Disinformation? Nowhere, often just sheer stupidity

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It has recently started to spread in the media space information and panic, that monkeypox has a mortality of 37%.

Advice REAL ones experts shook their heads at this "fact" and asked where this information came from.

It was published on his Twitter by an "expert" - prof. RNDr. Omar Šerý, Ph.D. – researcher from Masaryk University.

And when people and other scientists started asking him where he got this "information", naively published his English source.

But the funny thing is that in the original text it does not say that the death rate of monkey pox was 37%, but the sentence means - that out of 16 people who died of this disease in the whole 20 years, 6 were children under 10 years old - and that is 37.51 TP7T…

If I demonstrated such ignorance of facts and English, it would probably only be for shame and laughter, but if this is demonstrated by a scientist - an academic with 12 thousand followers, who should use English and his brain on a daily basis, I think it is almost punishable, especially when such "information" can really legitimately frighten someone.

And just on a side note - Mr. Šerý, like many other "alarmists", co-owns a pharmaceutical company, which of course profits again from epidemics...

But nothing happens - disinformers are different here after all - well, this is how we live here...

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9 months ago

Maybe it will be that he is not just a "scientist".