Suddenly freedom for China…?

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Why rewrite history when we can change the paradigm right in real time.

For two years we have been pointing out what is happening in China - how camps are being built for covid-positive people, people without a vaccination passport cannot get to the doctor and literally die on the street in front of the hospital, or people die of hunger in their own homes, where the government locks them up and he slams the door shut or welds it with a welder.
Recently, in one such house, a number of people who simply could not escape outside were burned to death.

They protected them so much from the "insidious disease" that they killed them - what would have been completely science fiction and unthinkable before is now a generally accepted reality.

When we showed this, it was lies, hoaxes, or at best, the supporters of the covid measures laughed at it, saying that it was right after all and that covid must be strict.
The complete violation of human rights and basic freedoms was laughable - if only we had it the same in our country.

And today? LITERALLY THE SAME - even CT with a tear in their eye - show how human rights are being violated in China and now it is the "good Chinese" - (translate, the same as before, but no longer desolate) are fighting against the evil system and by crazy measure…

It seems to me that it is a fairly sophisticated EU algorithm, which is always looking for a bigger "enemy" in real time, and reality is then bent according to the result. It's actually a better solution than in Orwell's 1984, rather than painstakingly rewriting history... 

It's almost the kind of pre-crime we know from Minority report - it's best to punish crime and change reality even before it happens - that's the image of the new and right world we're moving towards in leaps and bounds.

Covid measures in China and the fire


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1 year ago

Thailand to become the first country in the world to declare contracts with Pfizer invalid?!
A Thai government spokesman told Professor Sucharit Bhakdi this week that his country could soon become the first in the world to cancel and void its contracts with pharmaceutical giant Pfizer:

In addition to terminating contracts with Pfizer, the Thai government also plans to seek billions of dollars in damages from the company. This money will then go to compensate all Thais who "lost their existence" as a result of the introduction of covid injections by Pfizer.

Back in December, it was reported that Princess Bajrakitiyabha of Thailand had collapsed from a heart attack after receiving an injection from Pfizer. On this basis, the royal family is now moving to hold Pfizer accountable for its crimes against humanity.

"If anything was going to wake the Thai people from their indoctrinated slumber, to make them angry and indignant at how much they've been duped — it would probably be this," Creed says, noting that until now Thais have succumbed to mass psychosis and "uniform worship of a new ideology normality".

1 year ago

Off topic, but .. FROM ONE DISCUSSION, min. this is an interesting read about solar panels:

"If you want to lose your house and maybe even your life, put solar panels on your roof. This is not the first fire and the only fire, they write about it every now and then, just like electric cars burn.
It's expensive even with a state subsidy, and in our conditions it doesn't even produce enough electricity to turn on a single 3 kW convector in winter. In the summer, it would perhaps tighten the klimose and nothing more. After five years, it's only half the power, that's about it for a small cooker. Definitely not heating. And after ten years you will pay crazy money for ecological disposal and roof repair.”

A roof with photovoltaic panels was on fire in Loštice. A pity for 8 million. see:
Three roofs caught from solar panels in Prague:
The fire affected photovoltaics in an industrial building: can find more, I will add this from the given discussion:
"In my immediate vicinity alone, 3 barracks burned down from the photovoltaics on the roof. And lightning didn't even hit them... It just overheated internally in the summer and it was impossible to be sure. It's not even really how. In addition, poorly dimensioned DC/AC converters, which often act as appliances in winter...
No, in Central European conditions, photovoltaic (on the roof) is pretty stupid. Maybe still somewhere isolated in island mode, but I wouldn't put the panels on the roof there either, and neither would the inverters with batteries in the barracks.
Heating and photovoltaics (?), but that's pure science fiction. Nature has already invented collectors for this a long time ago.
It's called D Ř EV O. It's just that there's a lot of work involved in processing it."

"As soon as photovoltaics is being pushed now and there is a subsidy on it, it is clear that there will be some shed in the future. I would agree with the expensive liquidation, then the owners will be taxed to purchase electricity or they will not purchase at all. In the winter, when heating is needed, no electric source of heating will be needed, and that pays off, as Horst Fuchs would say"

"There is no need to prove anything because in the Czech Republic there is only weak diffuse radiation for approx. 3/4 of the year and that will not charge even one accumulator. In addition, long-term research has verified the lifetime of solar panels for a maximum of 3 years, after which they become an appliance and you can even throw them away...
All the noise around is just commercialism and a set of gibberish on the topic of how to fool consumers and divert attention from the specific cause of this madness."

1 year ago

I remember master KARL GOTT:

That sounds a bit like an Orwellian utopia…
Not exactly. I fear that all the Orwellian visions that seemed so unreal at the time of their creation will eventually come true. It occurred to me that maybe there will come a time, maybe I will live to see it, when we will nostalgically remember past totalitarianism. In any case, if nothing could be done then, at least people could keep their thoughts and opinions to themselves.

KAREL left and there was an era comparable to the Inquisition, Nazi experiments on people and Marxist terror, this time legally and without visible tetor....
……so at least people could keep their thoughts and opinions to themselves.
Today, your thoughts are impulsively giving you a dopamine addiction to clicking on your phone, breaking your attention and your ability to connect with soul to spirit. Privately, it exists to a limited extent and forces you to choose one or the other, but the best is the third - the middle path, that is the Czech Republic...

