Why is "ceiling" just another government scam?

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The first thing to say is that it is not about capping the price of energy (for example by setting a "fair profit" for energy companies, as presented by the government) - but it is purely about COMPENSATION for these companies, which all of us, including our children, will later pay from taxes. Simply the government therefore amount Will pay extra from our money to the market price, which may easily be many times that in the future.
And that this enormous hefty "axe" will be paid for with CEZ's dividends? – sure, a small part yes, but the money will of course be missing elsewhere, because the state budget has been subsidized by CEZ money for a long time...

And the "ceiling" itself?
The ceiling of electricity at CZK 6 in reality means for consumers CZK 9-11 per kWh, and gas at CZK 3 per kWh is an even bigger marketing fraud. 
People are used to calculating gas not in kWh but in m3, which are on the gas meter. And here, after the "ceiling", we reach at least CZK 32 per m3 (while a year ago the price was CZK 11 per m3). 
So both are roughly 3 times more expensive than they were in 2021, even after the "ceiling".

It is probably best to hear everything directly from an expert on energy - Mr. Ivan Noveský, who, like other experts who really understand it, is again not listened to by the government.

When I posted all this on Facebook today, one of the reactions was: "Today, every smart person is an energy expert..."

I feel like I'm experiencing déjà vu and I've gone back exactly two years, when I first wrote in the fall of 2020 about the crazy corona measures and what hell lockdowns and other senseless measures will lead to and I was only ridiculed.
Today, of course, it turns out that everything we are in Hello forum they said, it was filled to the brim - and just as doctors and lawyers who told the truth about covid and vaccinations were then (and still are) ridiculed, it is today COMPLETELY the same with energy experts, or security advisers and diplomats who warn against what our government is doing in connection with energy and Ukraine.
Only they are no longer anti-vaxxers, but newly pro-Russian cockroaches.

Whoever after two years of lies from the media, previous and current governments still believes what is presented to them is truly lost and the rest of you please take your pick:

One possibility is incredible incompetence and corruption, not only in our country, but in the entire EU and other parts of the world, and the other is a real intention - a really targeted liquidation of families and companies and private property...

Don't let the power like it and stop being silent, but you people are the only ones in your hands - we can't do more.


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Ivo Patta
1 year ago

This is only the peak of the work of economists in managing the state. For 30 years, economists have been showing us that they CANNOT RUN THE STATE (even A. Babiš figured it out: AB 2014: I want to run the state like a company; AB 2021: The state is not a company). It started with V. Klaus in 1992, when the Minister of Finance and subsequently the Prime Minister Professor of Economics Klaus pushed through German tax and social legislation ... and within three years we began to die out en masse as Germans (female fertility below 1.3 children/woman). Details in the Holocaust yesterday and today chapter in the book Economists think in black and white (can be borrowed from the city library).

1 year ago

Who is interested in electricity prices going up so hugely? 2/3 of CEZ is owned by the state, so 2/3 of the increased prices will go to the state in the form of income tax and dividends. If the state capped the price of electricity, as in Slovakia, the state's tax revenues would decrease, and at the same time, various benefits for the poor would decrease. We must look for an explanation in who is running our state. American agents. They need to destroy Czech businesses, increase prices and inflation. I am surprised that the owners of larger companies are not doing something. It's worse with electricity, because ČEZ won't sell them electricity cheaper if it gets more on the stock exchange. But gas is cheaper. The Russians are still selling gas at the original prices.

Karel Lang
Karel Lang
1 year ago

Good day,
I agree with everything you write, except for the selection at the end - I personally think that it is not a deeper intention to liquidate families, companies and private property. I don't see a giant plan of one person or group behind it all. The point here is to see what all leads to the end. If you throw a few facts on paper, you will get the same result. Since the end of the war, there has been relative peace, the market economy has taken hold the best in the world. Whoever was rich wanted more, whoever was powerful wanted more. And with increasing power and money comes increasing influence. This principle still applies. Because it was relatively quiet for almost 80 years, the rich got richer, bought up the competition, bought influence in politics and kept getting richer. Today, we are in a situation where individual sectors (services, food, healthcare, media, etc.) are controlled by a few monopolies and their owners have such power that healthy competition cannot grow. So the result will be the same - liquidation of private property, families, etc...modern slavery will be established. It just wasn't intentional, but somehow it came out of the situation. Communism was better for me, at least everyone there saw it unadorned and hard.

