Quadruple-vaccinated Biden, who wears two masks, has covid

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(photo by ČTK – Fair use for news and educational purposes)

The exact same thing happened some time ago Fauci and perhaps even the Canadian Prime Minister Trudea. Both, like Biden, also vaccinated many times, constantly wearing protection and still get sick.

In the NORMAL world and earlier reality, this would be clear evidence that vaccinations are completely ineffective and masks do not protect anyone - yet unfortunately we live in such a diametrically different reality.

For two years, a completely new tautology has reigned here, where no logical, medical, or mathematical models have long ceased to apply - that is, only those that support official propaganda. And what's worse, everyone who knows very well just keeps silent...

Recently, a lady wrote to me that her mother owes her life to vaccinations, that she wouldn't have survived the winter otherwise - but when I asked how she figured it out, she kept silent...

But there is one positive thing to be found in this - that the fact that these politicians really do what they preach only shows their stupidity, fear and incompetence - which is a very good sign and gives some hope for humanity in the future , that not everything is so well planned.
And that even the best plan won't help if it ends up being carried out by a bunch of mindless puppets that only the corrupt media hold on to their posts.


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1 year ago

Biden tests positive again and has been placed in isolation:comment image?ssl=1

A day after hanging around CEOs, fully (4x) vaccinated President Joe Biden tested positive for COVID-19 again in a so-called "rebound" case after treatment with Paxlovide, his doctor said in a letter Saturday. O'Connor added that Biden tested negative on Tuesday night, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning and tested positive again on Saturday.


Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

To make it even bigger, the chief physician of the White House, Dr. Kevin O'Connor said the day before yesterday, August 2, 2022, that the president has a "weak light cough" and continues to return a positive test result..:
Biden "continues to feel well" and "remains fever-free and in good spirits." The president's doctor also noted that Biden's lungs are "clear" and his "temperature, pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation remain completely normal."
:VS: further in the message:
“Due to his re-test positive, which we reported, we have continued daily monitoring.
= this is seriously bordering on insanity and mass psychosis of the highest degree..

jan nested
1 year ago

Sadly true. Thanks Honzo. John

1 year ago

It's already going, it's already whizzing... Ovčani started going to the 4th dose from Monday! I didn't even know it, the last time I saw some bullshit from s*chkemets and in the style of "that it's only for vulnerable groups" (they misinformed the same about all doses) ... and now everyone 18+ can = That explains the herd behavior when in the summer you meet "people" with a mask on their face when they are just walking around, shopping... = they are completely insane! And they should be locked up for their own (and our) protection!! And they only serve fajr, extra junk
And vichni with masks on their faces, a play must be performed, and 30 outside in the shade..:
comment image

"There were about 30 people waiting for us at the entrance and the director said that vaccinations will only be given from August 15th and registration will have to be done," said the man who went to the xxxxx hospital on Wednesday for the fourth dose. At the same time, everyone present thought that they would get her in the hospital.

How they are already shaking because the sold-out NON-doctor media told them to. Now there will be sick people..what a coincidence and beware - they are again trying to spread "toxicity from life-saving vaccines" in their surroundings, and the salesmen working for the media are now defining positive PCR tests as co*covid infection. And the fake pLandemia returns, and the Kyiv theater

Well, isn't it pretty to see how he stretches the injections for the clots and then injects them into the victim..:
comment image

Lemonade Joe
Lemonade Joe
1 year ago

I wish it were so! Rather, I am afraid that the globalist puppet masters, on the contrary, are directly counting on the effect that this can have on a large part of the people. The fact that even the appointed representatives of the so-called "elite" outwardly show "respect for the contagion" helps the eye of the pyramid to maintain fear and a sense of hopelessness in many (see Bidermann's scheme), and the crowd is then better controlled. Fauci is a special case, he was able to "treat" people so-called positive for the HIV virus with poisons (AZT) only to use their deaths as proof of his claim about the existence and danger of the so-called HIV/AIDS virus.