "vaccinated" exposed to the risk of infecting others?
2) Can the mRNA be taken up by the recipient and start producing the Spike protein just like the vaccination?
3) Can the secreted Spike cause the same disease as the vaccinated one (eg myocarditis, blood clots, etc.)?

And meanwhile, another study found a link between "covid vaccines" and the decline in birth rates in Europe, Australia, Asia..:

And other insurance data confirms the sharp increase in "sudden deaths" after the introduction of "covid vaccines" in Germany:

= The latest data from German life insurance giant KBV, the association that represents all doctors who practice in Germany and are insured, shows that the number of sudden deaths actually increased dramatically immediately after the introduction of co*covid “vaccines”..

1 year ago

Do you remember the info from the end of October when Uganda declared a 3-week lockdown due to the NEW EBOLA EPIDEMIC?
So now Uganda has already received (so far) 1,200 doses of experimental mRNA vaccines against Ebola..

East African Uganda has received a shipment of 1,200 Ebola vaccine candidates to be used in human trials in the country.
The World Health Organization (WHO) has previously pledged to provide Uganda with three vaccine candidates to be used in human trials – one developed jointly by Oxford University in the UK and the Serum Institute of India, the other by the Washington-based non-profit Sabin Vaccine Institute and a third company Big Pharma Merck & Co. based in New Jersey.
Uganda's Health Minister Jane Ruth Aceng received the first batch of vaccine doses at a ceremony attended by representatives of the Ugandan government and the WHO on Thursday, December 8, in the small town of Entebbe, about 28 miles south of the capital, Kampala.
"Today we are happy to have the first batch," she said, referring to the 1,200 doses from the Sabin Institute for Vaccines. "We will receive thousands more doses from Merck and Oxford."
If no new cases are reported, the Ugandan government expects to declare the country virus-free by January 10. However, regardless of whether new cases of Ebola appear, vaccine testing will continue.


1 year ago

I will add here the final part of the excellent documentary series CABAL, Kabbalah II (Part 26) | COVID-19: Live Genocide (Part 9 of the covid series). "
The Cabal's torture strategy worked brilliantly. People were dropping dead live, but the only thing that caught on was the ever-repeating slogan: “Covid vaccines are safe and effective…”. In this final piece on the tragedy of COVID, we close what will (in the future) be called the most heinous genocide in human history. Can humanity be saved? Of course! But first, let's take a look at the shocking facts as revealed in this final episode.”

1 year ago

I'll add what happened.. in the meantime, Bankman's nosy parents have already bought $121 million "vacation homes" in the Bahamas with illegal funds from the FTX crypto scam:

And suburbanites are preparing for the worst winter of their lives, including several days of power outages:

And the Canadian Pediatric Society is proposing to legalize "medically assisted dying" (assisted suicide) for children, IE KILLING CHILDREN.. When was abortion first. Then it was assisted suicide. Then it was infanticide. Now they are trying to normalize the assisted suicide of children:

And how else, for another new f*cking f*cking against co*vid idiocy coming next year: vaccinated-next-year-video/

JUST COPY THE LINKS AND OPEN IN THE BROWSER. I INTENTIONALLY DO NOT INDICATE ALL THE LINKS TO CLICK, the approval process is also accelerated and it will not happen that the comment remains hanging somewhere on the forums, etc.

1 year ago

Here is a thorough explanation of how the amyloid clots are, how they are formed, etc., if anyone is interested.

1 year ago

Perhaps the best D. Icke, the brutal truth in 30 minutes, fully talks about the fact that fascism is being introduced in the west, etc.:
(copy the link and then open in the browser)
"David Icke was banned from entering the Netherlands in November 2022, and therefore the entire EU, for 2 years. In the official letter he received from the Directorate for Asylum and Protection (see below), they state the reason - his "presence here represents a current, real and sufficiently serious threat to the fundamental interest of society."
= I tried to upload a video to YouTube, but the next day it was banned saying that it violated the community rules, classic, anything other than the single promoted narrative is banned for the third year=
They have the power to constantly influence the (dumb) masses, when a lot of comments (not only) on social networks are already in a larger form with the help of digital bots.