Karel Lang
Karel Lang
Reply  Jan Tománek
1 year ago

For me there is no equal. If I talk about intention, I take it as, for example, long-term planning in the company. The top management sits down and plans the goals, where they would like to be, the means and the company's policy to achieve their goals. I don't think that happened. Monopolies were created, but not by plan. I agree the result is the same but the process it went through is different. The fact that the same policy is set in so many countries is just proof of how much power a monopoly can have and how power can spread across all countries. Why do I think this is not intentional? One of the reasons is that long-term planning like this, when there are so many variables at play, is simply not possible, it is a matter of decades, maybe even centuries, and it is not within the power of one person/group to plan, implement and control everything... a mathematician would agree with me.. :) otherwise, thanks for the response and have a nice day

Reply  Jan Tománek
1 year ago

In this video, Janis Varoufakis explains what the European energy trading system looks like, that the exchange is not a de facto exchange and that EU citizens in other countries are the subject of a similar "fraud".

Reply  Karel Lang
1 year ago

Everything that has been happening in the last three years is INTENTIONAL. All states are theater, all politics is theater!

And after the global fraudulent theater, now PUTIN is responsible for all the costs! After all, HE controls the market price of electricity on the stock exchange in Leipzig, gas on the stock exchange in Amsterdam, oil on the stock exchange in Frankfurt...
And Putin is forcing CEZ to sell electricity to Czech households through the exchange in Germany! Oh and also Babiš 😀

And still, for the most part after three years there are people, the same people, who for three years believe everything that AUTHORITY tells them (politician, doctor from TV..who writes the list, etc.), why would they do it otherwise, after all they can't lie And everything that doesn't go hand in hand with ofic. the narrative, i.e. the only promoted "version" of the truth, is a LIE and a CONSPIRACY.

And it could be said that the rarest creature on Earth in 2022 is an honest person in authority. Even the Loch Ness Monster and the Yeti are more honorable.

The Czech Republic could be not only self-sufficient in electricity production, but also the cheapest, if Fiala was a MAN and not a servant, he would have nationalized ČEZ in the name of national energy security. After all, the purple poo-poo instead puts the blame on the Russian president, who has about as much to do with CEZ's pricing as an Eskimo has to do with a sandstorm in the Sahara...

to the EU:
I doubt that 1 in 1,000 EU supporters understand why and how the European Union was created - or why it even exists. The EU is the most fascist organization ever created - and designed and built by the Nazis.

And we all probably already know that most of our politicians are dishonest, dishonest, unreliable, arrogant, greedy and quite stupid. They are all just puppets, stuck all over the world and it doesn't matter where you live. Russia the same..Or does someone still see a savior in him? Same servants, NO DIFFERENCE.

And something about the EU, the European Parliament - it can only advise and has no power. It only serves to stamp the decisions of the European Commissioners and their subordinates. Members of the European Parliament are just as self-interested as other EU employees.
And almost all the laws the EU makes (they like to call them "regulations") are designed to stifle entrepreneurs and destroy small businesses. =It's not a coincidence, it's a deliberate policy=

And how many EU flag-waving zealots realize that the EU was created by the same people who built Auschwitz… The EU is about control, not freedom as most lobotomists still think.

And I wonder how many enthusiastic celebrities—some of whom are of Jewish descent—realize that
=the same people who built the Auschwitz concentration camp and produced the gas that killed several million Jews also built the EU=

Přemysl Tišer
Přemysl Tišer
Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

Hello, I would like to make a few corrections. No one is forcing us to sell through the Leipzig Stock Exchange, we are also traded on the Prague Stock Exchange and electricity prices are similar there. The reason for our high prices is not the stock exchange. This makes it possible to negotiate electricity deals more efficiently than if traders had to negotiate prices directly with producers and among themselves. The peer-to-peer method is more expensive. The reason for the high price is Germany's faulty energy policy. We are physically connected to them in one network, therefore we have a common market. If we weren't connected, we wouldn't be able to sell our surplus. We would have to produce electricity only for our country. A number of resources would then be switched off forever, switching on occasionally during demand peaks. In addition, we would not be able to earn from the sale of electricity to neighboring countries.

