Interview for the Conscience of the Nation

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“Want to sweep the squeamish elephant under the rug? In time, everyone trips over the trunk." - pre-Christmas talk not only about the book A Guide down the Rabbit hole.


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5 months ago

It's already running, it's already whizzing by. DEM-OKRÁST-I-JE in practice - a visit from the crime scene after commenting on a post on social media. sewing.
VIDEO 5 min, freedom of speech is inaccessible in the Czech Republic, visit to the police:

"Politicians violate our rights with the support of the courts and the police, but if a citizen writes something that the system does not like, all rights go away and people are prosecuted and intimidated. Well, tell yourself, where do we get these politicians from? To maintain a certain propaganda? This is how it is almost all over the world, except for a few countries such as America (this is, of course, only an exception, as long as they chatter in this direction, relatively nothing will happen to them, they have no rights in America)"

In question: After all, it is freedom of speech.
Cop: No it is not.

Many civilizations have used freedom of speech for centuries as a vital measure to keep excessive centralized power in check. However, the West is now trying to censor citizens online. Western governments are working overtime to crack down on political dissidents. The West seems to be at war with freedom of speech.

In a supposedly free country like the Czech Republic, this extreme crackdown on inconvenient speech is alarming. Average citizens should be able to discuss their views, but the crackdown on free speech is evidence of the weakness of the (western) governments that try to enforce these speech laws. =CZkotas=

+ A recent study found that ChatGPT lies under pressure and strategically deceives users..:

Pressure will force anyone to lie – even an AI chatbot. Even Nazi Germany tried repeated and propagated lies on a daily basis, when repeated daily lies became the truth. =CZkotas=

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5 months ago

People must realize that there is no such thing as equality before the law in the Czech Republic, in discussions you can cry death to the Russians with impunity, burn the Palestinians with white phosphorus, brutally prosecute the unvaccinated, etc. and then here they are untouchable, their interests, their crimes and their admirers - fascist and well-organized Czech society, (so far a minority, but much shouted)... The sooner people get rid of their naivety and gullibility, the better for them... Remedy is not on the agenda, rather further tightening of the screws and much greater persecution....