Do you still believe in the state?

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When I heard today about the botched reconstruction of the Old Town Astronomical Clock, I thought it was a joke and most of all it reminded me of how a Spanish pensioner "restored" an old painting of Christ with her own help and in good faith.

But what I read today is really powerful and it seems that it really is...

The girl is a gray old woman, the characters on the clock look different after the reconstruction
In 2018, the Prague Old Town Astronomical Clock underwent a general renovation. Among the modernized elements was also a copy of the Mánes calendar, which, however, returned to the clock in a completely different form. Some of the faces on it are changed beyond recognition. According to experts, the work was not successful, some even consider it to be the author's joke."

The reconstruction of the Old Town Astronomical Clock was already completed in 2018, and since then - i.e. four years - NO ONE NOTICED ANYTHING – at the same time, there must be a client, someone who took over the order for a copy of the restored astronomical clock, the arts council, heritage conservation, other restorers...

But come on, it's "just" a cultural monument from Mánes of unfathomable value, and this copy is a mockery of our history, what about the fact that the reconstruction cost "only" ten million - after all, no one will die here...
But, doesn't that remind you of something?
Again, an incredible example of the will of the state, which enforces laws and does not follow them and tramples them and does not care at all. And if you want to reconstruct anything in inner Prague, preservationists come after you from morning to evening.

And do you remember how the Charles Bridge was reconstructed? How did 240 original stones end up in a crusher somewhere? (source)

But that's culture after all - it's certainly different in healthcare...

The incompetence is getting worse and crazier every year. And are you really ready to bet your life and the life of your children on the dilettantism of past and present politicians? Do you really still naively think that they have your best interests at heart and understand what they are doing?

Over the past two years, I've come to understand that unfortunately most people really believe the government - "they wouldn't allow themselves to do that... the experts wouldn't lie and they just can't be so unable to…”
Of course, no one would allow that - just like a licensed painting restorer with an academic degree and the city's heritage conservation in the case of such a cultural monument...

But after all, it's your choice and your life - you're self-righteous.


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2 years ago

I never trusted the state, not even its talking heads, and it didn't matter if it was under the communists or after the revolution. It's always paid off for me so far.