An inconvenient truth bothered Facebook again

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On 11/30/2022 I published a post on Facebook, which was deleted on 12/2/2022 and my account was blocked for 24 hours.
(In short - bodybuilder Doug Brignole publicly wrote that he believes in a covid vaccine and if he dies, people should take it as such a test ... well, this October this athlete actually died ...)

I literally wrote a post:
This was written by a famous bodybuilder on his Facebook in April 2021 - now in October this vital athlete died. However, the fact checkers put the crown on it - it's a HOAX - they say he didn't die after vaccination, but from covid. I repeat their conclusion once again - that gentleman died of a disease against which he was vaccinated... 🤔

And I added to that EXACT translation of his Facebook status:

Of course, his original status was deleted from his social network a long time ago, but there are a number of copies of people who have saved it, and what is the most interesting thing, those copies are not questioned even by the so-called "factcheckers" - on the contrary, they often quote from them:

So EVERYTHING I wrote on Facebook is verified and unquestionable truth by many sources.

So what didn't you like? Well, she is shooting herself in the foot from the "factcheckers". In all the articles, they deny that he died as a result of the vaccination and claim that he died "normally" from covid... which is a bit of a problem, because that is the very disease against which he was vaccinated, and thus they fundamentally question the effectiveness of vaccination...

So it's a bit of a "factchecker" squaring the circle, which has no solution other than deleting any mention of this case...


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1 year ago

ÚZIS moved 200,000 vaccinated and those who died within 2 weeks after the 1st and 2nd dose among unvaccinated dead

Reply  Dalibor
1 year ago

Covid (relabeled flu/IQ test) was a test of the 4th industrial (WEF) revolution where man lost his rights, had no freedom, was controlled, rewarded .. according to how he was/is and will be obedient. And thanks to all this, they will be able to control what information reaches us and what we think .. It happened everywhere, including RUSSIA!
AND once people had to overthrow the government a hundred years ago (Spanish "flu") to prevent forced "vaccination". And today they rather put a rag over their mouths, had the May bee prick them. And straw by the cowshed to go with it 🙁

And I don't know if you noticed but, the new (m)RNA vaccines can be absorbed through the stomach and intestines, what about when they start giving the solutions to the animals we have to eat.. They are determined to get this crap into us one way or another!
And according to an article by Dr. Mercola, released today, has been using mrna vaccination in the pork industry since 2018.
Well, gaťes has been advocating food vaccination for years.
There is no law anywhere regulating "informed consent" to the sale of "vaccinated foods".

Or this – the protein supply is in full swing as the forced vaccination of all chickens against LABORATORY GENERATED bird flu is imminent!
Germany and France are roaring that there will be mass shortages of chickens and eggs in the coming months. Hundreds of millions of birds are slaughtered all over the world.

1 year ago

I'll arrange something here, since I haven't had FB for many years, just like I don't use anything from google etc.
The parent company of Facebook and Instagram (Meta) has been fined 265 million euros (whatever that is in real money) for mishandling user data. EU regulators have so far fined Facebook nearly €1 billion. Anyone who still has a Facebook account and intends to keep it … 🙂
And by the way, there's nothing you can do about deleting stuff on Facebook - they still keep your data forever.
And by the way, it's their copyright, not yours.

And we all know that CT is a dirty liar, so why do people keep giving it money? The faster CT disappears, the sooner we all rediscover democracy and freedom!

no one yet
no one yet
1 year ago

Yutube long ago blocked/removed "inappropriate" channels that moved to another platform - Odysee, Bitchut, Nastub,…. do you want to disconnect?! - return the OP, don't use the car, don't use money - even the cash is tracked (each banknote has its own number), live only from what you grow or dismember - but! what will you offer if you don't go to the slave shop to grind for your belt?! and so on….

Read how dirty journalists in the Czech Republic began to mask and justify the consequences of vaccination - cardiac arrests that have already started to spread!

Notice that the year 2022, when the extreme increase in cancer and cardiovascular diseases broke out, because it is mainly after 3 or more doses they do not address at all? In 2019 and 2020, the numbers of all diseases were similar, a slight increase started in 2021, but a huge change did not occur until 2022, as I mentioned above! So I'm worried about what will happen in the next few years as it just keeps going up…

Are we really just the three of us in discussions here?

