Propaganda - the answer to HOW and WHY

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Two very important documents.

Propaganda, consent factory – this documentary was created in 2017 and ČT broadcast it in 2019 – but today in 2022, I think that would not happen anymore, because this documentary perfectly describes the reality in which we have just found ourselves and perfectly answers the question – "HOW is it all possible and why don't so many people see it?”

The documentary works, but can only be played on the YouTube page – just click.

If you said WOW after the previous documentary and now you know HOW, so I warmly recommend the following document, which HOW adds a possible answer to the second question WHY.

Some things in the documentary are already a bit far-fetched, but I think it's not the details that matter, but the whole, and unfortunately it really answers a number of questions.
On the document A world ruled by evil it is interesting that it was created already in 2015 and yet we are only now seeing the extent of what was already played out at that time.

I myself dealt with the topic of Bildeberg and other associations already in 2018, when my book was published butterfly scream which discusses exactly this.

I guess if all the "normal" answers fail and there is one that actually answers everything perfectly, I wouldn't really dismiss it just because it's crazy...

Make up your own mind, but I definitely recommend spending an hour watching each of the two films.


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1 year ago

To make matters worse, the attack/PROGRAMMING on the most precious thing we have and must protect, the children, continues.. Jelit agenda from the WEF targeting children in the Netherlands:
=Hundreds of schools in the Netherlands have launched a campaign to introduce mealworms and insects to children aged 10-12 as a 'sustainable' meat substitute. The goal is to achieve "behavior change through unprejudiced children".=
(copy the link and paste in your browser and unenter/open. It's safer.)
!Video, see:^tfw

And Uganda declared a three-week lockdown in two districts due to the new Ebola outbreak, see:

“Unlike the common Zaire strain, there is no treatment or cure for the Sudanese strain. This means that if this strain starts to spread en masse around the world, the death toll could be catastrophic.”
= And here it is again?… With the direction of more and more saving vaccines? DEPOPULATION CONTINUES. And note that EVERYTHING, absolutely EVERYTHING that is a hoax/disinformation IS !ALWAYS! REALITY.

Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

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1 year ago

Public Czech Television used to show people much more than that. These and similar documents and also films in which people clearly show the power of mass media and propaganda have been communicated to people a long time ago, readers of alternative media and blogs of conscious people know that this is unfortunately the sad reality of the current world.
One exemplary example of propaganda, corruption, bribery is the plot in the Czech film Stormy Wine from 1976. "We will show people what we want people to see and hear on the screens".

People who draw news from mainstream corporate sources and public ČT, ČRO sources are the least informed people on earth, so they can be easily fooled by this, that's why most people still don't see it, or don't want to see it and live in their ignorance and without purpose.
"They don't see" that a few government lunatics are driving them to war, that corporate manufacturers are providing them with low-quality toxic food and products, and that pharmaceutical concerns and their loyal doctors in the roles of representatives, under the guise of preventing the severe course of viral diseases, are luring them and forcing them to get regular vaccines early after birth as cattle for slaughter.
When the unity of a large number of conscious people is created, this vile-criminal set-up will also break and end.

1 year ago

The most difficult days in history are coming, in the third year we are more often facing the end of freedom and the human spirit.
In the name of justice, humanity, wisdom and hope, will those stupid mask wearers, closure lovers and impaled debris ever wake up to reality?
This is a deliberate global upheaval, because the same things are happening everywhere, for the third year, the whole world, nothing happens by accident!
The soulless, illiterate and illiterate who sorted the garbage, obeyed the curfew rules, meekly wore their poor colored masks, received the deadly "vaccines" and believed in the global warming cult and fake pandemic, opened the door to the Great Reset, the new normal and the deadly, toxic brew of communism and fascism , which is guaranteed to destroy us all..

1) Healthcare has deteriorated, it is no longer suitable for any purpose. Through bonuses for co*covid cases, a massive influx of money for co*covid lies and manipulation..
2) Pensions and respect for people's old age were destroyed!
3) Thousands of adults fall dead to the ground. What is the common factor? Apparently a toxic, dangerous co*covid injection.
4) The net zero climate change crazies want us to survive on 5 % electricity supplies, no gas etc.
5) It has been proven beyond doubt that the global hoax called “covid-19” has killed fewer people than the regular flu season. However, politicians, celebrities, media, doctors... continue to lie and claim that co*covid has killed millions of people. And now that the flu has mysteriously returned, provax enthusiasts want to inject two vaccines.
6) The PCR test is still used even though it has been shown to be pointless and completely inaccurate, thus lying.
7) The conflict continues apace. As NATO members we are at war with Russia = if you haven't noticed. Of course no one bothered to ask you. Sanctions hurt us much more than Russia, but that was the plan.

None of this, none of this would have happened if the retreating collaborators had not allowed it.
Let them all go to hell. All those conscious idiots who went for a saving dose of vaccine, all those cemperators, elves, politicians, Jelita.. LET THEM ALL GO TO HELL!!

Helena Ghazalova
Helena Ghazalova
Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

- beautiful sir
I think so too.-
Helena G. Žatec