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Written for Echo 24 – 21 June 2021

Man is a strange creature - the more banal decisions he makes in life, the more time he devotes to them. I know, I was one myself until recently.

He spends long minutes deciding which of the dozens of pizzas to order in a restaurant, he chooses the clock and goes through all the parameters of the latest camera or television he wants to buy, but he doesn't actually make important decisions that can affect his life for many years.

Without reading, he clicks on the license agreement on social networks and Internet services, thereby voluntarily selling his privacy, he is able to sign a disadvantageous credit or leasing agreement without reading it, or even without a more detailed selection and calculations, he signs on the basis of a beautifully glossy advertisement and the assurance of the "good lady on the counter", a completely disadvantageous and expensive mortgage loan for thirty years. But what is it about? It's just money - if it was a matter of life, one would make a different decision after all. Or not?

I myself have always blindly believed in vaccinations, doctors and, by extension, pharmaceutical companies, who are so happy to invite them to seminars and congresses, where they extol this or that preparation to the heavens.

After all, the doctor would not be uninformed, lying, or even intentionally lying. After all, a pharmaceutical company would not dare to falsify the data and results of studies and clinical trials.

Unfortunately, the past year convinced me of a single big YES! Yes, they would afford all this and much more without blinking an eye.
However, there is one difference - what used to happen in a small and subtle way has now come to the surface and is happening literally on a planetary scale.
Doctors forgot most of the lessons they learned in school and obediently entered the machine - higher, faster, further. They lend themselves to vaccination marathons with conditionally prescribed material, which they often do not bother to find out about - after all, the "authorities" would not lie to them.

They do not examine patients sufficiently, or even administer the vaccine in the car. All you have to do is brake and roll down the window, and all this in the middle of an epidemic, when for years it was normal not to vaccinate - all this even for pregnant women and, now, also for children. And to add to the monstrosity, it is now even considered that from the age of twelve, parental consent will not be needed. I quote: "This will be a routine matter and the procedure will not leave permanent or serious consequences".


Animated image with bounce effect

And an ordinary person pays attention to that, and when they say it on TV, even the lady from Obvodice said that she will vaccinate and maybe even children, so there's probably nothing wrong with that - the companies wouldn't allow that. Well, right?

Why go to the trouble of looking for some data yourself. But the whole thing is similar to a person looking for objective information about veganism in a butcher's shop.

And a completely misleading "dot" TV campaign, which would not stand up to any other product due to its complete unethicality and deceptive advertising, is running non-stop at full speed and no one is paying attention to it. The law has not been valid in our country for more than a year.

Isn't it strange that those who are warning and sounding the alarm about the madness that is going on do not get any benefits from their positions? On the contrary - they are ostracized and still give their professional name, but feel they have to speak up. And isn't it strange that there are thousands of such scientists and doctors all over the world without any agreement?

This is also unprecedented in history.

And then there are those who, on the contrary, support the machinery and it only brings them benefits for the prominence of interest. If you don't care, at least you shouldn't miss this. Some pretty startling numbers come from the VAERS system, which reports adverse reactions and deaths after vaccinations in the United States:

Summer 2021 Chart - Total Number of Reported US Deaths
Today, however, the reality is completely different - of the 5,888 reported deaths after covid vaccines in 2021, we are now at 34,678. And serious side effects run into the hundreds of thousands – all in the US alone.

I don't know if it was some kind of "under-reporting" before, or where the dog is buried, but a FIFTEEN-FOLDER increase in deaths after vaccination, just in the US in half a year, seems to me so significant that it deserves to at least make people start asking, or did they just ask themselves the banal question "Cui bono"?

Not to mention the fact that even bigoted vaccinologists back down after a few months with a "completely safe and tested" vaccine and recommend vaccinating only people over 60 years old.