1 year ago

And in the meantime, they continue everywhere in the world, not only from co*covid vaccines and tyranny with masks, social distance from their peers, grandmothers.. I.E. CONSTANT ATTACKS ON THE MOST VALUABLE THING WE HAVE AND WHAT WE MUST PROTECT: OUR CHILDREN! Day in and day out, crazy psychopathic world.. Imposing absolutely depraved lbgt (or how “it” is spelled), knitting hav and other “x” genders.. see my other shock yesterday that I didn’t even know about:

"Fashion brand Balenciaga has apologized for a deeply disturbing photo shoot showing traumatized children holding teddy bears dressed in bondage gear and props related to a child pornography case at the High Court.
Critics slammed the designer brand after photos were released of young children (mostly girls) holding teddy bears adorned with BDSM gear. Perhaps even more insidious, however, was the placement of a prop depicting court documents related to the 2002 Supreme Court case Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition.” SEE FOR EXAMPLE:

"Pedophiles in the media called the report about Balenciaga a "conspiracy theory". Meanwhile, in reality, Balenciaga is either horrified or faking it because the campaign was real.”
Image is everything for luxury fashion brands. Advertising campaigns are a big event that thousands of people work on for several months and whose budget is millions and millions of dollars. Are we really to believe that Balenciaga didn't know what she was letting out into the world?
"Scary how many adults had to be involved," one Twitter user commented. “Parents, photographers, creative directors, copywriters, design agency staff, producers, managers, advertisers… and none of them thought, 'Wait a minute?'”

!According to the photographer Gabriele Galimberti, the fashion shoot should be based on the theme of giving and receiving gifts, drawing inspiration from his photographic series "toy story". However, Balenciaga intervened and forced him to use child models in sexualized poses, child porn props and references to pedophilia.!

no one yet
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Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

The truth about Disney and the subliminal video in Aj is also revealed. Revealing Disney/behind the curtain .sublime.

1 year ago

I'll add to the topic when people (finally? blink/click?) all over China are starting to riot and protest co*covid draconian lockdowns, restrictions, testing.. videos:

"Anti-government demonstrations have broken out in at least 10 Chinese cities. In recent days, large-scale anti-epidemic demonstrations have taken place in at least ten major Chinese cities, with many demands rising from the level of unsealing to the level of political reforms, a rarity since 1989."

And further - Rare nationwide protests erupt across China against zero screening policy, see:

!! The ongoing protests started in Urumqi, the capital of the northwestern Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, after a fire in an apartment building killed 10 people, including a 3-year-old child (additional info on videos above)!! Protests erupted in the city after people blamed the deaths on pandemic control, which prevented emergency workers from saving the lives of the residents of the home.

Tens of thousands of protesters also took to the streets in other major urban centers such as Wuhan, Chengdu and Guangzhou, while smaller protests were held in cities such as Nanking, Dali, Changsha and Xi'an.

no one yet
no one yet
1 year ago

1) the Asian mentality of blind and absurd obedience to authorities until the end.
2) people in China have never had such freedom and prosperity as we have. There they de facto went from feudalism straight to "communism". A Chinese will not rebel if they want to take away his car, house with swimming pool and annual holiday in the tropics, because he never had any of these.

Great analysis: vitamin D protected and protects – from covid and death from it! (Dr. Igor Bukovsky: Life and the World, 24 November 2022)

Agenda 2030: Education for a dignified life, moving towards a knowledge-based and environmentally sustainable economy in the face of demographic change and a changing global environment, poverty reduction and social inclusion, sustainable settlements, regions and landscapes in the context of climate change, rule of law, democracy and security, good health .

When I read this, people don't have to worry at all. Their plans fail at the second point. Progress in demographic change and a changing global environment. Well, they're screwed, so how do I want to implement it in the ghettos (only with the Holocaust)? How BRICS wants to apply a digital menu in Brazil - has anyone tried it in the favela against the morons who have 20 machetes? I think it's mainly about creating fear...

For some reason they started speeding up the processes as if time is running out and doesn't the prophecy say that the remaining time is getting shorter? I have read that many people perceive time completely differently than before and that time passes completely differently than before. I have some experience with it myself, and even the Moon and the Sun are in different places and positions than usual. Something is happening and time will be manipulated according to Bible prophecy. One of these prophecies says that the rulers of this world will change the laws and time..

The Brussels junta must be destroyed. The sooner the better. It's a Nazi project. Theater to fool people. Brussels pays for its fifth column in politics, schools, but also with so-called journalists. A clear attack on all priorities. Conceptual, chronological, factual, economic and genocidal. They have nothing left to lose, so they play the trick. In that case, we have to too. Just like pensioners committed suicide in the Czech Republic, that doesn't solve anything. But if one of them suddenly came to the parliament or some junta with a grenade and blew himself up there, that would be a different story. It would also have a different psychological impact on the junta. Now they just laugh at ordinary people. Then our Matelka junta might even chirp in their pants. I wonder when it will dawn on them that they will continue to live here even if they don't rule. Also their families and relatives. They will argue like after Covid, they didn't mean it like that, they didn't know... God's mills grind slowly but surely.