British Dotted Tales

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Some time ago, we brought the statements of Czech citizens who were damaged by the vaccine in the documentary Dotted stories and if you haven't seen it, I recommend watching it.

This documentary is essentially the same thing - only from Great Britain, which makes it even more terrifying. You hear exactly the same words of desperate people who no one wants to help, the system doesn't believe them, because they believed themselves... The same words in advertising and the same deliberate division of society as here.

There is also a lot of very disturbing data in the document - for example, in 2021, when vaccinations began, the death rate in Britain increased by 75,000 people - and these were not victims of covid!

I recommend taking the time as well this text – and the data is far worse than we feared.
After 463 days of legal wrangling, we have data from the active monitoring of side effects of mRNA vaccines used in the United States American….”

In the reflection of these documents, we can only take the words of Petr Čtvrtníček - the new face of vaccination - "It just works!" – other than just another Czech soda!


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1 year ago

And here we are again with the saving "vaccines", all the time.. flu mRNA for is already waiting outside the door, together with covid fraud mRNA:
comment image
Are we still for disinformation? Wake up people, wake up those who are still sleeping!! Oh god…

1 year ago

!Thousands of zombies in China run to extend QR covid status! (just copy the link and open it in your browser)
1) video - Factory in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province. so that their QR code remains green and every day after work they undergo mandatory (destroying health) PCR tests:
2) video: on October 17, 2022, in order to maintain the status of the green QR code and be able to go to school tomorrow, tens of thousands of high school students run around the school for a daily PCR test to prove that they are negative:

And these are seriously zombies, if you imagine that they have ragged clothes and blood on their mouths, it would be an accurate picture.
But remember - all governments only have as much power as we the people give them.

Video - paying in a store with biometric data only:

1 year ago

"Get vaccinated for others" has always been a lie. A Pfizer director admitted at a hearing on covid-19 vaccination: "We were all shocked: the vaccine had never been tested to prevent transmission."

Reply  Boyka
1 year ago

+ Update: Pfizer admits under oath: "We never tested a covid-19 vaccine against transmission"

"Millions of people around the world have felt compelled to get vaccinated because of the myth that 'you're doing it for others,'" Roos said.
"It has now been shown that it was a cheap lie" and "should be exposed," he added.
"If you don't get vaccinated, you're antisocial. That's what the Dutch Prime Minister and Minister of Health told us," said Roos.
"You don't get vaccinated just for yourself, but also for others - you do it for the whole society. That's what they said.'

1 year ago

For the last three years, nothing has happened by chance, from the fraud called covid, to the "conflict" and the victims are all of us, whether someone is a fan of Slavia or Sparta.. There is already an awful lot of evidence about the toxicity of life-saving "vaccines" 🙁 I'll add more findings with a link to a 3-minute video with CZ subtitles, below.

Not only PCR but all antigen tests are extremely harmful:
"The scientists wanted to find out how harmful the antigen test is to the skin cells, but before they could do so, all the cells died. Even though things went wrong as usual, they still remain scientists, while we conspirators, even though we were and are right, see the video (just copy the link and open it in your browser):

The nurse lost part of her leg due to the vaccine. A nurse from Rio de Janeiro received the first dose of the CoronaVac vaccine directly at the hospital where she works. A week after the "vaccine", severe pain in her left leg prompted her to visit the hospital, where doctors diagnosed problems in the sciatic nerve. After five days of walking around hospital emergency rooms and still severe leg pain, arterial thrombosis was diagnosed. After 16 days in the hospital and 3 days in the intensive care unit, the nurse finally had her leg amputated. Video 3min/CZ tit.:

Every day more and more atrocities are committed against people around covid and saving "vaccines", it has never ended, it is still going on.. More are already planned for November, !the fifth! doses:

= there should (should) be a total of them by the middle of 2023 – 8 doses, exactly as Pfizer stated in its studies at the very beginning. When I drew attention to this more than a year ago, I received ridicule, but there were still two doses.. To use people as slaves, at the same time as addicts, pretty addicted to more and more harmful treatment..
Don't forget the War:

And the German government recently ordered 100 million doses of co*covid “vaccine” which cost them 2.5 billion euros and nobody wants them: boosters-only-discover-nobody-wants-them/5795292
E.g. in Furth, Middle Franconia, Germany, only 85 people showed up for the booster vaccine. The district has 120,000 inhabitants. The “vaccination” was offered simultaneously in two shopping malls, a bus, a home for the elderly and a former store on a pedestrian zone, but few wanted a fourth dose.

And as I mentioned at the beginning - copy the links and then paste normally into the browser and exit
(It's also safer to automatically check comments here).