No, opinion really doesn't have to be backed up by facts!

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Human stupidity and ignorance of the meaning of words never ceases to fascinate me, including many "journalists".
Over this comment of mine, the expression of Radiožurnál, for example, the hearts of many haters jumped, because I said that I kicked myself, what a pro-Russian bitch I am, and even a fool, when I defend the fact that someone's opinion does not have to be supported by facts...

I don't care at all what the analyst says - I ONLY reacted to the stupid statement of Radio that "opinions were not supported by facts". And I insist on that.

Yes, my opinion really doesn't have to be supported by facts - I can think that a journalist is a moron, even though he doesn't have a diagnosis... Or that a strawberry is better than a banana, and I can even think that the Earth is flat, but I'll be honest for fools…

The explanatory dictionary also speaks very clearly: "Opinion expresses the specific personal point of view of an individual, the individual standpoint of each person, the unique attitude of a specific person (formalized, then also somehow organized group of people) towards a certain fact." It is also very nicely described here:

And yes - today we once again live in a time when an opinion is censored, ostracized, fired, and the state even threatens to prosecute people for different opinions.
Yes, we are indeed heading back to the 1950s…


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