An excursion into a different way of thinking

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This is a video review of my book War with trees – for me, it's amazing how you can talk about something for fifteen minutes and at the same time not actually say anything at all and, above all, fail to understand the book so fatally...

It is mainly an excursion into thinking, which I really do not understand at all, but which, unfortunately, is spreading more and more in the surrounding world. And I am actually grateful for that opportunity, that way of thinking to experience...

I don't know how many times it has been repeated in the review that the book is about covid - in fact, nothing else is mentioned for fifteen minutes - but it must be said that it is really a book about IT IS NOT – that word does not appear in it even once IT WILL NOT HAPPEN - as well as It is NOT at all about no Babiš, or even politics…
In short, it's a story about one small-town family - it's a story about all of us.

You also sometimes encounter the combative reaction on the Internet that if you show a children's playground closed with tape today, or the senseless muzzles of children during covid, someone will aggressively write to you "And what do you want?! It was everywhere!”
So I think that this review is a similar case where something hits the living room and the person then doesn't know how to process it. Therefore, complete rejection and eventual transition to aggression or attack is common.

I can imagine that the reaction to Orwell's 1984 might have been quite similar at the time it came out…
"Of course, it's a book about Russia and this is what it looks like there, why don't you want to read more about totalitarianism? Who cares? You can find that in the newspaper…”

Yes, who cares about totalitarianism? You can find that in the newspapers - that's just the way it is - silence is the worst...


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Bára Hlotanová
Bára Hlotanová
1 year ago

The War on Trees is an absolutely brilliant, funny and, by the end, really quite chilling story about what fear, media sensationalism and government profiteering can do to ordinary people.
An incredibly readable and exciting story of one big manipulation, into which you can also be drawn, if you stop trusting your own common sense and leave the responsibility for your health to someone else. The book is also at the same time a parable of current events, the colossal absurdity of which the author captured and described absolutely brilliantly.
Thanks to Jan Tománek for this book, because it made me laugh a lot and at the same time I was encouraged by the knowledge that someone else was amazed at the high degree of stupidity or naivety of the vast majority of today's society.