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A strong and long-in-the-making document, for the creation of which I am very grateful to the entire editorial staff of the Conscience of the Nation. It's a great and necessary act, but it should have been recorded long ago by, for example, public television, instead of helping to censor the truth.

When I look at the individual stories from a distance, almost all of them have one thing in common - "Society forced me, pressure forced me, I had to because of work, I have a mortgage..."

Health and freedom are truly ABOVE everything and NO JOB and mortgage is worth it.
Even if your living standard and standard were to drop, you had better dig potatoes at the cottage, it's really not worth it...
It's harsh, but do you think a wheelchair makes better mortgage payments?

I believe that all the respondents in the document would give you the same answer - but unfortunately they cannot change their decision anymore...

(Link to the document on the Conscience of the Nation)

EDIT - I'll add more odkaz to a serious document that shows that from 2021, according to EU statistics, 691% more children died than the usual previous average…

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  1. Safe and Effective: A Second Look = Another Document on the Topic! see:

    “This document sheds light on the injuries and losses following the Covid-19 vaccine, but also looks at the systemic failures that appear to have enabled them. We provide leading analysis of pharmaceutical studies, the role of the MHRA in regulating these products, the role of SAGE behavioral scientists in influencing policy and the role of the media and big tech companies in stifling free and open debate on this topic.”

  2. The German government recently ordered 100 million doses of the co*covid “vaccine”, which cost them 2,5 billion euros, and nobody wants them.

    In Furth in Middle Franconia, only 85 people showed up for the booster vaccine. The district has 120 inhabitants. "We tried to make it as easy as possible for people," said Michael Hubmann, who coordinates the vaccination campaign.

    😀 RETARDATION 😀 = “Vaccination” was offered at the same time in two shopping malls, a bus, a nursing home and a former store on a pedestrian zone, but few wanted a fourth dose.

    Markus Beier, chairman of the German Association of General Practitioners, said: "We all tried to vaccinate: "Unfortunately, there was little interest in the fourth dose."
    He insisted it was important for people over 60 and those with co-morbidities to protect themselves by getting a second booster. "There is uncertainty in the population about what the next vaccination will bring. However, they are still strengthening protection against serious consequences," he said.
    Meanwhile, a large number of vaccines are expiring. At the end of August, 3,9 million doses of the Moderna vaccine and another 700 doses of the Novavax vaccine had to be discarded.

  3. Hello, I sent "Dotted stories" to Chlíbko /I don't even write the title/ with the text that they should finally admit to the nation that they were wrong /I was already very angry/. I got the answer that the study still talks about an effective and safe vaccine and that he would not want to be my patient because I would deny him the right to vaccination /so I would like him to get a dose as often as possible/.
    I still think we have to bomb those "covidators", but I still don't know if they believe so or if they are so well paid. I guess I'm still naive.
    But the kicking mare kicks around the most. We should wish her a quick end.
    Good day Urbanová.

    1. Thanks - you are good that you still have the strength to communicate with them at all...
      After these two years, I am convinced that such profound stupidity is not possible and must be intentional.

    2. "The New World Order is already here. We live in it.” It's just that most people don't admit it and don't see it, for them it's just "bullshit".
      And things are only going to get a lot worse in the coming months as we're now in the killer phase of the Great Reset. Decisions are made by a small group of lobbyists and psychopaths who have been manipulated to represent the interests of other psychopaths, or at their behest - either knowingly or through stupidity and ignorance.

      But the strange thing is that most of those people who think we are "conspiracy theorists" are themselves worried about things that are happening and that have already touched them. Rebranded flu, global warming, rigged war against Russia, war against us, deliberately destroyed global economy, rising prices, inflation - they are all connected.

      But unfortunately they beat us. And defeats. Dullness reigns. And psychopaths and collaborators already rule OUR world…

    3. But he probably didn't tell you that those studies are largely financed by the same pharmaceutical concerns that also produce vaccines.

      Let him inject a permanent flexil into a vein or picc, let it be in his blood faster, when he is such a supporter and promoter of vaccines, and an "expert" for whom the treatment of the disease probably no longer exists and vaccines in the form of regular injections are the only way for him. "healthy" life. But it's not just about Chlíbek. And other promoters
      like Smejkal, president of ČLK Kubek, minister Válek had to get a giant "glove" from the pharmaceutical lobby, and now they just lie to people.

