A strong doctor's warning about mRNA vaccines

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I naively thought that under the weight of facts, evidence and studies, the media should begin to slowly turn around and quietly back away, but the bridge was wrong. I uploaded the following video to YouTube - it was deleted and banned within three minutes…

Just a doctor's statement and concern about what is happening in the body and where the lipid nanoparticles (which were claimed to remain 100% JUST in the shoulder) and what the spike protein does - and no longer the concerns we had before. Today, VŠE is supported by studies - nevertheless, it is said that it is still "medical disinformation"...

Please take 5 minutes of your time to listen to the video and you will find that these data and warnings perfectly match the symptoms, side effects after vaccination that are appearing more and more often.

You will also read my text The last strong warning before autumn .

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8 months ago

Testing Covid-19 vaccines – in a forensic lab!

Soren Korsgaad obtained 15 vaccine samples. It has vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson.
And it has a forensic lab ready to test the vaccines to determine the composition and possible contaminants and undetected substances!
And it starts with Pfizer. And other vaccines will be tested as money is raised..

As soon as the results are ready and available, I will immediately share them with you (not only) on this website. (And hopefully with video.)

All info here: https://www.givesendgo.com/testthevaxx

Reply  CZkotas
2 months ago

After some delay, the lab report should be completed soon. So far, the lab has found a high concentration of truncated mRNA, graphene oxide, cholesterol, sugar and potassium. Even within individual batches, large differences appear. An analysis of 12 vials of the Pfizer vaccine indicates that graphene oxide is present at a concentration of 3-5.4 ppm (mg/L).

8 months ago

Disinformation is simply anything that they do not want to be said "out loud" ... our Czech disinformation front for saving "vaccines" is ridiculous. And the media/governments/"experts" have fun spreading lots of lies and misinformation on the guidelines. All these are puppets, all countries are theaters.

And one of the puppets and biggest liars in the Czech Republic – Kubek is already "again" on the scene:
Just look at the (false) co*covid statistics, where the data on "unvaccinated" people are artificially and retroactively adjusted to fit a single promoted narrative, e.g. the shitty (Bureš's) idnes, and it is immediately clear what causes this standard (everywhere in the world) - the 3rd dose of vaccines leads high among the infected and hospitalized over the unvaccinated, and yet they will continue to lie. The goal is clear, the plan is given, DEPOPULATION MUST GO.

+ “Criminal! Criminal!” the protesters shouted at the Pfizer CEO:

I don't want to see that fall, I think they will have 4+5 doses of that toxic waste by the end of the year. Right from the beginning, it was stated that there would be a total of 7-8 of those doses, and everything points to that. 4+5 by the end of the year 100%, 6+7(+8) in the next year 2023.. In my opinion, these will already start a new "game" and will spread brutally from cheated and stabbed individuals to the surrounding area.

The truth is constantly under attack, read independent (alternative) news while you still can!

+ After four months of validity, Austria officially canceled the obligation to "vaccinate" against the idiocy of co*covid, saying that it is "no longer necessary from a medical or constitutional point of view"..:

= And the original plan assumed that people who refuse "vaccination" will face a fine of up to 3,600 euros. Well, Austrian legislators were prevented from effectively enforcing the mandate by many obstacles. Primarily, however, the public's massive resistance against the threat to its freedom, and not only health, when min. 13 % residents will never allow themselves to be "vaccinated" (i.e. slowly killed), not even under the threat of a mandate!
All these free people refused to pay the fine and the law enforcement authorities in Austria refused to enforce the mandate. Due to all these problems, the legislators decided to suspend the enforcement of the mandate.

And that's about it. About people. There are millions of us, there are tens of them.