We just lied - nothing happened, we're moving on!

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An article titled "Novinky" was published today "Was it possible without the lockdown? The numbers from Sweden speak clearly".

In the text, just by the way, the WHO admitted that Sweden was of course right with its approach to covid, and as far as the excess deaths last year are concerned, they are more like 3 times better, than we.

There would be nothing strange about that report, we who have been involved in this for two years know that from the beginning and from the beginning about absolutely senseless government measures, after which far more people die unnecessarily than without them, we warn you.

There is really nothing unusual about this, if it weren't for Novinky and List of News, which for two years most spread the lying government propaganda of senseless lockdowns, masks and vaccinations, and they will print such news without blinking an eye or any self-reflection.

They simply come up with an article from which it follows that what they preached here for two years were delusions.

But who will return the hundreds and hundreds of billions from the destroyed economy, thousands of companies that needlessly collapsed, the devastated psyche and health of children? And I could go on like this… Do you hear the silence?

I'm just waiting when the first promoters of masks, freezers and those who had it in their arms will join us in the Healthy Forum and pretend that they have always stood behind us and that the masks and lockdowns are not a wash, they claimed from the beginning, only you someone grossly misinterpreted their statement - probably Russian propaganda...

Only when all these secretly change their coats will it really be over.

The truth about vaccines, which is quite unpleasant for many people, will also begin to leak out very soon - similarly to the real truth about Ukraine, we will probably only learn it in the next two years.

You just have to survive and wait…


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1 year ago

I agree with everything, excellently written!

1 year ago

Unfortunately, there is nothing strange about this, just as no one is responsible for the side effects of vaccination, neither Novinky nor Seznam are responsible for the correctness of what they publish. Which is a little contrary to their code of ethics, but we won't play with some code of ethics during a pandemic. After all, we have already seen this with disrespect for the rule of law, with the state of emergency and the work of our courts.

The fact that someone takes Seznam or Novinky as a source of serious information is the main problem. People must stop taking these commercial companies, such as Seznam.cz, Právo, Google, Twitter, Facebook, as platforms that provide their services for their welfare for free. This is not the case, just as elected representatives have long ceased to act in the interests of the citizenry – they act in order to maintain their political preferences and enrich their constituency.

These media houses have purely commercial interests and the fact that schools, the state and public administration have allowed their monopoly is a huge mistake. I myself remember when Seznam.cz was the main source of information about the Internet in schools and was itself involved in the campaign for a safe Internet in the state. This connection between the state and media companies is a huge problem. Just as there is a problem in the concept of CT and Czech Radio.

I will probably repeat myself, but if the academy, education, CT, Czech Radio or the state administration do not start fulfilling their role, it will not get better. Those people got used to just sitting and blindly following the directives issued by their superiors and that's all their work. This is not the case, as in the field of the Internet, it should be the academy or education that points out risks or trends in this area. The research and bachelor's, diploma or dissertation theses should not be just for the fun of the rabbits, those works should investigate real problems and try to solve them. Until this happens, we are draining huge resources, energy and people's work on useless things that are ineffective and unproductive.

Let's start calling for accountability, reform and measurable effectiveness. Enough with ignoring these "problems", let's solve them and, if necessary, change, reform or look for alternative solutions to these problems.