We no longer live in a state of law

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Today, the Supreme Administrative Court (NSS) decided after almost a year that mandatory wearing masks was illegal, but since this specific regulation no longer applies, there is nothing to cancel... (NSS decision)

How easy, right? 

What about the fact that so much happens in a year - someone gets fired from their job because of it, someone's health is ruined by it, some children are psychologically trampled by it, someone prefers to leave work voluntarily...

What about the fact that they have no right to this we point out the year, we write instructions on how to get around the government's will.

How about the law should be quick and easy to enforce. 

A right that is not enforceable, unfortunately as if it wasn't, because after a year people's lives have been destroyed, money wasted and in many cases even damaged health (excellent lecture by MD Čížek) , no one will return.

And it's really another coincidence that just YESTERDAY, (by the way, the day before the NSS decision) did the government also cancel the last places where respirators were required?

Actually, some injustice didn't matter in the end - lives were being saved, right? And I'm also sorry that I'm bothering you with this again, today masks and covid don't interest anyone anymore - today they're at war for a change.

And what about the fact that in a year it will be discovered that many things were completely different and that someone deliberately dragged us into the war and destroyed this country economically and psychologically devastated its inhabitants? What about it?


Of course, no one will take it back and we will all pay dearly for it - but some will be able to at least be warmed by the good knowledge that they were right, just like with the respirators...


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