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The next part of the long-prepared documentary Conscience of the Nation (po Dotted stories).
A great act about the trauma that our society has experienced and it is not healed and must not be silent about it.
I am very proud that my wife Verča was one of them.

Based on the stories of 24 brave people who decided to stand up for themselves instead of fear and not to bow their heads to what would contradict their inner convictions, the documentary UNDOCKED STORIES shows the absurd reality of the recently passed era. Testimonies of those who, because of the decision not to blindly obey orders and prohibitions, and experienced coercion, bullying or even violence because of it, complement the statements of lawyers, psychologists, doctors and other experts on the often illegal procedure of state authorities, pressure exerted by the media and other accompanying phenomena of the time. In contrast to the samples from the content disseminated by the mainstream media, the usually extraordinary heroes of the documentary show that even difficult times can be passed unbroken.


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Link to the document on the Conscience of the Nation website.

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21 hours before

+ Guidelines for removing GRAPHENOXIDE (and other dangerous components of the COVID “vaccine”) from the body:

3 days before

Yes + holy Ukraine, incredible variety show, Ukrainianism was clear from the very beginning, when covid disappeared with a wave of a magic wand. Well, at least for us normal people with a mind not tied up somewhere in the anus. Of course, the official retards jumped on it anyway and now they are starting to vent like owls from noodles, what is actually happening, how news about corruption, fascism, and losses are leaking into the mainstream. It's a joy to watch, unfortunately, a lot of little guys lost their lives or health, I don't count their tricks.
And the same when UA doesn't take, they try again with the covid show to continue!

6 days ago

The newly approved shots against COVID have only been tested on mice – only eight of them – and NEVER on humans. This means that the newly approved vaccine is NOT a vaccine - it is literally a new untested vaccine!

= If anyone has previously been “vaccinated” and “fortified” against COVID-19, congratulations: you have achieved nothing at all.

"It's literally a new vaccine," said Hochulova (Governor of the State of New York) today, delivering this sentence in her best voice. "It's not a booster shot. It is not a booster vaccine. It is a new vaccine designed to attack new variants.”
In other words, Hochulová is basically saying that Operation COVID 1.0 didn't do anything and that now everyone has to get re-injected if they want to survive COVID 2.0.
"We've been doing it since March 2020 — there's no reason to stop now," Hochulova said, trying to be funny. "Don't think only of yourself."

Well, these other vaccines will be the first to be released to the public without human clinical trials, which begs the question, they only tested them on eight mice!

With the FDA approving the latest COVID vaccines yesterday, it's a good time to stock up on zinc, eg quercetin, vitamin C, vitamin D, herbs, isoprinosine…

It looks like COVID 2.0 is inevitable, as yesterday the US Food and Drug Administration granted approval (for people 12 years and older) and emergency use authorization (for children and infants six months to 11 years old) for the latest injectable “ vaccines” against co*covid from Pfizer and Moderna.

= If these new COVID vaccinations actually stayed in the bodies of those who take them, the rest of us wouldn't have to worry about getting sick ourselves. The sad truth, however, is that more and more evidence is showing that "shedding" is very real, meaning that you can "catch" whatever these vials contain simply by being around someone who has been recently vaccinated.

6 days ago

+ What I photographed "it" in two days:
comment image

= Many attack vectors are currently being used against humanity on planet earth … But people still don't want to see or hear……
+ Information (already from September 4, 2022, I'm just reminding myself) regarding the "nasal spray" and the application of "vaccines" using a nebulizer - aerosol, when China approved not only an AEROSOL-based "vaccine" against co*covid. And my reasoning at the time and question a year ago: will they start spraying "it" through chemtrails?! Or another "cocovid" wave and restrictions on the horizon..


Nobody yet
Nobody yet
Reply  CZkotas
6 days ago

"At-risk groups of people should consider getting vaccinated against COVID-19 in the fall. It is recommended by the chief hygienist of the SR Ján Mikas and the Ministry of Health of the SR in connection with the expected increase in acute respiratory diseases during the flu season. "

So I'm to understand that after 4 years they discovered the flu again and they want the genocidal slop (it obviously doesn't expire - does it?) to be stuffed into people - until supplies run out? In the article, notice that the equally mature security guard, who probably got lobular obesity from him, seems to be behind all the ravenous pigs. I miss the Papuans in Slovakia - they could recycle them - eat them and shit them - although flies are also effective.
Apparently, the point is that if they don't succeed in the elections - someone will personalize the molasses for them - so they need to be spent as much as possible.