1 year ago

A Soros-linked “fact-checking” system will be implemented on Google and YouTube to suppress the truth and catapult official LIES. And I think that according to the comments there is no need to add more here, so I will agree on something else that is happening and that I have been pointing out for a long time.. The food shortage is approaching, as a solution they will push us insect treats..:

And German farmers have been ordered to REDUCE their nitrogen fertilizer use to please the EU green bullies. Over the past year, the EU's green bureaucracy has managed to nearly destroy Western Europe's energy relations with Russia, leaving the continent in desperate need of energy inputs to keep its energy grid up and running. Now Europe's food supply is under direct attack through several programs that appear to be aimed at ending food availability at the same time that electricity is becoming unaffordable for businesses and households.
The ban comes from EU bureaucrats waging a war on nitrogen, an essential element that makes up nearly 80 % of the Earth's atmosphere and is critical to crop production. Having declared war on carbon - the building block of biological life - the globalists are now targeting nitrogen as a means of deliberately causing widespread famine and mass death (depopulation)!
Nitrogen-based fertilizers produce the food that feeds approximately 4 billion people on planet Earth (source: Without nitrogen fertilizers, literally half of the current world population would starve to death. German farmers have so far been ordered to reduce nitrogen use by 20 %, but that is only the first phase. !!As with all such programs, the government will soon demand more cuts and it won't be long before nitrogen fertilizers are almost banned in all EU countries thanks to the "climate cult" that now drives policy!!

AND SRI LANKA? TA recently tried to ban the importation of nitrogen fertilizers and this police action led to a catastrophic collapse of the country's economy, government, transport, finance and rule of law. Mass riots spread, while food from farms rotted in the fields due to lack of fuel supplies and functional means of transportation. Even the trains were taken out of service.

AND BRITAIN: In Wales, citizens eat dog food that is heated by candles! Food and energy shortages are reaching alarming tipping points, especially among the poor. As now reports, people in Wales are literally eating pet food and heating such meals with candles because they can't afford proper food or electric heating. British families are so cash-strapped and desperate for food that some have started eating pet food instead and warming it by candlelight.

AND THE DUTCH STATE has announced that it plans to confiscate around 3,000 private farms by forcing them to sell their land to the state and then simply shut them down. Farmers and the government have been fighting for several months about the new climate targets, which will force thousands of farmers to sell their land to the state... The government estimates that in total about 11,200 farms will have to close in order to meet the new climate targets, and another 17,600 farms will have to significantly reduce their economic status animals!!

SO HOW IS IT? At first climate cultists claimed that the main threat to planet earth was CO2, but now they claim that food is destroying the planet. That's why they systematically target food production methods and shut them down. Everything is happening on purpose and of course the planned goal is mass starvation and collapse!!

It is not yet clear where the climate sectarians think they will get food from after agricultural operations are deliberately halted, but these bureaucrats are not known for anticipating the consequences of their actions (FIVE DEMOCRACIES IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC). The climate cult is essentially a suicide cult. Their goal is the near complete annihilation of the human race on planet earth, and nitrogen is the element they are now targeting to try to justify their genocide in the name of "climate science".

And not only that!! The economy (what's left of it) will be destroyed. Small businesses and the self-employed will be destroyed. Inflation and as I warned before - HYPERINFLATION will come and it will affect everyone..
Even if everyone's salary was raised twice as much, taxes would be higher, food and fuel would cost twice as much, and money would be worth less and less. Which, of course, is exactly what the political sh*ts and conspirators want. Then everyone will think they won when they get paid more. And there will be no need for strikes. However, there is a catch. Inflation will skyrocket. And in three months everyone will want another pay rise… FINANCIAL RESET?! = Still disinformation against someone, just like it was with ko*kovid fraud?.. hey, and HOW TO CLEAR ALL DEBT OF COUNTRIES/STATES?

