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(Interview for Parliamentary Papers March 18, 2024)

On Friday, March 8, the first court hearing was held in the matter of your lawsuit against the Forum24 newspaper. What led you to this extreme step, when many people just wave their hands at what is written in this medium and let it be?

I waved my hand over it the entire covid period and ignored all fourteen other articles that Forum24 wrote about me or in which I was only mentioned. But everything has its limits. For someone to write with impunity that I am a spreader of lies responsible for tens of thousands of deaths, or that I rejoice in someone's death, is really beyond all limits.
But the defense of Forum24 itself in court is funny - imagine, the first statement is said to be only "journalistic exaggeration" and the second statement refers to someone completely different, whom they somehow neglected to mention in the text of the article...
Journalistic culture – if that word can still be used at all – has gone somewhere completely off the rails. At the same time, just a few years ago, Marek Vašut sued the boulevard for a million crowns for writing about him as having depression, or Tomáš Töpfer for leaving debts in the theater. Good "banality" today, right?

Minister of the Interior Vít Rakušan goes on sleepy drives to the regions for discussions under the name "Without Censorship". Why is it necessary to emphasize "no censorship"? Don't we have freedom of speech and expression?
Or do you feel when watching the media that there is censorship in the Czech Republic?

This exact question has occurred to me several times as well. If this is how the Minister of the Interior names his PR marketing program, he actually answers the question. Yes, we have censorship - silent, creeping and gray. And does this mean, in his view, that only the Rakušan minister - covered by his office - can speak without it?
Of course, nothing is officially forbidden, but everyone knows what they should say and what they definitely mustn't say... And it's getting worse - during covid people were just silent, but today I think they're regularly afraid. We know full well what happens in the media to anyone who says something they don't wear. Jiří Strach, Vojta Dyk, Karel Vágner, or perhaps Michal Novotný could certainly narrate better.
It's funny to observe how sometimes even some "moral beacons" who otherwise keep the "right" direction sometimes unknowingly step in and the journalists immediately fall on them and they then have to put out the damage and kiss the ring again...

In one of your blogs this year I read that you still see Ukrainian flags on the profiles of your old acquaintances and friends, "I vote for the General" and "we're in this TOGETHER". It seems to me that there is a lot of disillusionment with where we have come from. So according to you, the expectations that the five-coalition government will put this country in order have not been fulfilled? What did she fail at?

I think the question is wrong. It's not about what she failed at, but what she succeeded in, and here I would say that she excelled mainly in the complete economic, energetic and mental liquidation of our country - the trenches were not dug as they had announced, but on the contrary, they deepened so that they can literally serve as trenches in the war that the government is pushing us into completely openly.


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In Fiala's government, whose parties claim to be democratic, what is surprising is the harsh treatment of people who disagree with it and the campaign against alleged disinformation. Every protest or sign of protest is labeled as being pro-Russian forces, the last time this was heard was during the farmers' protests. Can the five-coalition cabinet dissuade the disaffected from demonstrations and other protests? Do we have pro-Russian farmers, teachers, doctors…?

It turned out that we really have "pro-Russian" and the right "pro-government" farmers who even expressed their support for our government with their protest against the EU...
But the funny thing is that after the government once again underlined its "pro-government" farmers in Brussels, they also became "pro-Russian" by waving a magic wand. In short, you can't come up with that even as a writer - we really live in an incredible panopticon.
I think that everyone who thinks rationally is already laughing at the government - what is wrong with us is pro-Russian. I'm just waiting for the "Russian Putin's" mandelinkis, when they drop them off the planes here and the children will have to collect them in the potato fields while the choir sings the Ode to Joy...

Thanks to a clear majority in the House, the five parties can literally do whatever they like. Pirate critics of the old order have flocked to the lucrative positions of political deputy ministers, of which there can now be an unlimited number, to positions of advisers and the like. Even if the government is unpopular on record, why is the majority that disagrees with it silent?

I think a lot of people haven't seen it yet - they're fine, they don't care and they don't see that they're literally living on a Titanic that's taking on water. Destruction is inevitable, but they on the upper decks sing and laugh at us who tell them we are sinking.
And the silent rest? They know very well that they made a mistake - either with the vaccination or with the choice, but they are ashamed or afraid to say it publicly because they are afraid of ostracism and keep silent... Unfortunately.

You showed great courage in the time of covid, when you were one of the few who did not go with the flow. Our freedoms were severely curtailed back then. Are we at least better off in this regard now? Do you feel freer than you did then?

