We have such a mess going on here...

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A few days ago, I shared an interesting text on my blog that asks if there is no vaccination The biblical mark of the beast.

And immediately there were several reactions that really blew my mind.

A gentleman accused me of threatening me - apparently by sharing a text that talks about the biblical Apocalypse and he may not like that it might concern him...
According to this logic, Christian clergymen actually do almost nothing from morning to night except threaten purgatory and hell - I think it's at least suable.

Another hilarious reaction was that I spread fear - the gentleman literally wrote "... there is perhaps no greater kind of paralyzing manipulation than holding spiritual and esoteric circles of otherwise primal people in the chess of fear. And Mr. Tománek, I can't deny you, you are now one of the biggest heralds of such a "chess of fear" in our country."

So, by sharing the text, I am trying to spread fear in addition to threats - again, this probably also applies to this gentleman, maybe he found himself in the text and now he is afraid of hellfire. Hard to say…

And the last reaction was from a lady who accused me of "dividing people into vaccinated and unvaccinated"!

Imagine it - for two years now, I have been consistently dividing people into vaccinated and unvaccinated people and forbidding the unvaccinated from going to shops and schools and denying them their rights...

That's how I am.

We really have a strange problem here - people are literally bumping into each other on the streets, as if they can't even see the tip of their own noses.

At a time when vaccinations and masks were a privilege, everyone else "had it on their arm" (like our Slovak brothers), dividing people was the height of virtue, solidarity and compassion. 

But today, when the first problems regarding vaccination are finally beginning to surface in the mainstream, more and more people with serious problems are going to the doctor, and those who so terribly jumped on the government's plate are no longer nearly as comfortable with that label, because it's so good and obviously not sexy.

But don't worry, those of you who enjoyed yourself so much, you'll be riding again in the fall, health permitting.

BTW - are there so many flus around you that are not at all typical for this time of year? 


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1 year ago

What are you scaring the poor thing for? We need to depopulate the planet because of the increasing tons of waste like salt.. So don't scare them, let them enjoy the rest of their lives in peace. We should be glad that there are such volunteers and not discourage and stress them.

2 years ago

When I see how the police in Europe violently suppress peaceful demonstrations, I feel sick and sick! When Rakusan said he was going to make life miserable for the unvaccinated, I thought he missed it. In the "democratic" world, governments behave violently and undemocratically, and none of the representatives of the state make any comments about it!!! As if it couldn't happen!! I feel sick! I feel a terrible injustice. To all that Russian usurper. Helplessness...another hard-to-digest feeling

Ludmila Šindelářová
Ludmila Šindelářová
2 years ago

Prophets who spoke the truth were always hated and persecuted, so don't be surprised.
For example, Isaiah and Jeremiah could tell about it when they prophesied the destruction of Jerusalem to the Jews...and nowadays Jehovah's Witnesses are also hated if I quote the Bible...but the truth will be revealed...

2 years ago

Manipulating society is real, as is trying to turn people against each other. Personally, I'm also beginning to doubt whether there was ever really a virus.

I don't know how it is possible, but in our neighboring country Germany, for example, despite the huge reports of deaths from the virus, the total death rate in these two crisis years did not increase in any way compared to others.

How is it possible? Was there really something here or was it just "reclassification" of the flu and mass promotion? And couldn't someone from the academy, journalism, education, medicine or politics start asking about these things?


2 years ago

The interpretation in connection with the sign of the beast has very interesting connections. I'm still looking for answers to why all this is happening and globally, what are the connections of everything happening. The discovery of covid, forced vaccination (against common sense), mistrust of information in the mainstream media, now the cult of Ukraine (which the Czechs still remembered last year, except when they needed to dig the sidewalk... ).
I'm worried about the future. I'm glad that thanks to the covid times I discovered several channels of information, including you. I'm afraid that the internet is easy to control, apparently we're going to switch to radio waves in time. I don't know what I can do for myself, I just follow the events, except for a few emails to politicians. Eva Kohoutková