      After all, Kubek himself expressed to the media in 2009 in connection with vaccination against swine flu that doctors will not be guinea pigs for pharmaceutical companies. What was the cost to Kubek, for turning his opinion 180° after a few years. Worrying about people so they don't die? Hardly!
      With Flégr and Hořejší, I see it as ignorance and belief in this system, in which corruption, not only in the pharmaceutical industry, cannot exist for them, and they will tell you why they would do it?

  4. I only watched half of the documentary, I couldn't mentally handle it any further... Smejkal, Hořejší, Lily of the Valley, Chlíbek - I just don't give a damn about these. Thanks

  5. Is the ministry secreting whose order it is working on? That Válek can even look at himself when he recommends vaccination. What did they promise him in return? Artificial intelligence paints pictures, doesn't it also sit in ministries after all? They don't behave like humans 🙁

  6. + Studies show that COVID vaccines cause blood damage:

    The vaccination theory has been thoroughly debunked with the new mRNA COVID vaccines. The process of bypassing the innate immune system with lipid nanoparticles and then encoding and rewriting spike proteins has been shown to be toxic, inflammatory, blood-damaging, and destructive to overall cardiovascular and immune system function.
    Two medical studies, one from Italy and one from Germany, show that COVID vaccines cause extensive blood damage in humans.
    The researchers also found that blood samples from vaccinated individuals contained complex structures found in the vaccines themselves. The researchers used artificial intelligence to distinguish the main differences between the blood of the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. They found the following metals in the blood of the vaccinated:
    the alkali metals cesium (Cs) and potassium (K).
    alkaline earth metals calcium (Ca) and barium (Ba).
    transition metals cobalt (Co), iron (Fe), chromium (Cr) and titanium (Ti).
    Rare earth metals cerium (Ce) and gadolinium (Gd)
    Mining group/metal aluminum (Al)
    Silicon carbon group (Si)
    Oxygen group sulfur (S)

  7. The future is much, much bleaker for the world than politicians anywhere are willing to admit. The pressures pushing us toward the Great Reset are relentless. Are we forced into even greater slavery and poverty—and into a world where we own nothing?

    Banks are desperate to get rid of cash. ATMs are often empty and some banks refuse to issue smaller bills. I went to exchange 3 CZK 200 times and they said they were sorry but they didn't have any! This in turn forces the use of plastic cards to pay for shopping, parking, coffee, etc. All part of a ruthless plan to completely eliminate cash from the economy!

    In China, the government says it fears a fall in housing prices. Solution? Destroy the homes of millions of people to make the price of real estate rise again. The government is demolishing high-rises and halting the construction of buildings that could house 75 million people. Why does the phrase "You will own nothing and be happy" keep popping into my head?

    Inflation is now forecast to reach over 20% in early 2023 alone. Interest rates will have to go even higher if inflation is to decrease. Inflation eats away at your money. How many Czechs will be able to pay their mortgages when interest rates exceed 20%? What will happen to property prices?

    And despite the aggressive behavior typical of dictatorships all over the world, independent platforms and independently controlled websites such as zdraveforum (alternative news, conscience of the nation..) remain outside the control of the cabal that is now determined to rule the world. Uncontrolled sites and independent platforms are the only remaining threat to the new world order and are undoubtedly a serious irritation.

    However, despite all these threats, we are all still here. And those of us who subscribe to the resistance movement are undoubtedly seen as a major threat by those attempting to implement a thoroughly diabolical and undemocratic global reset.

  8. Great! Sending to everyone, absolutely everyone, thanks for the info!! And I'll add, the fourth doses are here = once again the spread of toxicity/artificial sraige into your surroundings, i.e. "shedding"!!!

  9. This video should be seen by millions of people to learn and draw appropriate conclusions from it!

  10. A great video that gives me chills! People, don't worry, get information in the right places, wake up and remember: You only have this body and that's life!!

  11. It is clear that people got poisons, chemicals, toxic substances into their bodies that caused them these problems. They are poisoned.
    Chemistry, and thus the chemical industry, is poison for people and for our planet.

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