Bolshevik is back in full force

Read: 1863
Pantáta is going - watch out! Clear the whole city…

Today we drove from the cottage around Litoměřice to stop at the square for ice cream. But there were closures and entry bans everywhere - the entire center was completely cut off.

It is said that the minister has arrived and the firefighters are having a party, said one of the guards at the entrance to the city.
And indeed, on the completely cleared square in Litoměřice, there were literally five old fire trucks, twenty onlookers and the minister of Rakušan, who probably wanted to ride in the fire truck.

So he got on and rode off - he gestured to the "crowds" and "ceremoniously" drove off.
The police removed the barricades and life in the city returned to normal, and we will all pay for it with our taxes.

I am no longer surprised by anything at all - people chose and unfortunately it belongs to life before 89 - only the Tatra 613s were replaced by Audis and Superbs...

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Jiří Kouril
Jiří Kouril
1 month ago

The Bolsheviks removed only the inconvenient ones, today's rabble wants to rob us, eliminate us, kill almost all of us.

9 months ago

I believe that soon we will throw them out of the windows "again", all those political puppets and puppets on a string... We have to regain our humanity.