Because by the age of 60, the chance of dangerous blood clots is the same as the chance of a severe course of covid. But of course, unlike the vaccine, you don't have to catch it at all. For younger people and especially children, there is that ratio COMPLETELY the opposite to the complete disadvantage of vaccines. What to add…

Consequences of vaccination in your area

What is the worst vaccination experience you have had IN YOUR NEAREST NEIGHBORHOOD or family? (Please, not what you know from hearsay or the internet)
You can select up to 3 options in total

Not thinking, just having peace and putting my life in someone's hands - someone who will finally solve "it" so that I can have peace, so that I can go back to Croatia and the children finally go back to school. But it was always there, only now it has come to the surface again without a cover - a hundred and fifty-kilogram obese diabetic with ruined knees was going to the doctor. He didn't do anything about his health himself - why bother. The doctor will help - the doctor will only replace the joint in the knee in the worst case, or give a painkiller without work - "period". And he promises the same now, so what!

All this, in my opinion, is completely naive and short-sighted. But only time will tell who is right in the end, just please don't forget that there is no "point" for retroactive vaccination.

Please think about your life and the lives of your children at least half as long as you choose your pizza.

Written for Echo 24 - June 21, 2021 - today, but I wouldn't change a single comma...

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1 year ago

What do you have to say to people who only believe doctors' lies: an octogenarian, vaccinated 3 times, ended up in several hospital wards, eventually with covid. Medical advice: if you had not been vaccinated, you would no longer be……..what more……

Zdenek Šípek
Zdenek Šípek
1 year ago

The majority of the population does not have the intelligence, education and time to navigate complex issues such as epidemiology, vaccination, evolution and the collapse of complex systems.
The European colony is obviously being cannibalized by the declining USA, not to mention Ukraine.

And now a little more provocatively: Are you willing to accept the option that the WEF, WHO, Davos, respectively the Deep State see that the global collapse due to limited resources and population overshoot is an emerging reality and are thus striving for a controlled collapse, which we can call the Great Reset and which includes certain iatrogenic interventions?
How likely do you think this option is?

1 year ago

I'll add another discovery here, hold on to your hats, everything fits together in the third year, like a devilish PUZZLE!

1) WHO issues international “pandemic” treaty forcing all governments to target “disinformation” in both digital and physical environments. After establishing a global medical (police) state, helping to covert biolabs (e.g. on the fringes) and gain-of-function research (Fauci), promoting vaccine passports (period not only to Croatia) that segregate, injure and kill, she is now preparing an international a treaty that would enshrine freedom of speech and government accountability on a global scale:

2) WEF promises to ban "dangerous" eggs after scientific discovery that eating them naturally cures (so supposedly) co*covid:

So, the WEF and minions are attacking eggs (bird flu) by calling them dangerous and deadly after this high protein food was found to naturally cure co*covid.
= The risk of heart attack and stroke is saved through genetic "vaccines". The point is that globalist "scientists" claim that eating eggs can cause blood clots leading to death - a convenient cover for the hordes of "fully vaccinated" people who die from injections every day. They claim that choline, a nutrient found in eggs, somehow contributes to the superfood's purported blood clotting properties. Choline consumption is said to be the reason why people all over the world die suddenly and seemingly for no reason.. CLEARLY AND THE MOON IS IN THE SIGN OF YELLOW CHEESE AND I AM A FANTOMAS 😀

3) Another, today and every day - this time, for example, a doctor who was "vaccinated" against co* covid and boasted that "nothing happened", died after a few months:
And she died "after a short illness that was not related to covid" - not long after she herself had been "vaccinated" against covid. She was a strong supporter of vaccinations and publicly stated before her death that "nothing happened" to her after the injection.
Dr. Oveta Fuller said she took the vaccine and nothing happened to her...except she's dead now.
"They are very, very, very, very safe," Fuller declared about the COVID jabs she helped get authorized. = KARMA IS FREE 🙂

4) Japanese doctor sues government for refusing to acknowledge injuries and deaths caused by co*covid “vaccine”:
= The Japanese government is involved in a massive cover-up of data showing that co*coid "vaccines" are destroying lives. And Dr. Masanori Fukushima is trying to publish this data through the courts.

