GDPR? What are we playing here for four years?

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By the way, is it just a coincidence that Mr. Cool Bike Repairman looks and dresses like Zelenskyj?

In 2018, these four letters crept into our lives - that is, "with us"... The EU created those letters for us, and those letters only annoy us and no longer fulfill their original purpose (if there really was any good purpose at all...)

The previously "maybe" (with a big question mark) godly intention has turned into toothless bullying, nonsense and depravity, which will not protect anyone and anything anyway.

On every website, you need to click off the regulation that you agree to the collection of data from your browser - but the browser stores this data anyway and no one cares.

Forget about the exhibition of children's work in kindergarten - instead of Pepiček and Anička, there are only numbers on the wall, or not even that, because after all, the child's personality could be affected if a name was given next to his picture.

What about the fact that when "something" was really happening and it was necessary to protect the important information of the child - for example, the state of health - on the contrary, the governments and the EU at the head, the entire GDPR was purposefully trampled.
The children had to tell every cleaning lady (literally) what diseases they had and didn't have and vaccinations, and the teachers entered everything into systems and spreadsheets.

But that doesn't matter - people continue to silently click on meaningless privacy texts on every website, continue to elect governments that have long done more harm than good for people, and are content and silent.

And of course, the state is the biggest violator of its own meaningless laws.

My wife recently started a business and since then we have had three offers from major banks arrive at our home address - pure spam letters to set up an account with them and two more scam letters to sign up to some dubious registries.

And what does the state do? How does he protect his citizens?

On the contrary, it is the state that publishes this data of yours and provides it to the banks. The same state that is bugging you to check customers on your website with a nonsensical sign is doing the exact opposite.

But there is actually one positive here - just like with masks and vaccinations - a perfect business for some who have made hundreds of millions from GDPR consultations, software modification, leaflet printing and other related nonsense.


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1 year ago

I don't know what will have to happen in order for the majority of our population to stop behaving like a herd.
It's unbelievable how most people accept the mainstream and don't even bother to find out
think how they are manipulated

1 year ago

In addition, violations of the GDPR - especially eRecept - collect sensitive and most sensitive health data about you in a national register, and you have no option to express your disagreement with this - except by boycotting the entire healthcare industry and treating yourself anonymously with aspirin...

About those Cookies, which probably aren't part of the GDPR, but it's similarly bullying nonsense: Some boxes click "I understand" _because_ they don't understand anything. Because consent to Cookies violates your privacy primarily by the necessity to click on it, because somewhere someone is keeping a list of which websites you read, and whether you read them or a robot that does not click on it. (Because the "I understand" click is usually outsourced to some central register of consent to cookies, where they keep statistics... Because normally the giga-scumbag Google keeps them on you, but they envied him and wanted such statistics too...) (I usually, before I click it away from them, I open Inspect Element and remove it from that page in five clicks, and I do it every other load, or I put a dns block on that outsourced snooping system, which only prevents that centralized snooping... Some sites do it themselves, that's a bit fairer, but some are too lazy to do it...)
And they introduced it, among other things, because then they can distinguish whether a person is reading it, whom they can lie to with impunity, and not a robot that would archive their lies and allow them to contradict it in retrospect...
The news server should not be able to distinguish whether it is read by a Reader or archived by an independent Archiver...