I haven't understood this for two years and it just keeps getting worse

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As a conspirator, misinformer and anti-vaxer who has been accused of many times, I will not engage in any speculation, because the time is really dangerously late, but I will just ask, because I somehow don't have enough brains to understand what is happening.

Does our state, according to long-term contracts, still buy vaccines for 900 million per month, which it disposes of again for expensive money, because almost no one gets vaccinated anymore?

Why is it that no one cares about the thousands and thousands of side effects after vaccinations and why have so many doctors forgotten what they learned in school about viruses and immunity?

Do people know that pointless nose picking has cost them a whopping 100 million a day and many of those who recommended it have their own business?

How is it possible that a government and a state that claims to be "democratic" repeatedly disrespects its own laws and the Constitution?

What is the meaning of "democracy" that does the same censorship as totalitarianism, but explains it by "fighting for good and truth"? And isn't a state establishment where laws no longer work, censorship is rampant and repression of people begins called a dictatorship?

Why do the media and the government dishonor their top scientists and experts, and appoint nomads and quick-wits to key positions?

How is it possible that the coalition of five forgot everything they promised the people after the election and simply cheated them?

How is it possible that instead of calling for peace and seeking it, the government is calling for a war that involves the whole country?

It's nice when a rich state helps tens of thousands of refugees, gives them money and pays for their accommodation, but the state shouldn't take care of its own citizens first, who are crushed by crazy energy prices and are still unbelievable in our country 711,000 people in foreclosure, who are barely surviving?

What was the point of all the lockdowns that were supposed to save pensioners, if the same pensioners will now not have to pay for multiple increases in energy prices and enormous increases in food prices? So won't those whom the government prioritized over our children die of cold and hunger now, thanks to further government inaction?

Why is the government selling our cheap electricity abroad and buying expensive for the people when we could be self-sufficient?

And I'm really doing my math so badly when it comes out to me - just like the previous government did everything to make their covid solution as bad as possible and kill as many people as possible, I'm afraid this "new" government is doing exactly that the same not only with covid, but also with the war in Ukraine?

And the most important question in the end – how on earth is it that most people in our country don't find it weird at all?

A possible answer? I don't know…

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