5) The Cleveland Clinic confirms that covid injections systematically destroy the immune system, injection after injection, year after year:
= The Cleveland Clinic, consistently ranked among the top healthcare providers in the United States, has data showing that the more a person gets "vaccinated" against co*covid, the worse their immune system works.

6) CDC data shows that multiple “vaccinations” can reduce life expectancy by up to 24 years.. (two questions):
= The latest health data from the Australian government of New South Wales (NSW) confirms what we have been warning about for a long time: co*covid "vaccines" cause vaccine-induced AIDS (VAIDS), which deprives a person of many years of life - and more and more as time goes on.
And last year, for example, it was found that the average twice-vaccinated Australian who received the first round of co*covid vaccination is 10.72 times more likely to "catch co*covid" than his unvaccinated counterpart. This year, the same Australian who has been vaccinated twice is 20 times more likely to get sick, while his counterparts who have been vaccinated three or more times are at least 35 times more likely to get sick…

Nobody yet
Nobody yet
Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

humans have a natural tendency to eat natural foods rich in nutrients, why do they want to force us to eat insects and artificial foods? Because for them everything bad is good. Eggs are actually healthy, not dangerous.

Reply  Nobody yet
1 year ago

Eggs have been eaten since prehistoric times. In the villages, eggs from their own hens were on the table almost every day. Never died like this from blood clots or heart attacks

1 year ago

How about Mr. Krčméry in Slovakia?
Otherwise - the mother of our nine-year-old died, a massive stroke. Father-in-law - stroke, survived. My sister - after the third dose - extensive inflammation, then death. Daughter-in-law - spontaneous. abortion. Aunt - currently in hospital, extensive kidney inflammation, heart failure, we are waiting. Cousin's wife - extensive inflammation of the pancreas, survived only thanks to a really tough root. She is on a very strict diet. Cousin - severe phlebitis. And I could go on like this...

Reply  Anna
1 year ago

The nephew, 26 years old, died after the second vaccination, none of us are vaccinated, he did not tell anyone that he was going to be vaccinated, he left because of a new job where they pressured him. About a month ago, he had a heart examination and the result was healthy. We waited 8 months for the result of the complete autopsy report (it has about 4 lines)... Inflammation of the heart muscle...

1 year ago

Exactly. I will add, if we consider that the purpose of injection exp. the "vaccine" was to kill and maim people, it can be considered successful. People who have symptoms they describe as "long covid" will almost certainly suffer side effects from these injections. None of the doctors will admit it, because admitting it means admitting that this injection is dangerous.
Anyone who was stung by this sajrite and now doesn't regret succumbing to the official lies is not thinking clearly (rather, his brain is probably already damaged).

1 year ago

The Ministry of Health should issue a manual intended for all vaccination victims. The Vaccination Victims Handbook is similar to the Atomic Explosion Victims Handbook that is distributed to survivors of a nuclear explosion. After the distribution of the manual, health organizations should be supported in the proper care of vaccinated people.
It is essential to investigate the links between disease/diseases and vaccination. Biopsy tests should be performed in sick people with suspected vaccination effects.

no one yet
no one yet
1 year ago

The average life expectancy of someone infected with spike proteins is much lower than that of a pure person whose body has not been attacked by these injectable poisons. The former have chronic health problems that substantially increase the risk of premature mortality.

"We see a 26-year-old man dying. But the 26-year-old has the organs of a 96-year-old. And with a 96-year-old, rapid cancer, neurodegeneration or sudden cardiac death do not surprise us at all.
I believe the spike protein acts as a progeria (rapid aging) agent that reaches all the body's organs through the endothelium," spike proteins from covid vaccines penetrate all organs, leading to hyper-accelerated aging..

unvaccinated, the body will process and eliminate it. For those poor people vaccinated, their body is constantly producing new and new spike proteins. A problem can be, for example, a long-term stay in an unventilated room with many vaccinated people. This is best avoided. That is, if possible.

Reply  no one yet
1 year ago

This corresponds to what the late Dr. Vladimir Zelenko: "Vaccinated people should take care of themselves as if they were ninety".