Against the recommendation of SÚKL? No problem - it's just the kids!

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Markéta Dobiášová in your article she asked the ministry why Minister Válek did not follow the negative opinion of SÚKL, which NOT RECOMMENDED the third dose for children aged 12 and over and even then approved it for use in February.
About the problem Markéta wrote already in February, but no one cares, and since the beginning of the year, almost 60,000 children under 18 have received the third dose.

According to which the minister was guided, but the ministry is scrupulously secretive and refuses to publish under very stupid pretexts - apparently, of course, it has nothing.

And when it turns out in a few years that we were right and the covid vaccine really causes far more serious side effects to children than it helps? And what about parents who, for example, will one day want to sue themselves for the ruined health of their children?

I would probably best quote my lawyer friend Ondřej Svoboda:

There can be no criminal prosecution because we don't have a section for stupidity. 
As long as nothing happens to anyone, there is no crime, and even if it happens, a causal connection between the actions of the War and the consequence would have to be proven. And you can imagine how it will probably be... they vaccinate a child, it will have an adverse effect - if by chance you manage to find a doctor who would be willing to admit that the adverse effect is a result of vaccination, it will be difficult to find a prosecutor who wants to prosecute it. And even if we find it, Válek will defend himself by saying that he didn't administer the vaccine and didn't force it on anyone, he just approved its use. Let him contact the doctor who administered it. And he will claim that it is approved after all, so why wouldn't he apply it.
In the final, the most guilty will be the parents who decided for the child...

And this is how we live here for two years. Unfortunately, that's exactly what it is - in the finale it is JUST every parent's responsibility.


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