Carbon footprint and carbon neutrality…

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One of the biggest frauds of the big mining and energy companies - a fraud that is beautifully covered up and invented by today's globalist politicians and activists like Greta - some just out of ignorance and stupidity, some guaranteed to be intentional.

I recommend starting with the first carbon footprint document…

…and go on to tell others about so-called “carbon neutrality”.

So, do you already understand why you have such expensive energy, why they want to take away your gasoline car, which also senselessly turns off the engine at every intersection and thus just destroys the engine?
It doesn't matter - those who arrange it for your good will fly to tell you about it in a private jet with a straw in the nose, and they will also bring you gas across the sea in a tanker.

It's not just covid, Ukraine and gas - the problem is much, much deeper - the entire Green Deal is one big tunnel and all these paths probably only lead to the Great Reset.
But don't worry - it's definitely just a conspiracy of a few fools and what's happening around you are just coincidences and a few "slightly wrong" decisions, but they are definitely well thought out...


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1 year ago

Germany announces plan to “thermally recycle” 800 million covid masks as FUEL amid energy crisis:

But, burning chlorinated hydrocarbons (plastics) produces phosgene! And phosgene is extremely toxic, with acute inhalation exposure!! Some synthetics cannot be used as fuel, even though they are technically hydrocarbons. Burning masks does not produce "clean" energy...
And on the other hand, this is the best use of masks. Burn them so they get warm and produce some energy 😀

1 year ago

Search the internet for globalweatheroscillations and watch the videos. CO2 is a trace gas whose amounts are too small to affect the weather, around 420 parts per million. 100,000-year-old data from ice cores and other data from the ocean floor show that CO2 has historically followed temperature changes by hundreds of years. Temperature cycles caused by the distance of the Earth from the Sun, changes in the tilt of the Earth, changes in the angle of the Moon's orbit around the Earth, changes in solar activity, volcanic eruptions, etc.
The recent warmer period was just a period of rising temperatures, which is now ending for another cold period of approximately one hundred years. Climate change is nothing new or man-made and the Hoax has been declared global cooling to global warming, now it is “climate change.” They will lie and manipulate until their last breath..

And if the ECO idiots spreading the global climate change lie get their way, everything will stop working and most of us will die, in the winter and starve. Governments all over the world, duped by crazy global warming idiots, are promising to do away with fossil fuels. There is a lot of talk about oil and gas staying in the ground, unused and unwanted.

Wind power and solar polar power are unreliable and inefficient and provide only a tiny percentage of our energy needs. Biomass (by far the largest source of so-called renewable energy) is worse for the environment than coal, etc.
Hydrogen is just a joke because it is made from fossil fuels!
Thus, we will remain dependent on oil, gas and coal for the foreseeable future.

In 2014, companies spent $900 billion a year on oil and gas exploration. Today they spend about a third of that amount. The same has happened with coal – even though many countries, especially China, are busily building new coal-fired power plants.
Despite all the protests and pressure groups, our consumption of oil, gas and coal is not decreasing. The world still runs almost exclusively on fossil fuel energy.

As a result, oil and natural gas prices will continue to rise in the coming years. Of course they will rise and fall. But the trend will be upward.
And the price of electricity will continue to rise.

Why will electricity be more expensive?
= That's simple. Most of it is produced from fossil fuels or (as in the case of biomass) cannot be obtained, transported and used without fossil fuels…

1 year ago

And we must never forget that the people who =control= our lives are truly evil and will do anything to achieve their goals..
And the goal is to break up families and communities and isolate us all as much as possible.