Yes, you can count on…

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This campaign video is really only for the strong.
Yes, you can really rely on Petr Fiala and there is no point in adding more - he really matures like wine...


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1 year ago

It's bullshit..and have you noticed how each "new" one is even worse than the last one? They are all puppets, I will repeat myself, but all politics is only theater, all states are theater..
Governments all over the world are throwing money around with great glee. Ten billion here, a hundred billion there. They need to replenish the treasury and pay off debts. They will invent new taxes where the main goal will not only be to get money but to impoverish everyone..They don't want us to own anything. On top of that, the global economy crashing, interest rate cuts, the failing economy will destroy millions of jobs.. If you own your home, or think you do, or own part of one, then interest rates will remain at record lows for some time - so that those who have savings, assured that their savings are slowly disappearing. And why will interest rates soar? because inflation is high and interest rates will rise to try to reduce inflation.

And when we're all impoverished, they'll lavish us all with a universal basic income, and we'll be totally dependent on Gates, Schwab et al., for our daily bread. If we misbehave or criticize our masters, then we will not get paid and our digital bank account will remain empty. And this is where the social credit system comes into play.

To top it off, I have never met as evil as the lying and conniving politicians, scientists and doctors who are now determined to destroy everything we hold dear - for power and money!!