Why do we have the highest energy prices in Europe?

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We are constantly presented with covid and war as the culprit of everything - but what is the reality?

I'll be honest, I've never been a fan of Mr. Xaver, but this is such an essential post with two energy purchasing experts that just needs to be shared. (Just watch the first 15 minutes to get an idea of the mess we're in.)

For example, electricity from the core is produced here for 0.25 CZK per kWh and that alone electricity (it doesn't go anywhere, it's just virtually resold to Leipzig) and then it's virtually bought back for CZK 8 for our people. For those same people who have already paid for Temelín once with their taxes and which should be theirs...

Attention, this is not some surplus, this is ALL of our electricity. It's the same as if you grew strawberries yourself for 0.25, then went to the stock market once a day, bought the same strawberries (which, by the way, stayed at home the whole time) virtually for 8 CZK, and then returned home and only ate them.
And with gas it is a similar fraud and incompetence.

Covid and war - pure salvation for politicians and a blank blank check - it is the perfect all-embracing cloak under which you can hide everything.
It is necessary for people to finally wake up under the weight of these lies - NO covid- NO war - but only this and the previous governments of non-artists or crooks are responsible for what we are going through and what our country has in store for us in the months and years to come.


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