Do you still believe in coincidences?

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In France, at the time of the biggest energy crisis, 32 out of 56 nuclear reactors are shut down
In Holland, farmers want to cull herds
In 2021 and 2022, quite a few food warehouses burned down in the US
And in Paris right now another huge food warehouse is on fire, where 12,000 people work
"Someone" damaged both Nord Stream gas pipelines with a rather massive explosion today...

That's just an introduction to the issue...

I recommend a video that nicely shows the current trend of the German economy, which is pulling the whole of Europe. By the way, this trend exactly copies what happened during the Weimar Republic, when bread ended up costing several billion marks and money completely lost its value.

From October to April, mandatory respirators are also being introduced in Germany in most indoor spaces, and from October the army will also be patrolling the streets. Just to be sure…
One more stupid regulation replaces another - they don't know how to step on people anymore. People are angry - last year there were an incredible 10,000 protests around the world, and the video even talks about a demonstration on Wenceslas Square.
Strange that someone at the World Economic Forum (WEF) predicted all this…

But I know that to think anything other than that it's just a coincidence is a completely foolish and paranoid conspiracy. Who cares if the entire economy collapses...?
It would be completely crazy to think that after such a collapse, people would still be happy to accept, for example, the Great Reset - i.e. the erasure of money and a conditional income for those who will behave well...

And how to hide all this so that no one notices? How does a magician do it? It simply diverts attention - perhaps to some virus, or starts a war that everyone is watching non-stop.

No one will own anything and everyone will be happy.

But well-being - after all, this is exactly how the majority wants it - that is, at least according to the election results...


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1 year ago

Yes, money will burn and governments will lose their power. God Warned us in 2011 but no one heeded it. Therefore now there will be collapse, misery, hunger and gnashing of teeth.

1 year ago

EVIDENCE OF SABOTAGE of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipeline apparently orchestrated by the unscrupulous Biden regime of the USA !!


Mirka Plachá
Mirka Plachá
1 year ago

The miraculous "function" did not work the way they planned and therefore the next stage of depopulation occurs. This time with cold and hunger. Schwab, keep my hands off me, how many "useless eaters" in Europe probably won't survive this winter?

1 year ago

I'll just add the latest "news", when steel mills, smelters that process zinc, copper, aluminum, manganese and other industrial metals are collapsing every day throughout Western Europe.
And if restrictions are not enforced, many countries will face the complete depletion of energy and electricity sources before the spring of 2023!
And anyone who owns an Audi, Volvo, Volkswagen or any other German or European vehicle should think long and hard about where they're going to get spare parts from after the end of industrial activity in Europe.

And "Germany is a psychopath" - in the demands of its government towards other countries!
And handing out money can miraculously solve energy, fertilizer, metal, food and gas shortages.
And the problem with this thinking, of course, is that while you can print money, you can't print energy. No matter how much currency you print, energy is still in short supply!

!! None of what is happening now is a coincidence, everyone probably already knows that and there is no point in pretending otherwise!!

And the European Commission is taking action, issuing regulations that call on all European governments to reduce electricity consumption by 10 %, etc. The regulation also includes a mandatory reduction of consumption by 5 percent during peak hours.

And the greens in Germany must be proud: Entire forests in Germany are being cut down for firewood! Namely, like this: two days ago I watched an interview with the war correspondent Michael Yon, who had just traveled through Germany. He said that forests were being cut down everywhere in Germany (at least where he saw it) in a desperate attempt by people to stock up on firewood for the coming winter. This is the new "green" agenda in full force: Cutting down forests that will grow back decades later. Will the greens celebrate all the dead forests because at least Germany didn't burn fossil fuels? Does anyone realize that a 19th century economy cannot support a 21st century population? Famine is a mathematical certainty!

And in order for Germany to stop this crisis, it is enough to apologize to Russia, drop economic sanctions and ask Gazprom to turn on the gas again, but no, it does not dare, even if hundreds of thousands of citizens die of hunger and radiation. In exactly the same way that Adolf Hitler threw starving and freezing German soldiers into the Russian defense lines at Stalingrad in 1943, today's German leaders are sacrificing the lives of their own citizens in a desperate attempt to try to economically damage Russia... and they're not even succeeding! At the Battle of Stalingrad, the Soviet Union surrounded and defeated the German 6th Army, which surrendered to the Russians with over 220,000 troops. Today, Germany is willing to sacrifice millions of citizens if necessary, proving that Nazi-style suicide maneuvers are still alive and well in Berlin several generations after the disastrous outcome of World War II.

Everyone living in Western Europe should prepare for economic collapse, food shortages and nuclear war. And those who live in North America should prepare for economic collapse and global nuclear fallout, which will disrupt crops for many years.
And all THOSE who didn't store food will end up eating radioactive food if they find any at all.

=Truth is constantly under attack, read independent (alternative) news while you still can=
…sadly too many who understand the crisis we face and the horrors of the Great Reset, the disappearance of cash, the advent of the digital world and the social credit paradigm, are just shaking their heads, sitting in front of the TV and doing nothing to stop it…