And why all the desolates, conspirators, anti-vaxxers..DO NOT SUFFER FROM MYOCARTHITIS OR BLOOD. PRECIPITATION?

And they never learn - FRANCIS: French citizens surrender their weapons by the thousands, while the government demands the disarmament of the people (just like before, for example, in Canada).

– The German government is forcing farmers to reduce the use of nitrogen fertilizers on farms
– People in Wales now eat "dog food" because they can't afford anything else
– Some heat their food with candles because they don't have electricity
– What pet food would you eat if it was your last remaining option?
– Scientific study found no difference between N95 masks and high end medical masks!
– Cloth masks proved to be essentially unusable
– Senator Rand Paul exposes Fauci's complicity in the mass murder of 7 million human beings
- Planned Parenthood sex education director claims children are BORN "sexual" from day one
– Elon Musk's “neuralink” technology caused monkeys to bite their fingers
– Switzerland to ban electric cars when the power grid is strained..

Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

Farm of the Future | Vertical Cricket Farm | Sens
People will be instructed to sit in a chair in front of the television, not moving, and read information and content from the displays, and the food will be delivered by a delivery service. Cricket burger in locust sauce.

1 year ago

translated by the translator of yesterday's article

Google has announced the launch of a new propaganda brainwashing program called "Info Interventions", which aims to better control the thinking and actions of modern people. The goal of the project is to "teach" Google users which information to avoid as "false", and at the same time train them to notice and accept only information that Google considers to be "true". If Google users are used as intended, they will be "immunized" against online "disinformation".
This "pre-cellular" plan is Google's latest dystopian attempt to suppress free speech online - although instead of simply banning or censoring content, Google is now trying to reprogram humanity's brains to automatically filter out our "disinformation".
According to the company, users will be presented with "accuracy challenges" when searching and viewing pages. These prompts are designed to teach users to only click on links that Google wants them to click on.
Behind the new tool is a special unit of Google called Jigsaw. Jigsaw was founded to "explore threats to the open society and create technologies that inspire scalable solutions". In a March 2021 post on Medium, Jigsaw stated that one of the most effective ways to reduce "disinformation" is to constantly remind users how to think, what to click and what to believe — "in other words, leading them by the nose , until they move where you want them to move” to quote Reclaim the Net.
Without the presence of Google to tell users what to think and do, they would be "prone to distraction," according to the company. In other words, the human brain is inherently flawed, and the only way to fix it is to let Google do the thinking for you.

This feedback explains that the comment has been identified as "risky" or "offensive" and does not comply with the community rules. The user is then prompted to edit the comment to make it more acceptable, based on Google's standards.
Google's API does the same with content, warning readers of a potentially "offensive" article that it may contain "potential misinformation." Readers are then encouraged to click elsewhere or to ignore the content of the article.

"Prebunking is a technique to prevent manipulation attempts on the Internet," is how Google explains this process. "By forewarning and equipping individuals to recognize and refute misleading arguments, they become resistant to being deceived in the future."

We all have to stop using modern technology and reclaim our humanity to defeat them!

1 year ago

YES - see the comment before me.. First of all, you have to stop using everything from Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter, Apple...etc. tools of EVIL!
And I'll also mention the ongoing protests in China, which have involved disgusted citizens calling for an end to the tyrannical rules around co*covid idiocy and overwhelmed the country's GOVERNMENT CENSORS, who have been known to crack down on controversial topics that challenge the regime and remove Yippee. They are now facing difficult times with numerous videos of the protests appearing on Chinese social media. In an interview with the New York Times, one of China's former censors admitted that the central government needs to do two things — hire more manpower and develop more sophisticated surveillance algorithms — if it wants to stop the flood of protest videos circulating on the Internet.= DOES THIS REMIND YOU? ..

Xiao Qiang, an Internet freedom researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, told the Times: “It's a decisive breaking of a great silence. Once the anger spills over into the street, it becomes much harder to censor it.”

In addition, the protesters themselves used various tricks to avoid government surveillance. These include adding filters or uploading footage of already viral incidents to other devices. Additionally, protesters have begun using virtual private networks (VPNs) and similar software to access websites blocked by the Great Firewall of China, such as Instagram and Twitter.

The Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission has vowed to crack down on "infiltration and sabotage activities by enemy forces". She added that she will not tolerate "illegal and criminal acts that disrupt social order."

!! Despite the inability of government censors to keep up with blocking footage of the protests, tech companies sympathetic to Beijing, such as Apple, have imposed restrictions on some tools used by protesters.

Apple's file-sharing tool AirDrop was used by protesters both to communicate with others and to distribute literature. AirDrop uses direct connections with nearby devices to create a network where files can be shared indefinitely with others while bypassing government censors.

However, a recent iOS update limited this file sharing with nearby devices to only a maximum of 10 minutes. Apple later confirmed that the feature will be rolled out globally next year. !!

..Everyone must stop using the mark of the beast: Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter, Apple…etc. and it will all collapse by itself, gradually lose control and power over us and also learn to say NO...

no one yet
no one yet
1 year ago

Google, Facebook.. All tools of evil and using these things only promotes evil. Well, even among orthodox people, Elon Musk (!TWITTER!), who is building an internet network all over the planet using thousands of satellites, creating virtual worlds, etc., is perceived as a very intelligent, nice and pleasant guy. In fact, Musk, like Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, Rockefeller, etc., is a Satanist.

Nothing good can be expected from these people. Elon Musk is building a planetary network of the Internet not to provide people with convenience, but exclusively to establish total electronic control in the kingdom of the Antichrist, which he and his associates are building on the planet. And such satanic goals are pursued by him and his masters always and in everything. He who has sense, let him understand!

+Neuralink (Elon Musk/Twitter) wants to start human trials within six months:
Neuralink, which is supposed to provide a wireless interface for controlling devices with the mind, could soon see human trials. Elon Musk hinted at a recent “Show and Tell” presentation that this could happen within six months.”

“The N1 implant is slightly larger than a quarter and is estimated to be 2.95 to 3.0 cm in diameter based on the image. It has 1024 communication channels, wireless communication and wireless charging. By the way, in the next part of the video, they showed how the monkey charged the implant via a wireless charger. "

“…in this case, it involves connecting the fibers to the brain structure using special needles. This process was also demonstrated on video. The system should also enable a relatively simple exchange of implants for newer models without the need to completely 'rewire' the Neuralink in the brain."

+ Addendum at the end of "Grotesque": Google and YouTube invest $12 million in a global media network for fact-checking. Google and YouTube announced Tuesday that "the fight against misinformation is an ongoing global challenge for society" and that they will spend $12 million to create a global fact-checking fund that will support a network of 135 fact-checking organizations operating in 65 countries in more than 80 languages.
"The world needs fact-checking more than ever," said Baybars Örsek, Executive Director of IFCN. "This partnership with Google and YouTube brings financial support to global fact-checking entities and is a step in the right direction." ……

no one yet
no one yet
Reply  no one yet
1 year ago

!! While Elon Musk prepares for human tests of Neuralink, monkeys are "dying and biting off their fingers" !!

"In early 2022, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine submitted documents to the USDA alleging that monkeys were subjected to extreme suffering, with one monkey having holes drilled into its skull."

However, the mind control experiment left 15 of the 23 monkeys dead !! Elon Musk has promised to start human tests of brain chip implants within six months

According to The Sun newspaper:
“In one case, the monkey was found to be missing some of its fingers and toes, possibly due to self-harm, legal documents state. Another case revealed that a female macaque monkey had electrodes implanted in her brain, causing her to experience vomiting, retching and gasping.

An autopsy later showed the monkey had suffered a brain hemorrhage. According to court documents, the effects of the experiments included bloody skin infections, collapse of the monkeys and other horrific side effects.

Neuralink conducted its experiments with monkeys in collaboration with scientists from the University of California, Davis.”

Musk's commitment to implanting chips in people's brains reveals how closely he works with the founder of the World Economic Forum, known villain Klaus Schwab - he discussed brain chips in an interview back in 2016. Although he now allegedly does not remember it, there is an extended version of his speech , in which he informed the entire human race that by 2026 we would all be "brain chipped".