A big interview for Rádio Universum

O všem, co se kolem nás děje a o čem pojednává moje kniha Průvodce králičí norou – 3 díly, bez cenzury s Martinou Kociánovou. Like2

Talk about books for Parallel

With Jirka Havel about the books – Guide to the Rabbit Hole and The War with the Trees. How prepared are you for the next tree war? Like3

People are more and more afraid…

(Interview for Parlamentní listy March 18, 2024) On Friday, March 8, the first court hearing was held in the matter of your lawsuit against the Forum24 newspaper. What led you to this extreme step, when many people just wave their hands at what is written in this medium and let it be? He waved…

Sunday Live Chat

Recording of evening live discussions. Thanks for all the nice responses and I look forward to seeing you again next time. If you subscribe to my YouTube channel, you won't miss the next debate... Sunday Talk #4 - 9/11 - Conspiracy and Reality Sunday Talk #3 - American "Freedom", Big Pharma, Bill Clinton, Whooping Cough...

Small talk - talking about a book

Yesterday's talk about the Guide to the Rabbit Hole in Malostranská beseda - as a guest of the literal legends of Czech film and theater, Jan Kačer and Vlastimil Venclík. A reading from a book by well-known actors and a very interesting discussion in a purely Prague cafe of the highest intellectual category. A packed hall, half were fully awakened and…

Interview for the Conscience of the Nation

“Want to sweep the squeamish elephant under the rug? In time, everyone trips over the trunk." - pre-Christmas talk not only about the book Guide to the Rabbit Hole. Like12

Interview for Countercurrent

Pleasant talk about the book Guide to the Rabbit Hole and philosophizing with Petr Hájek. Like21

"It's all the media's fault" - Interview

Covid. The war in Ukraine. Israel, Hamas and the Gaza Strip. Three events that could not and cannot be discussed in public with any deviation from the only accepted opinion, without the bearer of a different view of the matter being ostracized from decent society. Previously, such fierceness and inciting hatred in my opinion...

A Guide to the Rabbit Hole - Book Launch

On Thursday, October 19, we are traditionally at the Kámen Theatre, together with MUDr. Jan Hnízdil and the principal of the theater Petr Odo Macháček, christened my new book The Rabbit Hole Guide. It is a book in which I tried to summarize everything I have come to in recent years. So that I can in life…

Goat story - new edition of books

We have published a completely new expanded book edition of the film story based on the most successful Czech animated film, which is still The Goat Story. The books were written by writer Ivona Březinová, based on my film and script. A cheerful and at the same time scary story about Kuba and his constantly chattering Goat, who arrive in mysterious Prague. Love for…

A Guide to the Rabbit Hole - New Book

On September 28, my new book A Guide to the Rabbit Hole will be published, which will answer many questions about the world that you may not even want to know. It only depends on you, if you have the courage to ask if the world is really the way it tries to convince us. Anyway, I think it will be fun... In our e-shop in...

Interview for the Hollywood Reporter - Goat story

An interview about the Goat story and how Máca became an American icon. Original interview Translation of the interview - Google translator Like1

The finale of the Butterfly Scream game

On Friday, April 21, the finale of the play Motylí ú-křík based on my book Butterfly Scream was held in the Kámen Theater with a subsequent discussion together with the director Petr Odo Macháček. Calendar of other talks and meetings. Like1

Interview for VOX.tv

"Due to excessive aid to Ukraine, the Czech people are suffering." The latest interview for VOX.tv - about becoming a writer "on the other side of the barricade", about Ukraine, covid, Healthy Forum and my latest book War with Trees. Like26