Running out of cash?

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Not so long ago I read a text that v Israel has banned cash payment over 6,000 shekels, which is about 42,500 crowns, and that if this amount is exceeded, it will be a direct crime.
In our country, this daily cash payment limit is set at 270,000 crowns, with the fact that this is of course not a crime, but at most a misdemeanor with a fine.

We recently went on a trip to Denmark and Sweden, where we spent a few hundred Danish kroner on ice cream right after arriving in the country.
Little did we know, however, that hardly any places - even in the ice cream stands in the park - have cash at all THEY DON'T TAKE.

Almost all self-services have cash registers ONLY for card payment and always only one where they take cash.
In order to avoid any unnecessary interpersonal contact, the cashier in the supermarket does not take the money. He just scans the goods behind the pexiglass counter and then points his finger at the machine in front of him, where you insert the coins and bills yourself.
So to get rid of the withdrawn cash, we had to ignominiously stand in one long queue, while the other cashless tills were completely free - but they just wouldn't take cash…

So it's not about state bans - at all - it's about the company itself and its direction - that's enough for big companies, chains and other "cool progressive" stores to deliberately follow this example and simply refuse to take cash and there would be a problem.

When you add to this trend the credit system that is already being implemented quite hard in China and the very serious preparations of European banks for a central digital currency, whose virtual wallet would be held by the state, I think that a rather fundamental problem is involved.

The argument with which the globalists try to defend the end of cash is completely odd - that is, that it would prevent money laundering - it seems logical, but only until you realize that the mafia does launder millions in cash, but the enormous ones dirty billions are still being laundered online cashlessly through the biggest banks and huge non-profits.

Until two years ago, I thought cash was unnecessary and I almost always and everywhere paid by card and did not see a problem with it.

Unfortunately, we haven't been living in a normal world for a long time, and the last few years have only convinced me that the move by some Senators to make it possible to pay in cash enshrined directly in the Constitution, is a very good and perhaps vital step.

Very soon we may live in a world where most companies and free enterprise will be economically destroyed on purpose and the state will pay people "unconditional income" for nothing in some central digital currency - i.e. only those who will be "good" and above all will keep silent...


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1 year ago

In Germany, they warn against extremists (ordinary people fighting for their rights and freedom) who incite mass protests and riots:
"Think carefully about which protests and demonstrations you join, or don't participate at all, so as not to support the enemies of democracy."
"This highly emotional and explosive mood can easily escalate," the security chief continued, adding that the Covid-19 clashes would "probably feel more like a children's birthday party" in comparison.

And I like to repeat this:
"I wonder if the employees (politicians) of all mainstream media are aware that in the New Order the absurdly overpaid presenters of CNN PRIMA, ČT, SEZNAM, etc. will receive the same income as parking attendants?"
And this: the result of training people's obedience and cowardice, Beijing - covid measures, video:
And I will add this: Shanghai branch of Ikea: The Chinese were shopping, suddenly there was an instruction to isolate the business, video:
When conspirators say "You will own nothing and be happy" = that's exactly what they mean. By this time next year, we will be LIVING in “China”.
And I recommend for those "unfamiliar with the situation" to read my contribution to this current topic in the previous blog-article by Mr. Tománek entitled "European values...?"

And don't forget, the Czech Republic is in 1st place! 09/03/2022 / 14:00 / Wenceslas Square

AND TO ALL THE MSM, CEMPERATORS, POLITICIANS, POLICE AND OTHER TRUTH TALKERS: THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE HELPING TO BUILD AND WHO YOU STAND FOR (remember that they are no longer publicly secretive about the fact that they consider the world to be vastly overpopulated - and that they intend to depopulate the planet by removing 90 % of the world population). DO YOU THINK YOU COULD BE ONE OF THE CHOSEN ONES?

Now I'm going to separate for a few days to relax a bit with books, mountains, etc. 🙂

Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

+ Germany is already planning Chinese-style vaccination passports: color-coded with different levels of authorization: