No way, there is no intimidation here...

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After the summer story censorship in the Czech Radio, which I wrote about a while ago, here we have another level of persecution.

We all know that intimidation happened during the covid era and it was perfectly mapped by the Conscience of the Nation in the documentary "Undotted Stories". What followed were almost monster trials with some hot-headed actors and exemplary and utterly unreal prison sentences.

But intimidation works even at the lowest interpersonal level - from the "ordinary" ostracization of people who "dare" to think something other than the "allowed" government narrative, to the intimidation of those who dare to spread similar "despicable" views.

I recently approached the director of one of the libraries where I had a discussion about my books last year, and her answer quite surprised me...

…to be honest, I wasn't really surprised by the answer. Everyone is not used to putting up with pressure from their surroundings, and I'm not really surprised at the director.

So, not just a ban in the media, but the order was simply clear - we simply will not let anyone who ideologically subverts our wonderful pink world - even by asking questions or trying to think - into public institutions.

The next level that awaits us is the persecution of those who come to a similar "illegal" meeting - we are facing times when police cordons will check (later beat) those who just come. As we know from the past, for example, from Plastik concerts...


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7 months ago

Off topic = ISRAEL vs PALESTINE, in my eyes, topically:
!! Israel clearly intends to carry out ethnic cleansing in Gaza! It is abundantly clear from the words of Israeli officials that the IDF intends to launch a ground war attack on Gaza, and that during this war many IDF soldiers will indiscriminately execute Palestinians on foot, out of a sense of revenge, fueled by anger, and completely outside any otherwise recognized rules of law or war.

Many political shitheads in the western world (+ not including our pussies in the first place) have been carried away by bloodlust and openly approve of ethnic cleansing in Gaza!!

Make no mistake: Those who call themselves "politicians" (and not only them) and, for example, call for the genocide of the Palestinian people, are not normal people. They are tyrants, murderers who only wear the label of good to pretend that they have pro-human principles...

After the "cleansing" of Gaza, Israel plans to permanently occupy and police the entire region, ending Gaza's "self-government" and permanently denying Palestinian civilians any voice or representation in their own government. To put it bluntly, Israel plans to turn Gaza into a prison camp where the Palestinians will essentially be prisoners of war with no human rights, no voice.. Imagine being locked up in a prison where the guards want to openly murder you. This is the reality that more than 2 million Palestinian civilians will soon face!!!

The situation in Gaza is so dire today that doctors there have sent an SOS to the world. Through ZeroHedge:

Double standard.. When, for example, Russia carried out missile strikes on the Ukrainian electrical infrastructure, which ONLY caused a temporary power outage in several cities, EU President Ursula von der Lejno stated the following:
"Russia's attacks on civilian infrastructure, especially electricity, are war crimes. Cutting off men, women and children from water, electricity and heating as winter approaches – these are sheer acts of terror.”

comment image

And related to this issue, I have already heard (read) a number of claims that anyone who speaks out against Israeli actions - no matter how illegal or barbaric - makes you "anti-Semitic". This is an argument that is thrown around as an effort to shield Israel from reasonable criticism of its tactics and ultimate goals regarding the more than 2 million Palestinian civilians, the vast majority of whom do not belong to Hamas and have not participated in Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel.
+ “since Hamas is hiding among civilians in Gaza, it is okay for Israel to kill these civilians if necessary to destroy Hamas”.

== If Israel follows through on its threats and turns Gaza into rubble, despite the fact that millions of Palestinians are trapped there, it will be the author of unprecedented human suffering and loss of life... Even worse, by doing so, Israel will prove that it is no "better" than the Hamas terrorists , who were murdering innocent Israeli civilians.

And if Israel continues its current course of action against millions of Palestinian civilians, then we will all surely pay a high price in terms of loss of life – as there will be skyrocketing oil prices, disrupted economies, destroyed supply chains and ultimately billions of lives destroyed or even extinguished. ==

..That doesn't make me anti-Semitic. It makes me a human being..

7 months ago

Horror. And the discrediting of the media itself is also great, the rule is that it is exactly the opposite of what they report. When they say to keep calm and there is no reason to worry, you should put your feet up on your shoulders and start running. Today, the media reports exactly the opposite. We have been living in the "new normal" for over three years, but we are not yet fully aware of it.

7 months ago

Did the spreaders of culture carry out such terrible, appalling orders without a trace and with ease? How sad and absurd! And their subservience and spinelessness continues. We have been living in an unfree country for a long time, ruled by the biggest fools under the dictates of the EU and from behind a big puddle. 0rwell's warning fully fulfilled...

Corona coup
7 months ago

It seems that reading books, meeting people and freely spreading information are currently one of the biggest threats to the consolidation and undisturbed development of covid totality. Libraries in particular are hotbeds of various subversive elements, and their books tend to be contaminated with the insidious virus of freedom and objectionable ideas. 🙂

I remember my "experience" visiting a local library sometime in late 2020. The whole building was already fully in place of tough anti-pandemic measures with threatening social distancing notices on all walls and floors with ubiquitous red and white no-entry tapes in all directions. Borrowed books could only be returned "remotely" in a small space of 5 x 5 meters behind a sealed door. On the table, again wrapped in tape, there were more bottles of disinfectant than books. When I walked in the door, no one was inside, so I lifted the tape slightly and walked around the table, intending to continue. From the bowels of the library immediately came a threatening voice: "No, no, you're not allowed here, go back!" 🙂

The absurdity of the whole situation made me laugh rather than make me angry.

7 months ago

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7 months ago

Thank you sir, we started using ceylon cinnamon. It helps mom's heart, cholesterol and blood pressure. In the morning, eat it cheaply with honey and drink it with water. During the day, we add the mentioned honey directly from the beekeeper to white yogurt or to buttered bread. Good tip.

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