I think, on the contrary, it is much worse with freedom than it was. It can be seen in people that they are already regularly afraid, because they can see how the media allows themselves to "shoot down" anyone who does not go with the flow, and it is clear to them that if this is the case with famous personalities, that they, as ordinary people, would be media finger even stronger. And I'm not talking about the direct criminalization of people, just for opposing opinions, or just simply sharing opinions on the Internet.
Unfortunately, the majority are still silent and legitimize everything with their silence, and what's worse for me, they often defend the nonsense even publicly.
Recently, I was at our collection yard, where someone invented the need to drive your car around the entire yard, just to throw away the debris that is right at the entrance. I wrote such a sigh on Facebook and you wouldn't believe how many people (mostly young people) defend such a completely meaningless "regulation" of the collection yard with words - they have it in order, so it's not such a problem to make a wheel. How will you be gone?
That's what I'm afraid of - that herdness and willingness not to think...

Slovakian doctor and MP Peter Kotlár, as a representative of the government, is supposed to check the state's procedure, analyze the legality, economy and effectiveness of the measures taken in connection with the covid-19 pandemic in the years 2020 to 2022. Would it be advisable to do something similar in the Czech Republic? Why are none of the political forces in the country even considering this?

It would certainly be desirable, but completely different people would have to come to the House of Representatives - both the ruling parties of the time (which are now in an artificially controlled opposition) and the parties that are now in power were involved in the covid fraud. We don't have any real opposition in our country - it's just a game, a kind of wrestling and an arranged match, where the puppets are only replaced in four years, but of course they don't go after each other's necks in any way. And the Antibabiš campaign is just perfect marketing theater and I wouldn't be at all surprised if Fiala and Babiš discussed the whole procedure. After all, that's exactly what Klaus and Zeman did - their supporters couldn't come up with each other's names, they fought to the bone, and they themselves were (are) very close friends and went out for beer together.

The war in Ukraine has been going on for over two years now, and there is no end in sight. The views of the Czech and Slovak governments are also split in their view of it, and so ours decided to cancel the joint meeting of the two cabinets. What do you say to this box from Fialo's government to the closest state?

It is, of course, a completely stupid and short-sighted step - but it is not about them making a diplomatic "mistake" - they know exactly what they are doing and are fulfilling the clear instructions of the people who appointed them to their positions.
Slovakia has been our fraternal nation since time immemorial, and what this government is demonstrating at the international level is just a continuation of what has been happening since the previous government's covid period - deliberately dividing people and families and pitting them against each other. Divide and conquer is finally getting concrete, tangible outlines, even on an international scale...

The Chief of the General Staff of the Army of the Czech Republic, Karel Řehka, has been hammering into the public's head for a long time that peace means defeat. His desire for warfare is probably understandable from the point of view of his profession. But what can lead Czech politicians to rattle their guns? Is negotiating a truce or peace a sign of cowardice and weakness?   

At the beginning of the 20th century in the USA, the marketing consultant Edward Bernays, whose work was later used by Goebbels, managed to turn a pacifist nation into a warmongering nation that demanded American entry into the First World War within a single year. All through manipulation, lies and hatred towards Germany at the time - and today we are witnessing exactly the same, but this time towards Russia.
Our politicians fulfill the assignment and in this direction, unfortunately, relatively successfully, and journalists add beautifully to the boiler of the train that is heading to hell - yes, people's thinking has completely reversed and the masses no longer think.
War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is power…
That is why it is important to keep your feet on the ground and maintain normality, humanity, goodness and love at least on a personal level and set an example for those around you who you have a chance to influence.

Questions for PL – Jiří Hroník

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2 months ago

Something off topic..:
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Last edited 2 months ago by CZkotas
3 months ago

+ Off topic, but I read something about the solar eclipse... both eclipse paths of 2024 and 2017 are supposed to cross over the new Madrid fault line. And it is said to be an important seismic zone and an abundant source of inland earthquakes.
It is basically an eroding weak point of the continental plate. The topography of the earth is about to change. Not on April 9, the day after the solar eclipse, but supposedly several months after.

= So let's see, maybe that's why those shits built their bunkers (see zuckerberg, etc.)

Reply  CZkotas
3 months ago

It is a natural and expected astrophysical phenomenon, but there is a reason CERN is turned on during an eclipse to open a portal for dark force parasites coming into this dimension.
During an eclipse, the longitudinal wave from the Sun is completely blocked and the Earth's Schumann resonance is at its lowest, meaning that the connection between the Earth and the Sun is broken, increasing parasitic effects

3 months ago

Well, if a war breaks out and that various greedy people do what they can for it, the only positive thing about it is that one of the first to take away the nest of evil full of cretins and that is Prague. This will clean the gene pool a little from the worst garbage, I would say.