Another thing is that most of the electricity itself is sold off-exchange, directly. After all, ČEZ will not lose profits by selling electricity cheaply on the stock exchange and buying it back at a high price. The shareholders would chase him. Me too, I would lose part of my future retirement pension. My fund buys CEZ shares.

Unfortunately, the only option now is to carry out some form of state intervention if social peace is to be maintained. But either form will lead to either a shortage of electricity in our country or a high government debt or both.

By the way, economists in Germany have been sounding the alarm for a long time, especially because of the expensive gas that Germany buys from several sources, including the price-raising Gazprom. He is a businessman, like everyone else, he wants to make money from the rise in the price of gas in the world. We won't even have cheap gas from Russia, even if we had a direct contract. It won't be much cheaper.

Reply  Přemysl Tišer
1 year ago

And none of this is accidental. Everything happens on purpose. Everything bad that destroys our world is intentional.
And all the jackets against Russia have the exact opposite effect! It's crushing the whole EU, we're headed for destruction, the people who haven't woken up yet will never wake up. They are lost: bought and ready to be sold into slavery..
And this is no longer about the prices of electricity or gas, everything has a much deeper purpose and consequences.
And Russia is the same puppet as Okrajina, it's all a show.

And "Germany is a psychopath" - in the demands of its government towards other countries.. After the First and Second World Wars, Germany is leading the third great wave of destruction of Europe. And handing out money can miraculously solve energy, fertilizer, metal, food and gas shortages. The problem with this thinking, however, is that while you can print money, you cannot print energy. No matter how much currency you print, energy is still in short supply. It no longer makes sense to pretend otherwise (Vialka, Uršula fon lejno..).
And the energy crisis is now so severe across Europe that if severe restrictions are not enforced, many countries will face a complete depletion of energy and electricity sources before spring 2023!!

And German municipalities are preparing for a dark winter of blackouts, simulating 400 deaths in the first 96 hours.

!! And throughout Western Europe, steel mills and smelters that process zinc, copper, aluminum, manganese and other industrial metals are collapsing every day.. !!

And even the French company Reseau de Transport d'Electricite has already warned citizens that they will be asked several times this winter to limit their electricity consumption. Finland is also warning citizens of upcoming outages and urging everyone to prepare.

And governments will continue to spend money like children on a pilgrimage.
people who haven't woken up yet will never wake up. They are lost: bought and ready to be sold into slavery.

And the number of deaths will be higher than usual in 22-23 - and much higher than in 20 and 21. Of course the excess deaths will be blamed on co*covid, but anyone with even a little brain tissue knows that the deaths are the result pointless and dangerous exclusions, ineffective functioning of medical care (covid fraud, fake PCR tests, bonuses, rewards...), absence of (practical) doctor services and deaths primarily caused by unnecessary and toxic injections against the hysterical idiocy of co*covid.

Meanwhile, if (by chance) wages rise significantly, the level of inflation will rise even more.
And the nonsensical "GREEN" policy means that the price of gas and oil will rise and rise, it will of course also lead to an increase in electricity prices (most electricity in Europe is produced from fossil fuels).

And the German government's €65 billion bailout package will try to partially offset high energy costs, but ultimately the government can't print energy. If there is no power and the grid is overloaded, no amount of money will turn the lights and heat back on. German economist Jörg Krämer said the government's plan only "creates the illusion that a large part of the population can be protected from the consequences of rising energy prices".

I will add that as a practical matter, the only way to protect yourself now is to reduce your debts and expenses and prepare for a simpler way of life. But unfortunately I'm afraid there won't be any real resistance. There are too many collaborators and not enough of us. And don't forget that nothing happens by chance.
And sadly, too many who understand the crisis we face and the horrors of the Great Reset, the disappearance of cash, the advent of the digital world and the social credit paradigm, are just shaking their heads, sitting in front of the TV and doing nothing to stop it…