Why on earth don't you tell your parents?!

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This very sad and emotional phone call from an angry father whose child suffered irreversible heart damage after being vaccinated against COVID-19 speaks volumes.

The passage when the desperate father asks: "Why don't you tell parents about the possible side effects of vaccines?"

And the nurse's answer (at the hospital, or probably on the information line): "So that we don't scare them unnecessarily and discourage them from getting vaccinated..."

There is really nothing to add to this and it is interesting that as soon as this father's child was affected in this way, he immediately became interested in vaccination. And he found out things that really shocked him, and he brilliantly opposes the nurse's "usual argument" that the benefits of vaccination far outweigh the known side effects.
"I found out that out of the 400 children who declared that they died of covid in the USA, NOT A SINGLE ONE WAS HEALTHY - they had cancer, leukemia, obesity..."

Too bad he wasn't interested earlier and blindly trusted the doctors and the system…

There is one hope for me in this crazy phone call and that is these parents whose children will die or whose health will be irreversibly damaged and who until then have remained silent - because I am sure that after they have nothing to lose they will start connecting, they will stop keep quiet and above all they will want to bring the murderers of their children to justice!

EDIT - I'll add more link to a serious document that shows that from 2021, according to EU statistics, 691% more children died than the usual previous average…


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Zdenek Šípek
Zdenek Šípek
1 year ago

A few points to remind you of what has been going on here for the last 2 years and a link to the new document on vaccines.

Jana Boučková
Jana Boučková
1 year ago

Thank you. I was thinking of sending it to the pediatrician, but I'm afraid she'd be totally freaked out...
What do you think? To send to doctors or not to send?
I hope that the normal ones have already come to their senses...
But maybe they don't want to accept the consequences of their actions, because it's really a horror…

Reply  Jana Boučková
1 year ago

By sending it to the doctors, you certainly won't damage anything and it won't take much time either. How the person concerned copes with it is their problem. And be sure that you are not the only one who sends it or sent it. During those two years, almost every doctor in the Czech Republic, every institution in the Czech Republic, received dozens of emails or documents sent to data pages, from people or established associations and initiatives that fought against mandatory vaccination and controls from hygiene to meaningless "vaccination" certificate" and other meaningless regulations of the government of the Czech Republic.
Only an idiot can believe just one, more than two-year-old propaganda regarding the safety of "vaccines" and the same "experts-advisors" speaking over and over again on public TV and the Czech Republic or corporate mass media.
At least you will find out if your pediatrician is just a useful ignorant idiot in this organized international crime system or if she was properly paid for it.

1 year ago

!Attention! Attention! I have to add another info that I noted a while ago and I consider it important.
The CDC turns around and admits that the whole “co*covid theater” charade was actually a lie, see:

= In short, the CDC is suddenly saying that their previous guidelines no longer apply. They dropped their demands about masks, vaccinated and unvaccinated people, social distancing, mandatory quarantines, keeping kids out of school, and even doing co*covid tests on asymptomatic people, etc. This reversal by the CDC just confirms that we were and have been right all along !
CDC link: https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/71/wr/mm7133e1.htm?s_cid=mm7133e1_w

The CDC no longer encourages or tries to force everyone in the "herd" to get vaccinated. From now on it is up to individuals to make their own decisions without the government telling them what to do!

The CDC's new release, titled "Guidance for Minimizing the Impact of Covid-19," as NPR explains, includes the following recommendations:
Those exposed to the virus no longer need to be quarantined
Unvaccinated people now have the same rights as vaccinated people
Students may remain in the classroom after being exposed to the virus
It is no longer recommended to screen (test) people without symptoms

Other new recommendations include wearing masks only if you have been exposed to co*covid or have tested “positive” as well as official CDC recognition that a healthy unvaccinated person now has the same immunity as a fully vaccinated person, etc.

= Task accomplished, most of the population received toxic poisons, also thanks to "shedding"...

1 year ago

For starters: A woman yelled at a man and his kids that she hoped they would die because they weren't wearing masks and they were putting her health at risk while standing in line at a fast food restaurant! https://twitter.com/Antman0704/status/1556299084188745733

We have been living a lie for less than three years. All “ofic.” the information surrounding the saving “vaccines” is false and built on a false narrative and false FAKE science. Many scientists and doctors double down and will say (or read from a script) anything to sell the public the corny old bogus "safe and effective" mantra.

And employers should be wise to avoid employing vaccinated people. Most of them are brain damaged and will get sick in the next year or two. Those who regularly wore masks will also have damaged brains and immune systems.

And BioNTech's chief medical officer says data from mouse studies show the new injection (4 doses+) will be effective. And the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has said it is prepared to approve the vaccine even while studies are underway. When a drug is tested on animals and found to cause cancer or other serious problems, it will still be used for humans on the grounds that animals are different from humans.

And the number of people labeled as "chronically ill" is growing. The cost of caring for this vast army of chronically ill persons runs into the billions annually. Chronic meat disease is a global problem and it is exacerbated by the absurd PCR test - the most useless and bogus test in the world.

As if all this wasn't enough, the idiotic doctors now seem to stop at the fact that diarrhea is a common symptom in vaccinees who haven't died yet. The sad and pitiable souls who agreed to be inoculated with toxic waste suffer from diarrhea because their immune systems have been damaged by the inoculation.

So expect the headlines soon, when co*covid idiocy is rampant again and another "wave" is expected in the autumn, and they will immediately add advice on who will be eligible for the next rounds of booster shots and, as a bonus, the newspaper will add a note noting that the government is also offering vaccination also against the flu - for all children aged two or three years, all children in primary schools, all persons over 65 years of age and so on and so on and so on..
Of course, together with the toxic "vaccine" against co*covid. Has anyone ever done any research to show that it is safe to give ALL of these drugs to the same person? Of course not. Of course, the new flu vaccine is now planned to be given together with the k*covid vaccine in the fall – despite the fact that they are known to increase adverse reactions when given together. One of the new flu shots being tested is, unsurprisingly, mRNA.

And there can't be anyone in the world who doesn't know that myocarditis is a very real risk with the toxic co*covid vaccination. I have already lost track of the number of damaged children. Tragically, many of them die within five years.
=!!However, there is another problem that has been ignored until now: those disabled children who reach adulthood will have to declare a serious health problem when they want to get a job or take out a mortgage. And I'm afraid a history of myocarditis will make life very difficult for them. See, this will also be the case!!=