Catastrophe - The Gulf Stream Stops! Really…?

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You probably haven't missed another batch of catastrophic storms on the topic of the Green deal in recent days - this time with the subtitle "The Gulf Stream is stopping". Instead of catastrophic warming, the whole of Europe is said to be facing a catastrophic winter.

All the articles that have been published recently have one thing in common - exactly the same meaningless phrases and texts completely without data - full of platitudes "scientists warn, it can happen, they think, the study says..."
The flourish of the best is a sentence from an article on iDnes: "...according to scientists, it cannot be ruled out that it will happen in a year." (Source)

They are right - you really CANNOT rule out anything at all... namely the Gulf Stream again (in the order of thousands of years) will stop, as many times in the past of the Earth and another ice age will come, it is certain.
It's just a question of how likely something is and how someone came up with such forecasts in the first place and the fact that these phenomena happen completely without human influence.

I deliberately looked directly at the ocean data of these scientists who study the AMOC (Atlantic Meridional Circulation).

And I couldn't help but wonder - that blue graph is the strength of the Golgi current, and it probably won't surprise you that for the last twenty years, its strength STILL THE SAME… (Source APOC)

What to code...?

I remember how at the beginning of covid, all the Czech media lied in the exact same way and completely shamelessly about the number of deaths from one report taken from ČTK, which originally came from Reuters.
I wrote about it in 2020, where I detailed the entire scam.

Chance? No - of course not - again, this is a mixture of laziness, stupidity and corruption on the part of journalists.

Does this all sound familiar? Yes, it is again EXACTLY the same media fraud as with covid, but this time the purpose is to introduce a Green deal. Which, of course, is only a by-product - the main goal is money, control of society, curtailment of freedoms and even more power over people – i.e. Great reset.

Exactly the same haunting, apocalypse, and soon the culprits (probably climatic desolates) will be sought and it will be necessary to point to them.

I don't know how many hours past twelve it really is for the World to wake up before we're done for good, but I'm afraid we're getting close to one o'clock...

Update 4/26/2024

And what is the truth today? Quite the opposite and actually confirms exactly what I wrote a few months ago, but back then it was "misinformation"…

The Gulf Stream is very stable. Its collapse is unlikely, new research says (Czech television…)


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They've gone
They've gone
4 months ago

I would be much more careful here. It is proven that a change in the chemistry (salinity) of the water also changes its density and thermal conductivity and the associated physico-chemical reactions. If the Gulf Stream really stopped, then we would have a pretty major problem (the golden hell of climate alarmists).

4 months ago

+ PRAGUE – Today, February 19, there is a protest of farmers with tractors, which is directed against the government, the Green Deal and the import of various cheap commodities, etc.
And in the meantime, the Purple s*nup cries: "today's demonstration has little to do with the fight for better conditions for farmers. The demonstration is organized by people who, for example, do not hide their support for the Kremlin and pursue goals other than the interests of farmers..."

= This is understandable from him, because the only farmer who visited the purple coco*t is the brother of M. Jurečka! But most importantly, he didn't forget to put on his rubber boots..


Reply  CZkotas
4 months ago

And the Spanish authorities sent the RIOT POLICE to suppress the farmers' protests suppress farmers' protests, because other demonstrations are taking place in several other countries of the EU and somewhere they have been going on for several days or weeks! Only Czech idiots probably lack testosterone, I can't explain it otherwise... The demonstrators threw stones at the police, which prompted the police to use tear gas to disperse them. And that's only in Spain, I'm not referring to Brussels, France, etc. Well, now compare it to yesterday.

And posts on social networks also confirm the deployment of the multinational European gendarmerie force (Eurogendfor) against farmers. These members of Eurogendfor allegedly participated in the aggression against the demonstrators!!

Eurogendfor is a "multinational police force that was born to participate in the stabilization of crisis and conflict areas outside the EU". It was established in October 2007 after five EU member states – France, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain – signed a treaty confirming its existence. Later, Romania and Poland joined the original five members of Eurogendfor.
And in 2018, paramilitary force was believed to have been deployed during a protest in France. He cited eyewitness accounts who confirmed the presence of armored vehicles with the EU flag or foreign insignia.

Reply  CZkotas
4 months ago

Eurogendfor It is based on the principle that domestic police will generally refuse to shoot their own people. That is why foreigners are deployed.