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Our country of ten million people has ordered almost 49 million doses of vaccines against covid-19.
29 million for 12 billion crowns have already been delivered.
17.6 million vaccines have already been administered to people and the rest are waiting for the fall and millions more to come…

Some EU states are beginning to speak out against disadvantageous and one-sided contracts that force them to buy unnecessary and non-functional vaccines - for example, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia...

The Czech Republic did not join the complaint - everything is in the best order, and the spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Jakob, said:
"As a country that will take over the EU presidency in 24 days, the Czech Republic must remain neutral in principle. As a state, it has not joined the calls that states address to the Commission for many months.
When it comes specifically to the issue of contracts for the purchase of vaccines against covid-19, the Czech Republic of course agrees that the topic needs to be addressed. However, the EU must proceed as a whole, and challenges that reflect only part of the positions of the member states will not bring about change."
(The whole article on Seznam - it's probably allowed to write about it now...)

Just as an aside, a thought occurs to me - if the original order was really for 49 million doses, it means that both the Government and the manufacturer THEY MUST HAVE KNOWN THAT IT WOULD NOT END WITH ONE POINT, as they told people, because otherwise the numbers wouldn't make sense.
So a deliberate deception right from the start? But no, they wouldn't do that...

So, look forward to autumn, dear voters - 20 million benefits just for you VOLUNTARILY we will stab even if it kills you…
That's the change - TOGETHER again and with love!


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2 years ago

Madness… And roughly like this:
"The Czech Republic, as a country that is constantly descending into anal, will take over the presidency of another anal association of the EU. It must, in principle, remain anal neutral."

Zuzana Krátká
Zuzana Krátká
2 years ago

The people will decide. If he joins the endless vaccination game for free, he will get vaccinated. I wonder how many people would pay for the vaccine themselves, similar to how they get a flu shot. And by the way, do we know how much the flu vaccine protects?