Beware of treacherous windows

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You may have noticed that President Biden has a new adviser on nuclear energy - Mr./Ms./It Sam Brinton.

It's not about tolerance at all - I've gone to Prague Pride many times to support everyone's freedom - but here it's not about freedom at all, but about the dangerous Overton windows and what they actually hide and for what purpose someone opens them on purpose.

Allow me to digress a little here.

Overton windows is a way of social-media manipulation, at the end of which what was previously unthinkable is enforced in society. According to Overton, there is a so-called window of opportunity for every social problem. Within it, it can be discussed as long as the unthinkable topic is accepted by society, or even enshrined in legislation.

There are a total of six steps to do this: Let's show it to pedophilia.

1. Child pedophilia is an abnormal form of child abuse. This disorder of sexual preference is completely unacceptable for the vast majority of the population. It is criminal. However, articles begin to appear in the media that seem to condemn pedophilia, but society suddenly starts talking about this problem. The first glimpses of pedophilia appear, anonymous pedophiles who claim that pedophilia is not just sexual abuse of children, etc. Society is outraged and debating.
2. The number of articles and discussions on the given topic increases so that the topic is no longer taboo. It appears more and more often, and the public perceives the topic normally and is not primarily outraged.
3. The first positive examples are beginning to appear. A pedophile saved a child's life, he is a model citizen, the first pedophiles appear publicly among artists, in politics, etc.
4. Pedophilia begins to be rationalized. A pedophile is part of society, he has his rights, people's reactions to pedophiles are just myths and based on a misunderstanding of their natural deviation. Whole series about a problem that is not really a problem are starting to appear in the media. The problem is not in pedophiles, but in us, in the way we perceive their nature.
5. The topic begins to be actively popularized, serious scientific works appear that do not refer to pedophilia as a deviation, but as one of the normal human manifestations. Politicians and lawyers are beginning to express themselves much more on the topic and legalize the normality of pedophilia in the eyes of people.
​​​​​​​6. Pedophiles and their supporters create lobby groups. The first laws are adopted, supporting the rights of pedophiles and their persecution becomes a crime. We are exactly at the other end than the beginning.

But back to Biden. Ten years ago, it would have been completely unthinkable for the president to even take a picture with someone like him, and today he is an adviser. Of course, he could have chosen from thousands of equally, or rather even better, qualified advisers, but he chose "it", as he calls himself, and we can only ask why?
And in exactly the same way, for example, photos of statesmen who wear completely purposely unnecessary masks get into the normal and into people's subconscious - but only in front of the cameras. Large advertising campaigns of huge multinational companies, where the job applicant is again photographed wearing a mask. And it could go on like this.

This is not about covid at all, or in this case, whether a he/she/it will be an adviser to Biden. Not at all - in addition to perfectly diverting attention from essential things, it is also a matter of manipulation to make people gradually change their thinking and implement a different one that suits someone for some reason. And believe that the similar push for "gender balance" in Hollywood films is definitely not a coincidence and everything has a purpose and a deeper goal. And the fact that someone, apparently intentionally, is attacking the classic family and the basic values of our Christian society, seems to me unmistakable. Because a "normal" heterosexual man with a wife and children will soon become inappropriate and then maybe become a swear word.

It's just like a magician - never look at the hand you think is performing magic. The really important thing is happening at the same moment in the other, or behind the curtain...


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