-And according to the recent G7, they also want to trigger an oil crisis. And how to get new, cheap and insect-based food to people without involving diesel, trucks, traditional animal agriculture and long-distance transport of goods. And the solution will be local delivery services, such as services such as Wolt, Food Panda, Bolt, Dáme Jídó, etc. already exist today. The production of food from insects and worms has practically zero input costs and does not require diesel, tractors, harvesters, or extensive agriculture.
And why do you think that in Holland they liquidate cattle herds and shoot their own farmers with police rifles during demonstrations?
And note that the political regimes are trying to steal all the savings from the European population with deliberately fueled inflation, but they are also trying to cause chaos and an oil crisis in the transport of food in the EU.. People have no idea that the actions of the G7 and the EU are aimed at a single goal, to endanger diesel supplies in the EU and thus a massive increase in diesel prices, which is reflected in the transport of absolutely all goods in the EU on the free market, especially food. And the pressure to introduce "cheap" foods, those made from insects and worms, which do not require diesel for their production or transport to the customer, will be accelerated.

no one yet
no one yet
1 year ago

The flu is the body's natural detoxification process in response to excessive toxicity in the cells. "Viruses" are the remains of dying cells. Everything will be expensive and unavailable. The criminals in the government will come up with a solution - instead of having our own menu and supporting our own economy, they will lock us out of our homes and into apartments where everything will be subscription-based. So still misinformation? It begins:

1 year ago

Seen, excellent. I will add that yesterday they started it again, so from me only hard and against the regime - see:

"Never forgive. Never forget. Always stay away from the toxic savior co*covid “vaccines” built on lying science as far as possible (preferably any vaccines because, no one, I repeat NO ONE of all the circumcised owners of pharma companies making products/vaccines, have themselves or their family vaccinated with anything, and what is served to people, children, the elderly..say NO). And still persist and think (send thoughts into space) of punishment for all those would-be political, medalist, medical shit*s who hurt people, want revenge, want to not only imprison them all, but… AN EYE FOR AN EYE, A TOOTH FOR A TOOTH. .and MOSTLY, no forgiveness NO forgetting what they did to us and no MERCY!!!”


=Don't trust the government, Avoid the mass media, Fight the lies!=

Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

for CZkotas:
I have the impression that people will have to come to terms with what the bad guys did to them, accept it as a fact that has become it. And forgive them.
Honey, otherwise people will destroy themselves with that hatred. The enormous hatred will destroy them mainly.
I agree - not to forget and severely punish evil

Reply  bowl
1 year ago

Where the Jew jumps, the nation/goyim cries. Why does Zelensky still want money when he himself has (look it up on Forbes): Zelensky's net worth
Net worth $596 million
Annual revenue of $113 million
Private jets 3
Luxury yachts 5
Castles and villas 15+
Gold weight 168 pounds (75 kg)

Zelensky Assets & Investments
Zelenskyj owns over 12 properties, 8 cars, 5 luxury yachts. Zelensky's assets also include cash reserves of more than 75 million $. Zelensky also owns an investment portfolio of 15 stocks worth $60 million. The list of stocks in which Zelensky has invested are:
§ Saudi Aramco
§ An apple
§ Microsoft
§ Meta
§ Alphabet
§ Amaz

Volodymyr Zelenskyy received a law degree from the Kryvyi Rih Economic Institute. They are all Jews and those who don't want to see don't see.
etc. etc..

But after the stupid goyim, he always wants money and incites war, just like all the aspen politicians etc..
And here they want to mobilize our ACR and drive us all into war and why do we have so many poor little Ukrainians here. Ours are supposed to die for them and why? It is all Judaism and nothing else.