yes and shhhht – the Ukrainians are losing to the Russians, let's get ready for war, the Polish general is mobilizing

how the idiots who read these true media always give me piecemeal information 😀 nothing new, Ukraine actually lost before 2014 and they screwed it up themselves, now the idiots are found all over Europe, but still the most people - that is, several million - fled to Russia, to the land of the oppressor after all 😀

yes and also - information on the preparation of an amendment to the Act on the Resilience of Critical Infrastructure Subjects, which can be considered an enabling law for the Czech government to ensure the security of the state in times of military and security crisis and to coordinate mobilization processes, but without the necessity of declaring a state of war and war with Russia.The server was the first to draw attention to this amendment For Libertate and from their article, vthey are really serious about the threat of war with a technologically advanced enemy, as they keep talking about it. to another amendment, the government will be able to order not only the evacuation of people from endangered places, but also to impose an obligation to prohibit leaving a certain territory, i.e. to order people to stay where they are (outside of the quarantine regime known today). to order the provision of childcare if this care cannot be carried out in a crisis situation by persons who are otherwise obliged and authorized to care for the child. The government wants to find out information about people in times of crisis with the aim of "mitigating" the threats resulting from the crisis. And it will be able to prohibit leaving one's place of residence According to the amendment, the government will be able to prohibit people from leaving a certain territory, area, place of residence, e.g. with the aim of preventing you from leaving the republic and thus avoiding mobilization, etc. So it is probably clear why Řehka kept repeating this the mantra that war with a technologically advanced enemy is possible

plus…. PS/senate/ approved the law, their families will not be mobilized....
It's clear the government has got the notes - and something bigger than the Covid-19 lockdowns is in the offing.

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Reply  Anonym
3 months ago

This is scary and basically ripped Overton's window off its hinges with a huge bang! And the entry of EU and NATO troops would mean the end of the Fringe, when the Fringe is actually a space where the old world order is demolished and the new world order is anchored. Within NATO, the mission has basically already been decided on the sidelines, but public opinion needs to be processed, that's why the amendment to the law, the msm crap like "Russia can't be defeated" etc.

And when Macron draws lines on the map, where the Russian army will advance, if the EU troops are not sent to Ukraine, then a really rough beginning of the summer of this year is being drawn in front of us.

+ In Canada, they removed the monument to the 1 ukro division of the wafen SS, so maybe Fiala will declare war on Canada:
comment image
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And Russia will no longer withdraw from the occupied territories, because it would be a betrayal of the Russian people. Pávek also openly supported the sending of Czech soldiers to perform "non-combat" tasks in the Outskirts, when last Thursday in an interview for the Aktuálně server he fully supported the sending of Czech troops to the Outskirts to perform "non-combat" tasks of various nature, such as training ukro soldiers. That is, basically on training grounds that are the target of regular Russian missile strikes or in repair plants where Czech soldiers will repair military equipment, etc. Pávka's statements are actually media preparation for the mission of Czech soldiers in the Okrajina.

And I will add that according to information from the Pentagon itself, Russia produces a total of 3 times more artillery shells per month in its factories behind the Urals than the entire European Union and the USA combined...

+ 85 years have passed since the beginning of the German occupation II. The Republics and Czechs have their donor names written on drones, which the fringes then use to kill not only Russian soldiers, but also civilians and children.
comment image
85 years have passed since the Nazi occupation of World War II. Republics and suddenly we don't recognize our own nation. Suddenly we see that those Nazis are back. New and Nazi-collaborating flag-bearers are growing up again, who hang flags and banners in various places in Prague, young people are again contributing to the war effort against Russia, collections are being made again for the war effort and the armed forces, only no longer German, but Ukrainian armies. The costumes and props change, but the driving processes simply return and repeat themselves..

Reply  CZkotas
3 months ago

Terror with the brand “Made in Czech Republic & Inspired by Israel”: The Ukrainian army has again killed and maimed civilians in Belgorod using the Czech Republic's RM-70 Vampire rocket launcher, and the governor has ordered the evacuation of border villages and nearly 10,000 children! Czech rocket launchers are used for terrorist attacks because Kiev only has tacit approval from the Czech government to use Czech weapons for attacks in the Russian interior!

+ Putin has already promised massive retaliation for Belgorod:

Reply  CZkotas
3 months ago

The French, for example, escaped from Russia in 1812.
They like to run away from the enemy.. That's probably for them
it main and duuulezityy..Prchaaat.
They invaded the Crimea in 1853 and many of them died again.
/Give Crimea back for them/. They just wanted there.
In 1914 they fled again and other nations had to save them.
In 1940 they fled again, and their future president was the first to flee from London shouting back, fight.
They had fortresses in numbers and equipped with weapons, and they far outnumbered the weaker enemy, but don't you know the Frantics?
In 1954, they fled Vietnam again and again a long way away..
It will be a national tradition or something.
Then they fled Alzir, etc.. That's enough for illustration..
I'm still running away... The general declared that the Russians threaten the security of the U.
I feel that they will not catch up from Russia again.
The bear has a knack for them.

and meanwhile the production of 3 ton bombs started in Russia

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no one yet
no one yet
Reply  CZkotas
3 months ago

Canada is currently implementing a system called open banking, which will link citizens' bank accounts with a new social credit rating system. Canada is notorious for prosecuting hate speech.
They build a digital system because it can be turned off!
Rather than encouraging people to treat their neighbors with low social credit like non-humans, China is moving to install QR codes in people's homes right above their doors. Anyone can instantly check an owner's social credit score by scanning a QR code.