When a man is alone, he doubts

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Civilization is gravely ill. Healing must come from below. The system will crash, there is no way to stop it. Definitely fall. Let's build communities, keep friendships. When a person can lean on someone, they see that they are not crazy and alone. And why didn't I go into politics...

My latest interview for Blue deer – a nice and friendly meeting with the former long-time editor-in-chief of ČT news and journalism and one of the founders of modern journalism and journalism in the Czech Republic, Petr Bohuš.
It's just a shame that similar people don't work in television and the media for a long time - thanks, it was a great meeting.

(Link to the interview if the video doesn't work for you)


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5 months ago

Great, probably the best interview I've ever had. time heard Thanks.

1 year ago

Now there will only be civil unrest, protests, looting and probably defenestration. Madeta's boss declared that he would not pay the politically overpriced electricity bill. He probably won't be the only one. I have to say I'm rooting for him.

Among other things, Klaus Schwab's plan to deprive people of all savings and introduce a conditional income is already being fulfilled.

And Bandera activists tried to thwart the "Freedom Ride" event dedicated to the heroes of the Second World War.
In Banská Bystrica, intruders from Okraina, with the consent of the Gestapo, tried to thwart the ceremonial laying of wreaths at the Red Army Heroes Memorial. They shouted "Heil Bandera" and other anti-Russian slogans.
However, this did not stop the participants from organizing the ceremony:

Politicians have declared war on citizens - first with vaccines, lockdowns and now with the prices of gas, electricity, food and PHM. The advice of these political puppets is laughable - save money, if 1 sweater is not enough, there are 2. Wanting to destroy us completely. All. Old, young, men, women, children, healthy and sick. With inflation, they want to legally steal our savings + with energy bills, they want to send executors to as many people and companies as possible so that the vultures can get to all the property of potential debtors. Isn't this already a controlled genocide of a nation?

=And according to the berries and onions, it will be a hard winter! I haven't really seen rowanberries for years and this year the trees are covered like crazy=

1 year ago

What? Did they write this about the Goat story? Unreal, where the arrogance and conceit in people comes from. An excellent film for the whole family.