AstraZeneca quietly withdrawn and ministry's life-threatening lies

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All are equally safe and effective…

Vaccine manufacturer AstraZeneca has admitted that their vaccine can cause severe clotting and withdraws it from the market. It really is a similar confession of the manufacturer VERY alarming because in drugmaker legal circles the only thing that applies is hammer, hammer and hammer again, because every product recall is a potential admission of guilt, followed by huge lawsuits and damages.
So, if this really happens, there must be trouble and side effects truly HUGE!

On March 27, 2024, the European Commission revoked the license of Vaxzevria - COVID-19 (AstraZeneca) and this regulation came into force on May 7, 2024 - yesterday.
(Officially, the manufacturer himself requested the withdrawal - it is said that the vaccine did not sell so well, so he preferred to have it banned himself... which only people with completely dull minds can really believe...)

(Full European Commission document)

Have you noticed how all our media write about this important information, how SÚKL, for example, reports on it? One big silence! The only exception is today article on Echo24.

On the official website of the Ministry of Health we even still read that all vaccines are just as safe and effective!
In other words, a demonstrably health and life-threatening lie by the Ministry of Health, which has already been proven in a court of law.

At the same time, nearly seven million people have been vaccinated against covid in our country, and AstraZeneca was used in 3-4% cases - that's about 250,000 potentially affected people, whose body could literally have a bomb ticking...
And the other vaccines? Of course, as the Ministry writes - they are also "safe and effective" - after all, previously claiming even this, which the court, the company itself and the EU have finally proven, that AstraZeneca is dangerous, was previously also "disinformation"...

It doesn't really concern me personally at all, but I still wonder what these people who voluntarily let their health be destroyed by an experimental substance are waiting for and what else they want from the state. Or are they waiting for someone else to solve it for them?

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4 days ago

Censored - Study Shows Staggering 17 Million Deaths After Introducing Covid Vaccine..

7 days ago

+ Off topic but I will mention something .. A few years ago Canadian Armed Forces intelligence officer and engineer Captain Platt said that chemtrails come from so-called "tankers" in the United States because Canada does not have such a facility..

comment image

And this – What does the sky look like in Tennessee more than 30 days after the state banned all chemicals?!


"We used to have streaks all day"
"I haven't seen one in the sky since the Tennessee Congress banned chemtrails"
Looks like the Tennessee legislation is working.

(The bill prohibits the "intentional injection, release, or dispersion" of chemicals into the atmosphere. It does not specifically mention chemtrails, which conspiracy theorists say are poisons spread by airplanes. Instead, it generally prohibits "influencing the temperature, weather, or intensity of sunlight....")

9 days ago

+ Deadly prion diseases are increasing, and thanks to "vaccines" they can also be transmitted! In the last three years, the incidence of prion diseases, which lead to rapid death, has increased. According to the medical literature, many new cases have appeared after the administration of the "Covid-19 mRNA vaccine". Because prions rapidly destroy similar types of proteins, the disease can be transmissible if an individual is exposed to organs or blood already affected by prions.

..One of the main prion diseases is called Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD). CJD has traditionally been considered an extremely rare neurological and degenerative disease, accounting for approximately 1 case per million people. Traditionally, approximately 350 cases of sporadic CJD occur in the United States each year. CJD cases account for 90 % of all prion diseases since the introduction of “vaccines”…

…there is a process called frameshifting that leads to a decoding error. This error triggers the production of aberrant off-target proteins, or prions…
= do you remember what Prof. turane?!

Good old "safe and effective" brought to you by your government "because it likes you". And these injections are the gift that keeps on giving..

12 days before

+ 29 pages of known side effects from Pfizer (the same Pfizer company that just received over 10,000 lawsuits over another cancer-causing drug). Pfizer wanted to suppress this information for 75 years..

12 days before

A thousand points from me for the blog articles and valuable comments below!

13 days ago

I registered this about a week ago. I will also share this:
comment image
comment image

“This is the blood of spotted people (for diggers, no one is saying it has to be for everyone). The clot is usually soft, mucus-like and can be smeared. These clots in the picture are hard. They resemble cartilage. And helping, dear doctors and health professionals, should be your mission."

+ WHO predicts more than 35 million cancers by 2050, but ignores vaccine-induced TURBO CANCER in under-30s:

+ As Canadian oncologist and cancer researcher Dr. William Makis, this cancer appears in young people, often under the age of 30, who have no family history of cancer. They also appear in pregnant women and young children.

One of the cases described by cardiologist Dr. by Peter McCullough and colleagues involved a 56-year-old man who developed basaloid carcinoma—a type of aggressive cancer—after being injected with COVID-19 mRNA. The early symptoms, which began just four days after the injection, were similar to those caused by Bell's palsy. At first it was a headache - but soon a tumor appeared on the man's ear and face.

Another case published in the journal Frontiers in Medicine involved a 66-year-old man who developed "rapid progression" of angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma (AITL) just days after receiving the third dose of Pfizer's COVID-19 injection…

Another case - paradoxically, a man received a booster fourth dose, which was supposed to protect him, but it only caused an explosion of turbo cancer and its spread within eight days. According to Makis, such a procedure would normally take several years or at least several months….